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Do thunderstorms increase paranormal activity?

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Do thunderstorms increase paranormal activity? Hqdefault

Do thunderstorms increase paranormal activity?

Whenever there is a Thunderstorm, investigators get excited. Not only does it create an amazingly spooky atmosphere, some believe they act as fuel for paranormal activity. Do you believe a thunderstorm fuels paranormal phenomena?
There are certain times where investigators get extra excited about an upcoming investigation. From a full moon to a renovation , there are certain aspects that investigators speculate can influence our chances of a paranormal encounter. One of these is thunderstorms. It is thought by many that a thunderstorm can act as a type of fuel for something paranormal. Let's look into this a bit further
Why would a thunderstorm influence paranormal activity?
One of the common assumptions within the paranormal community is that spirits can in some way affect or manipulate the electromagnetic field. I have been unable to trace back to where this theory originally came from, but it is a large part of what a lot of people base their investigative technique on. It is why people use K2 and Mel Meters for example. Some will also use EM pumps which create their own electromagnetic field with the theory that it can give a spirit energy to help communicate. Given than a thunderstorm with lightening strikes creates electromagnetic radiation between the ground and the sky, it does sound like a great set of circumstances to potentially fuel something paranormal to happen and it makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways as to how it could be possible.
From another perspective, you look at the concept of sound. A lot of people like to use sound to help potentially unlock something paranormal from the very foundations of the building. A lot of investigators report that after a loud noise, they tend to get spikes on equipment or even catch their best EVPS. The same of course could be said about the rumble or clash from a thunderstorm. If a spirit can use the atmosphere around us to communicate, what would a thunderstorm altering that atmosphere significant do for a spirit? Would it make it easier for them to communicate with us? This seems to be the general consensus.
What would it do for residual energy? Look at the Stonetape theory for example. It is thought that a traumatic event could possibly be stored in our surrounding such as rocks and could potentially play back like a videotape this event. It is considered to be a type of residual energy, If the weather and atmospheric conditions were just right, it is thought that this playback can occur and can contribute to activity. Does a thunderstorm create more of a chance for residual energy to play back?
A thunderstorm changes the atmosphere around us
An important factor to keep in mind of course is that a thunderstorm does change the atmosphere around us. Paranormal equipment is not designed to 'detect a ghost'. It is designed to pick up on changes within the atmosphere. It is up to the user to determine what is happening when they get the readings. Obviously when there is a thunderstorm, there is the potential for false readings on equipment. It is something to be aware of. A lot of people may not realise that lightening can actually affect frequencies as well and be picked up on a radio receiver. For those using a spirit box especially using an AM sweep, it could cause extra interference that may be interpreted as a spirit coming through.
I think most accounts reported during a thunderstorm would be more on the personal experience side of things. These of course are difficult to measure and it is something you just have to take someone's word for. The human body itself has a reaction to the atmospheric changes around us. Even just atmospheric pressure can make a person's ears pop and even feel like they are rocking on a boat. Let's not forget about the infrasound a thunderstorm causes as well. It is how a pet knows a storm is coming before we do. Infrasound also affects how the body reacts. In fact it can make us feel like we are being watched or in the presence of a ghost.
The question to ask is, would the person still have had this personal experience regardless of the thunderstorm? Is the thunderstorm the contributing factor here or is it the person themselves?
Can our expectation play a part?
By going into an investigation excited that we are in for a big night of activity because of the weather forecast, are we making it happen? Are we misinterpreting readings on our equipment that are just picking up the changes in the atmosphere or are we on edge already from the loud noises a storm can make? I know when there is loud thunder, I get anxious. My body has a reaction. If I was already on edge and I thought something spooky was happening, it would be possible for me to easily jump to conclusions. From another perspective, what if us just thinking about it makes it happen? I have spoken many times about psychic projection and the Philip experiment where a group of people were supposedly able to manifest their own 'spirit' just by all concentrating and thinking about it at the same time. If we are going into an investigation all thinking things will be happening because there is a thunderstorm, are we unknowingly making it happen?
Of course in the end, there is no concrete evidence to prove either way if thunderstorms do in fact influence paranormal phenomena. This is where data can help us. I know it is something I bang on about a lot, but there is a reason to it. By simply filling out an investigation report and filling out things like what the weather is, we can actually see if there are any kinds of patterns to indicate if this in fact this claim has any merit. In the same way that people will speculate a full moon can increase paranormal activity, we don't actually know for sure. I myself have had what I consider personal experiences on clear still nights and also on a night where there has been a thunderstorm. In fact there have been nights with wild weather and thunderstorms and I have had nothing occur at all. Most of the time, I find the investigation doesn't quite live up to the 'thunderstrom expectation'. Maybe the weather is not a factor. A night could have just as much happening as a night without a thunderstorm, but because it was a 'good night of activity' we think it is because the thunderstorm happened to be on that night?
Maybe instead of the weather, we are the common dominator here. Perhaps if something is going to happen, it will happen regardless at what point of the moon cycle it is or what the weather is forecasted to be that night. The question is, that phenomena that is going to happen regardless, what is it and where is it coming from? That is the big question!
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