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Karen Hudes
Published on Jul 17, 2018

We are in a watershed moment, where we either "make it" in the transition to a kinder world, or all end up in WWIII. The chances, though, are more than 90% in our favor. This number 90% comes from the National War College's power transition model. I can explain this model to you. Japan does not want the US military to surrender. Japan wants the US military to honor its defense treaty. The same goes for Germany. So Japan and Germany are not going to allow the US paper money to fail, like paper money always does. Japan and Germany are going to make sure that the US can access its monetary gold reserves so that the US military can honor the US defense treaties. You can easily see progress. I said a couple of months ago that Donald Trump was not Commander in Chief of the United States, with nary a peep from Donald Trump. Last week, I read you my letters to to the adjutants general of the 50 states, and reminded you how this resulted in the early retirement of the Chair of the National Guard. Now I report publicly, without correction from the US or any other nation, that military aircraft and helicopters are saluting me, in US airspace, as Overseer Mandate Trustee of the US and rest of the world's monetary gold reserves. When are we going to begin the exchange of currencies? As I said previously, we are ultimately going to accomplish everything on our agenda, and that means we are going to wind down the Banking Cartel, and end the corruption in the world's currencies by exchanging currencies from the Bank for International Settlements for gold and for local currencies. . The transition is accomplished by all of us, as we interact. The Banking Cartel is powerless to prevent the Global Currency Reset because we have control of the world's wealth in the Global Debt Facility. Folks, please learn to distinguish between real and fake. We are anchored in the reality that I am describing to you, which the Banking Cartel is trying to hide from you. You are going to learn this sooner or later. Sooner is better. We are all in this together, and we are proceeding peacefully. As we proceed, the way that we know that we are on track, is the way we acknowledge openly what is wrong and discuss how to correct it. We are going to transform our world to a kinder place, and assume our "transcendent" aspects. In the Global Currency Reset the corruption will end, as the world's paper money is exchanged for local currencies and for gold. Teleprompter:


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