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Russia to liberate the world from US occupation

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Russia to liberate the world from US occupation

Posted on October 8, 2012



Yevgeny Fyodorov

A State Duma deputy, the head of the Committee on Economic Policy and
Entrepreneurship of the Russian State Duma, Yevgeny Fyodorov, told
Pravda.Ru of his impressions from visiting the APEC summit in
Vladivostok. According to him, the meeting showed that the U.S.
gradually loses absolute power in the world economy and politics. The
power and influence of other countries, such as Russia and China, grows
against such a background.

State Duma deputy, the head of the Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship of the Russian State Duma Yevgeny Fyodorov:

“APEC is a very interesting and important event, although it seems to
be an ordinary one. The leaders get together and discuss important
issues, but in reality it is the key event in today’s global scenario.
With the onset of the global economic crisis,with political and economic
turbulence, the APEC is a key event in terms of the demonstration of
new vectors of unity of the international community outside the United

It is clear that it is not a split – everyone still plays by American
rules, but the countries already demonstrate their independence in
economic policy. I was there and saw how angry Mrs. Hillary Clinton was
when she came from China, where several Chinese leaders – especially
those who are to become top officials of China next year – did not even
want to meet her. In China, Clinton was told no when she wanted to take
on mediator’s functions in resolving China’s territorial disputes with
Asian countries.

She also heard no in response to her requirement to set the yuan
rate. It is an annual requirement of the United States to China to set
the yuan rate for political reasons to pump resources and opportunities
from China to the U.S. It is an additional form of tribute from China,
which China had to deal with every year for political motives. Nowadays,
the U.S. was refused. The world is changing.

Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly expressed his attitude to
the dollar as the world reserve currency. In fact, he offered the
countries of the world to start building a large number of regional
currencies as an alternative to the reserve system of the dollar. This
is a strong step and a strong move, including the initiative to switch
to mutual payments. He also said that Russia and China had already
switched to the system and he urged other countries to follow the
example. This shows that the world begins to change fundamentally, and
Russia’s role at this point is to become the leader in changing the
world. I would say that Putin as the leader of the national liberation
movement in Russia, demonstrated himself at the event as a leader and
provider of ideas for the world national liberation movement against the
system of occupation, which was formed after 1991 not only about Russia
but also China and many other countries.

From this point of view, it is the key and turning meeting of the
leaders of world’s largest economies, which creates conditions to
reformat the entire economic system of the world – moving away from the
U.S. Do not forget that the U.S. consumes a half the world’s GDP,
despite the fact that there is only 4.5 percent of the population living
there. In other words, they eat ten times as much as compared to the
citizens of all other countries. And they eat at the expense of China,
Russia, India, Brazil – all other countries.

Today, the world begins to unite against the colonizer – USA. For the
time being, it is a conceptual and preparatory process, but it takes
place. In this regard, I would call the preliminary results of the
meeting in the Far East the meeting of the future members of the world
national liberation movement to free the world from the U.S. occupation.

Elizaveta Lavrentieva


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