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'Blue Sun Bursting'

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1'Blue Sun Bursting'  Empty 'Blue Sun Bursting' Sat May 25, 2013 3:15 pm


Sunday, May 26, 2013

'Blue Sun Bursting' - NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

'Blue Sun Bursting'  Blue+sun

Larger image here.

Explanation: "Our Sun is not a giant blueberry. Our Sun can be
made to appear similar to the diminutive fruit, however, by imaging it
in a specific color of extreme violet light called CaK that is emitted
by the very slight abundance of ionized Calcium in the Sun's atmosphere,
and then false color-inverting the image.

This solar depiction is actually scientifically illuminating as a level
of the Sun's chromosphere appears quite prominent, showing a crackly
textured surface, cool sunspots appearing distinctly bright, and
surrounding hot active regions appearing distinctly dark.

The Sun is currently near the maximum activity level in its 11 year
cycle, and has emitted powerful flares over the past week. During times
of high activity, streams of energetic particles from Sun may impact the
Earth's magnetosphere and set off spectacular auroras." - NASA

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'Blue Sun Bursting'  Icon18_email

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