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Task #1: Merkaba Meditation

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1 Task #1: Merkaba Meditation on Thu Sep 20, 2018 5:54 pm


Task #1: Merkaba Meditation

We’re going to jump right into this. We have a new (actually very ancient) meditation to show you, one that may open other clairvoyant gifts for you.

The following may look new-agey, and perhaps looks affiliated with other symbols… but it’s not. It was shown to us clean, with no dogmatic overhead. This knowledge was co-opted long ago, for various reasons, but we’re not getting into that. With this post we are reclaiming the original, ancient idea. We’re going to use the term, “merkaba,” only because people already associate the shape we saw with this name (don’t get hung up on names). For the following, we are speaking of purely spiritual matters.
First off, what is a merkaba? A simple merkaba is two pyramids superimposed, with one inverted, like this:
Fig. 1: The merkaba
The above is based on a four-sided pyramid (three sides and the bottom), but we’re going to expand this. But first…
What is a “pyramid”? Look at the word:

pyr + amid 




“fire ~ within”

This symbolizes YOU. You are a body with spirit-fire within, and when seated, you’re vaguelly pyramid-like (as opposed to being “rhomboid”). Note: The tips of Ancient Egyptian pyramids are called pyramidions, and are all five-sided (four sides and a bottom), not four-sided, thus:
NOTE: The cap for the Great Pyramid in Egypt was a huge, solid chunk of quartz crystal, that was stolen in the… 400s? 600s? (It’s tough to say because the modes of desert transport are much the same for a long time.) It was Strapped to the backs of some beasts of burden and schlepped to the middle of the Sahara Desert where it was buried in the sand as treasure… then the thieves all died and now no one knows where it is. (Actually, we kinda do.) Also: the “Ark of the Covenant” was actually the Great Pyramid’s “brain” and energy storage center, like a smart capacitor (and yes, ET-made). It’s currently at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Long story.
Ok, back to the merkaba. Let’s try a quick visualization.
First, G + P + C  (Ground + Protect + Connect). Then close your eyes and imagine yourself floating in space (where M4 is most of the time). Imagine a glowing, translucent white pyramid all around you, enclosing you completely (you can see out of it), its point at the top of your head; the shape is form-fitting, but not constricting. This is NOT necessarily a four-sided pyramid, as with “Classic” merkabas (like the one in the pic above), but can be five- or six- or 12-sided… any number. Anyway, let your TOP pyramid settle around you a moment and rest and meditate with it a little while, then see how many sides it has. Most of us had a five-sided pyramid (four sides and the bottom). This is also a handy shield, serving as built-in SOURCE protection (hence the bottom).

Now, bring in the second part of the merkaba. Imagine another white pyramid, this one inverted, sliding up from beneath you. For the ancient ancients — and Universal Beings/ETs across the Omniverse — this inverted pyramid represents SOURCE. It literally shows your spiritual journey to SOURCE in the shape itself: you start at the bottom, and work your way up, higher and higher to infinity at the top. That said, slide this inverted, white-glowing SOURCE pyramid up from beneath you — along a (vertical) Z-axis — aligning the two pyramids’ apexes/tips. Have the large side of the SOURCE pyramid slide up to rest somewhere in the vicinity of your upper-chest (note: you can move it UP from chest to eyes to above-the-eyes to achieve different effects). There’s no right or wrong way to do this.
And don’t worry about the shape symbolism. Ignore previous merkaba word salads. This shape has been hijacked by the PTW, and misunderstood by others, but we’re taking it back. There’s all kinds of stuff about pyramids and alchemy and Ezekiel and Jewish mysticism… but none of that’s important. We’re only concerned with the purely experimental, spiritual aspect.
Check this out:

As the caption reads, this is “Kirlian” photography of energy coming out the top of a pyramid (electrical energy is applied to the object, then photographed). Pretty dramatic. But few understand what it really means. Now, let’s invert it:

See the twisting energy beneath the pyramid? That’s a right-handed double helix: DNA; a literal reference to our existing light body transformation. Immediately above that is the beginning of your journey BACK TO SOURCE.
Our culture was turned upside-down a long long time ago; it’s way past time to set it right. Try assembling this geometric figure in your meditations and let us know what you see. The pyramids that make up the merkaba need not spin in opposite directions, as some people have said. These are just mental symbols, ways for us to communicate with each other and SOURCE. You can make them do whatever you want, but by doing this exercise, you very vividly (re)combine yourself with SOURCE, literally and symbolically.
This new merkaba of yours is a spiritual vehicle. You can use it for meditation, for protection, for travel, for connecting with your Guides (you all have them), it has myriad uses. Give it a try. If you see the tips (while inside it) swinging from side to side, this is your own abilities waking up.
NOTE: The pyramids need not spin. Just set it up and see what happens. This is a tool to unlock various abilities; it’s not a WOO ornament. 

Thanks to:


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