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Heart People and the Velvet Hammer

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1Heart People and the Velvet Hammer Empty Heart People and the Velvet Hammer on Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:07 pm


Heart People and the Velvet Hammer

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013. Filed under: Activism Censorship Spirituality

Heart People and the Velvet Hammer Compassion

by Chautauqua


When I first followed the breadcrumb trail of clues into Morph City
so many years ago, you could say I was like a kid in a candy store.
One of my first guide books was by a fellow named Charles Fort, who
wrote “The Book of the Damned: [by damned, I mean what science has excluded].”
He was the first researcher to collect and publish what today are
called ‘fringe’ subjects and sciences, and as such eventually the entire
genre of the weird and unexplained became known as “Fortean Phenomena“. Then there was the book; “Psychic discoveries behind the iron curtain
by Ostrander & Schroeder; just full of the kinds of knowledge
prized by so many adolescent boys (and girls). These two books offered
an amazing array of subject matter, a grand old bag full of jigsaw
puzzle pieces to go thru. Then of course there was Astrology which
captured my attention for several years, followed by the usual host of
other related fields of study which pretty much all travel in the same
pod, you get exposed to one, and soon enough there is everything else.
So, my first few years in Morph city were spent absorbing everything
of interest. I guess you could say that Astrology was among my favorite
subjects; and though I practiced it with regularity and was considered
‘good’ at it, I knew it did not ignite my passion sufficiently for me to
become a world class astrologer. I kept searching for that one thing
that would really light up my switchboard so to say…looking for that one
discipline or practice that would sustain me for a lifetime. The great
mystery has no shortage of peripheral subjects to explore; they are as
the debris cloud orbiting a tornado. One can spend lifetimes studying
the debris field, I wanted to explore what was at the heart of
the tornado so to speak. To do that, I believe, one must immerse
themselves in the study of the human energy system; the aura, chakras,
and the realm of frequency vibration & resonance. Light, color & sound, in a nutshell.

When you immerse yourself in this field of study it doesn’t take long
to see that primary among the key elements are heart, desire, and
intention. Heart is your perception of connection to humanity. Desire is the energy of becoming; and Intention is the programming that powers desire. We seek to become heart-centered
people to free ourselves from the tendrils of the matrix paradigm.
When we speak of heart matters there are two primary themes: physical,
and emotional. We are learning a lot of amazing new things about the
human heart thanks to the research of the Heart Math Institute.*
Did you know the heart actually processes more information than the
brain, or that it is surrounded by a torus field which can and does
influence and affect those around us? Indeed, the human heart is
revealing more of it’s mysteries all the time. Emotionally, Heart
people are those who believe their rights end where yours begin. Heart
people see the divinity within all life, and they understand that emotion is just energy in motion. Yes, energy in motion, hang onto that one, you’ll see it come around again in just a little while.

Spiritual paths are funny things, because you always start down the
path after some grand epiphany has allowed you to glimpse a vaster
reality. That’s the piece of cheese dangling from an invisible stick
because once you see that peek-a-boo glimpse of the sublime there is no
going back, and from then on; one footstep inexorably leads to the
next. That’s how it was with me and this whole resonance thing, each
new level of understanding inexorably leads to the next and about all
you can do I suppose is to see where it leads you.

There comes a time when the study of all things spiritual must evolve
into an actual way of living life upon this planet. Having the
knowledge and comprehension is just the first part of the process, you
can think of it as an owners manual you had to hunt down and assemble
yourself. Once you understand the picture all that information is
showing you, there really is no sane alternative to applying it across
the board and living your life accordingly. Over the years I had
accumulated enough raw data to enjoy having my occasional article
published, and being invited to speak at local bookstores &
metaphysical venues. It was after one such public lecture that I was
approached by my long time mentor & friend, Marcus. He had that
look on his face, the one I always saw when he was about to tell me
something I didn’t want to hear. Sure enough, immediately after that
obligatory teacher to student “good job”- he looks me in the eye and
says, “So, when are you gonna quit strutting around and start healing some folks?”
There it was, the dreaded H word. It wasn’t that I didn’t know how, I
just didn’t want all that responsibility, besides, I just didn’t see
myself as a healer, despite having taken the essential requisite
courses. With some help I overcame those issues and spent the next
several years doing various forms of energetic healing under the trade
name Little Shop of Auras. I kind of retired from all that a few
years back after seeing the entire human potential movement taken over
by greedy commercial shills and charlatans.

You will hear it said that in life there are but two paths to walk:
the path of service to self & the path of service to others. It’s
never difficult to distinguish one from the other as they are polar
opposites. The world of the matrix and the great shining lie
exemplifies service to self; while service to others takes a back seat
publicity wise yet is nonetheless thriving across the planet as heart
people everywhere lead by example, giving tirelessly of themselves in
whatever way they can.




Thanks to Zen at: http://www.zengardner.com


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