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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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Dancing Through the Dark

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1Dancing Through the Dark Empty Dancing Through the Dark Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:46 pm


Dancing Through the Dark

Monday, June 10th, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Amazing Universe Consciousness Inspiration Spirituality The Awakening

Dancing Through the Dark 640x360_15986_Shakti_2d_fantasy_illustration_goddess_lion_picture_image_digital_art

by LionDeva

These days, constant overwhelm is the soup du jour for those of us
who do a lot of online (and other) research on what’s really going on.
It’s as though there are a thousand cooks madly stirring the broth and
throwing in everything, including a kitchen sink-ful of murky info,
breathless insights, and strident commentary – all topped off with a
dollop of FEAR and chopped-up confusion. Quite the recipe for
crazy-making, eh?

For many of us who are sincere truth-seekers and fact-checkers out
here in Info-land, the situation is exhausting. It’s also confusing,
frustrating and irritating beyond belief at times!

Recently, on the back porch of this site, Zen and I have had some
interesting exchanges about how to navigate through the muck and get a
clear sense of where to put our attentions and energies. We wanted to
reference ‘the long view’ while wading daily through the challenges and
surprises that come so thick and fast now. At the height of these
conversations, Zen challenged me to pen something about this for our
group here in his Garden of Info-delights – because I have a rather
unique ‘take’ on what’s going on. And I accepted.

Quickly, so the flow keeps on truckin’, here’s why Zen made his request:

I was born ‘different’, back in the late ’40′s. I didn’t know then,
but quickly learned that not everyone had invisible friends who talked
to them and told them ‘things’. I think you get the drift. I was born
with a gift that allowed me to see things ‘way’ ahead of time, to know
things about people and to hear information coming from other ‘places’.
So it’s been an interesting life! These days I use these gifts as an
indigenously initiated shaman following a very old African tradition.

(Please Note: I dislike how the word ‘shaman’ has been bandied about
in recent years . . . but it’s become a well-known term for those of us
with an indigenous bent who work with unseen forces, receive information
from ‘elsewhere’, etc., so it’s useful. I’m using it here with respect
for the fact that there are many variations of that ability lumped
together under this heading.)

As for my gifts, I see visions, have downloads, and am shown powerful
images that tell me things. I also compare notes with friends in other
traditions who have similar abilities – and what we see usually tallies,
especially about where we’re all about to go and what we can expect . .
. down the road apiece.

That said, I’d like to keep this particular article fairly short and simple by just hitting the high points – for now.

The biggie for me was being shown, way back when, the beautiful image
of a huge Hourglass, lying on it side, sorta like the Infinity sign
with the ends flattened. The mirky, agitated left chamber held our Past;
the dark sooty neck, our Present; and the golden, light-filled right
chamber, our Future.

When I was really [color:ddc5=blue !important][color:ddc5=blue !important]young,
that image made little sense . . . but today I know what it means and
I’d like to share that with you because I want very much to give us all
something to hold onto while we go through the very real and exceedingly
unpleasant experiences we’re now facing.

The mirky left side of the hourglass is our collective past, filled
with conflicting information, viewpoints, ‘histories’, and agenda, all
stirred – not shaken – into absolute, long-engineered chaos. No wonder
we have a hard time discerning The Truth from all this mess! Countless
elusive threads weave in and out of each other, especially now in the
Age of the Internet – and it’s like untangling spaghetti to try to get a
clear sense of where we come from and what the real history of our
world is. Not an easy journey, although there are some bright lights out
there who stand out in terms of getting it right. Names later (upon
request) . . .

The neck of the glass reflects what we must go through now to get to
the goodies on the other side. Nothing worth having is easy, as the old
saying goes . . . and it turns out to be very true in our case. We
cannot simply leap past all the nastiness and grab the golden world that
awaits us. We have to earn it. It’s why we’re here right now.

Hourglasses taper both inwards and away from their centers, a good
metaphor for our situation. We’ve gathered up aeons of collective pasts,
all of which are now producing a pressure cooker bottleneck environment
filled with darkness and clogged with conflicting energies that cross
the negative with the positive at almost every turn. It’s a tight little
space where light and dark collide constantly, producing all of the
stress and confusion we are experiencing right here, right now. But the
good news about all of this is: It Has An End.

This will not go on forever – it’s growing awfulness is intended to shake, rattle ‘n roll ALL of us into getting The Message:

Take Responsibility for Your World and Your Life. Respect each other.
Do the Work. Hold Truth, Integrity and Clear Intention in your sights
daily . . . and Keep Moving Forward, no matter how scary, how messy, how
upsetting and how overwhelming it all SEEMS.

Remember, we’re all Spirits living a material illusion, a mental
matrix that we have collectively created by going along with some truly
crazy structures set in place by some really off-the-wall beings . . .
not all of whom come from here. There’s an agenda. It’s being played
out. We are the [color:ddc5=blue !important][color:ddc5=blue !important]actors
on its stage. BUT – We have the POWER as to how it rolls out, when it
rolls out – and how this story ends. Please remember that.

Nobody here is a victim. We all chose to be here. And that is such good news!

Each of us has a part to play in getting through this tight little tunnel and working together to birth that golden [color:ddc5=blue !important][color:ddc5=blue !important]reality
that fills the far chamber of the hourglass. No one is exempt from
participation, even if they choose to do so by hiding their head in the
sand with their behind up in the air. That’s still a choice – not a
great one, but a choice.

Those awake enough to wash up on the shore of Zen’s little paradise
here have probably been yelling “WAKE UP!” like crazy from the rooftops
for ages, and feeling SO frustrated by the somnolent grazing of the
glassy-eyed ‘lil sheoples down there in televised La-La Land!

I mean, one could just SPIT! Yes?

But this is a necessary situation. Sometimes it takes a flipping’ 2×4
plank upside the ‘haed’ to gain the attention of those who would
reallyreallyReallyREALLY rather avoid the whole thing, yes please!

In a nutshell – THAT’s why the neck of the glass is soooo sooty: this is a really dark episode in [color:ddc5=blue !important][color:ddc5=blue !important]the [color:ddc5=blue !important]drama
that is Humanity right now – so that the sleepers will awake! I mean,
what ‘cha gonna do when that major
tornado/EQ/flood/fire/lockdown/oppression/starvation/Agenda 21 scenario
kicks your soft little butt all to heck and back???

NB: We’ve been here before. Hopefully after this time, we won’t ever need to do this again!

Believe you me, things are gonna change for the better, either nicely
. . . or with a lot of OMG! stirred in along the way. But them’s the
breaks. Keep that in your hearts and minds and please – focus on the
‘Good Stuff’. Really!

I’m not the only one who’s been shown this vision. Other folks who
blog and investigate and blow big whistles have seen this very same
image. That gives me tremendous comfort about just pulling up my socks
and wading on through all of this nasty dreck on the way to the Gold

Will it be an easy transit? Don’t think so.

Messy? Yep.

Do-able? Also, Yep. Each of us can do this! We wouldn’t be here, otherwise.

The difficulty I see most of us running into is getting b(l)ogged
down in the fear, the ‘small stuff’ and the distractions thrown like
rocks onto our paths by the dis-info mavens and the control-freaks.
That’s relative of course, since stuff doesn’t seem very small when it’s
happening to us or to our loved ones. But truly, it IS small, over the
long run.

In the overall scheme of things, these are small teacup-size
disturbances in an immense, Universe-size transformation that is going
on in The Field, both here on Earth and out there amidst the Cosmos. Big
stuff for sure.

Each of these smaller events are opportunities for us to make choices
and exercise that big muscle of Free Will we hear so much about lately.
It’s good for you – like spinach and lima beans! Remember them? Not
necessarily pleasant as a life experience but oh, so true right now.
Each day we have a chance to stand in our truth and stand off the dark
stuff In small, manageable increments. When we do this and succeed, it
feels like nothing else in the world and gives us a direct experience of
how powerful we truly are!

But – no eating the elephant whole, okay? It goes down ‘way better in
tiny bites. Think of a swarm of bees or a fleet of dive-bomber
mosquitoes! That’s us in the 99%, once the momentum gets rolling. And
it’s starting. The Monsanto event was a fabulous indicator of how truly
pissed-off we of the mass herd are becoming with these crazy plans and
schemes of those who would be ‘little gods’ over the rest of us. ([color:ddc5=blue !important][color:ddc5=blue !important]Watch the streets of Europe and take notes!)

I feel for them, frankly, because I’ve been shown where this is all
going. There will be ‘win some, lose some’ for awhile, and there will be
more tears and awfulness . . . but in the end the grand cycle of the
Universe will again win out, the stage-strutting of today’s major
‘players’ will become only a memory (Ozymandias, anyone?) – as will a
lot of artificial, human-smooshing tech that we’re being spoon-fed like
glittery crumbs leading us into Baba Yaga’s house of horrors deep in the

‘They’ can stir the kettle all they want, but this witches’ brew of
techno-chemical-genetic broth is going to be dumped out on the ground of
a collective awareness that IS coming . . . and then allowed to sink
out of sight for a very, very, very looooong time.

Count on it.

So, my children – take heart, be brave and look towards a truly
golden future, beyond all the messy stuff. Continue to stand in your
truth . . . while you are also ‘walking the walk’. This isn’t like
patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time, BTW – but
it’s close. Once you’ve got the knack and have slipped past the
roadblocks of fear and hesitation and mental wrestling, you’ll get the [color:ddc5=blue !important][color:ddc5=blue !important]rhythm of the thing, God willing, and [color:ddc5=blue !important][color:ddc5=blue !important]dance us on down the road into a very exceptional future.

We’re due!

Blessings & Light to All of the Flowers in Zen’s Wonderful Garden,



Thanks to Zen at:http://www.zengardner.com


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