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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » SCIENCE » Scientific Study Claims There Are Up To 8,000 Alien Megastructures In the Universe

Scientific Study Claims There Are Up To 8,000 Alien Megastructures In the Universe

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Scientific Study Claims There Are Up To 8,000 Alien Megastructures In the Universe


By constructing a Dyson sphere (Dyson 1960) out of material from dismantled planets, extremely advanced civilizations could in principle tap into a significant fraction of the radiation power of their host star, thereby climbing the Kardashev scale towards type II status (Kardashev 1964).
A recently published scientific study written by researchers from Sweden’s Uppsala University and the University of Heidelberg, Germany has suggested that there could be more than 8,000 alien megastructures located in deep space.
The study, titled: ‘SETI WITH GAIA: THE OBSERVATIONAL SIGNATURES OF NEARLY COMPLETE DYSON SPHERES’ proposes that our universe is, in fact, teeming with alien civilizations who have the means and technology to create supermassive megastructures around distant stars, in order to harness their energy.

Photo by Dennis Alvear Perez on Unsplash
The team of experts is said to have located ‘signs’  that would suggest these so-called megastructures have in fact been built around distant suns.
The study suggests experts found tell-tale signs of up to 8,000 alien megastructures.
“We find that a small fraction of stars indeed displays distance discrepancies of the type expected for nearly complete Dyson spheres,” wrote scientists in the study.
“We find that 8000 stars ([roughly] 4% of the object in common between both surveys) have sufficient data quality to allow potential Dyson-sphere candidates to be efficiently singled out.”
One of the prime candidates of the new study is a star dubbed TYC 6111-1162-1 which was the ‘most interesting individual candidate for further investigation,’ meaning that it is considered the most likely star to have a Dyson sphere around it.
Scientists came to this conclusion after analyzing data obtained by the European Space Agency’s Gaia spacecraft, which has recently completed a run, mapping more than ONE BILLION stars in three dimensions.
“The Gaia mission will in coming years allow for Dyson-sphere searches that are complementary to searches based on waste-heat signatures at infrared wavelengths. A limited search of this type is also possible at the current time, by combining Gaia parallax distances with spectrophotometric distances from ground-based surveys,” wrote experts in their study.
Experts claim that within this massive map gathered by GAIA, they’ve found evidence of possible signs of supermassive structures commonly referred to as Dyson Spheres, massive technological structures in space, constructed around distant alien Stars to harness their energy.

As noted in the study, a number of searches for potential Dyson spheres have been made in the distant past.
Sadly, all previous studies have failed to find traces of the so-called megastructures.
Scientists note that building a Dyson sphere in space isn’t an easy task. In addition to requiring enormous amounts of material, these structures would take an extremely long time to build.
Therefore, scientist devised a new way of hunting for Dyson spheres. They assume that instead of being a huge, solid structure, Dyson spheres could also be a series of smaller power plants, placed strategically around an alien star.
“The Dyson sphere is typically not envisioned as a solid shell, but rather as a dense, spherical swarm or shroud of absorbing satellites, with each satellite absorbing a small fraction of the stellar radiation.”
Luckily for us humans, we’ve already cooked up a plan that could see us place our first Dyson sphere around our sun in just five years.
By enveloping the sun with a massive array of solar panels, humanity would graduate to a Type 2 Kardashev civilization capable of utilizing nearly 100% of the sun’s energy output, writes George Dvorsky from
SETI With Gaia: The Observational Signatures of Nearly Complete Dyson Spheres

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