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Augmented Reality & Mandala Consciousness

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1 Augmented Reality & Mandala Consciousness on Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:15 pm


Augmented Reality, Higher Dimensional Information as Intent, Ancient Consciousness Transfer

  • Augmented Reality
  • Temporal Duplication (Fractal Time: Problematic)
  • Higher Dimensional Information as Potentiality in Time, Free-Will and Creativity
  • Kozyrev Technology
  • Vortex Technology in Quantum Entanglement (Consciousness Linking across Space Time)
  • Ancient Technology of Indigenous Humans

Mandala Consciousness, Neutralizing Residual Entanglement, the Neurological Projection of Biological Consciousness through Perception

    • The Event as a Compression Point Between Two Great Temporal Attractors of Consciousness in the Higher Dimensional Progression of History
    • We Cannot Avoid Interacting with Only Our Own Version of the Universe

      • Unless we are utilizing methods or technology to shorten the gap and ensure a reliable synchronization between the two

    • “Geometric” Consciousness Equilibrium re-centers the Holographic Perspective and Enables Movement that would otherwise be Unintelligently Guided by Impulse or Unconscious Reaction to Experience
    • CHOICES are Higher Dimensional Micromovements
    • Mandala Consciousness utilizes an Intelligent Core to Influence the Rest of the Projection


  • The Conscious View of the Universe is a Kaleidoscopic Perspective Based on Fractal Holographic Biological Consciousness
  • Reframing Traumatic Memory to Influence the Back-printed Data of Experience
  • It’s Free-Will Based whether or not We Choose to Move On or Be Held Back By Experience
  • Neutralizing Residual Emissions to Increase Self-Awareness
  • Perceptions and Senses as Virtual Translations of Physical Input are Mix

    • Partially Virtual and Physical Experience, Simultaneously, through Consciousness

  • Neurological Capacity is Hindered by Neuro-Chemical Abuse whether Chemical In Nature or Simply Mental and Emotional
  • The Default Materialistic Operation of Society is Derogatory to Spiritual Awareness

    • The Fallen Material Society is the Destruction of the Spiritual Self through Ignorance

  • The “Center” of Consciousness is the metaphoric and literal focusing on one’s self-development.
  • Residual “Karmic” Entanglements are Emitted in Public
  • Telepathy can be technological or based solely on Spiritual and Physical Capacity
  • Telepathy enables one to see entanglements and avoid vampiric or unconsciously parasitic emotional feeding processes
  • Emotional Entanglements are like Unconsciously Generated Egregores that Influence the Collective

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