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The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death

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The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013. Filed under: Uncategorized

The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death Title-Image

Paul Adams, J.D.
Activist Post – Special Report

Urgent Alert: Throughout May of 2013, Southern California, home of 22 million people,
received by far the most powerful daily aerosol attacks this writer has
ever seen since learning of the Geoengineering issue in 2007. The sky
remains whited-out
and mountains ten miles away are barely visible due to toxic chemtrail
fallout. Humanity, as motivated individuals of conscience, must unite
and take immediate action to save lives and nature. Everyone must be
informed quickly to stop this soft-kill murder operation, which is clearly escalating.

In earlier times it was easier to control a million
people than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely
easier to kill a million people then to control a million people. – Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Advisor, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group)
Geoengineering, often referred to as Chemtrails, exists as a global
nuisance for the primary purposes of causing severe bodily injury and
premature death with malice aforethought.

Geoengineering involves large aircraft constantly spraying tiny
particles of aluminum and barium, amongst many other harmful toxins,
into the air/atmosphere. All people and animals then inhale these toxins
while breathing, without informed consent. The toxins also poison the
soil and fresh water sources.

It is well known and documented that long-term exposure to air pollution consisting of particulate matter significantly increases the risk of dying from lung cancer and heart disease. Over many years, the danger of breathing soot-filled air is comparable to the health risks associated with long-term exposure to second-hand smoke. In 2010 alone, 1,200,000 Chinese were killed by particulate air pollution.

The principle dangers of inhaling particulate matter applies to smoke and second-hand smoke causing lung cancer; coal miner’s lung (anthracosis), a lung disease due to inhalation of coal dust; and baker’s lung,
inhaling flour and other allergens causes severe asthma. These dangers
can be avoided, while Geoengineering particulate fallout cannot.

On a massive scale Geoengineering will likely result in democide if not stopped completely. According to Professor R.J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii, Democide is the murder
of any person or people by a government, including genocide,
politicide, and mass murder. Democide does not include soldiers killed
in battle. During the 20th Century (1900s) alone, Rummel calculates that
government power was used to murder approximately 262,000,000 people.
It appears that history is repeating itself with improved technology.

Secondary purposes of Geoengineering include controlling the
climate/weather for warfare and profits, and destroying the natural
world while furthering the transhumanist/synthetic biology agenda.

The evidence indicates that Geoengineering is an essential element of the elite’s Endgame move to depopulate the planet. The pubic must be educated and the stratospheric spraying stopped immediately.

The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death Writer+Photo+1+-+SoCal

The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death Writer+Photo+2+-+SoCal

The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death Writer+Photo+3+-+SoCal+Fallout
Photos by Writer. Taken during May of 2013 in Southern California. Use as you wish.
Do Geoengineering and Chemtrails Exist?

For the purposes of this article, “Geoengineering” and “Chemtrails”
are defined as a military-industrial complex program, in partnership
with private contractors and possibly major airlines, whereby planes
spray particulate matter (particles/substances) into the atmosphere that
otherwise would not be there.

Simply searching for images and videos of Chemtrails online will quickly provide overwhelming visual evidence
demonstrating that they exist all over the world. Thousands of images
containing strange aerial spraying formations can be seen in a matter of
seconds. Numerous documentaries like What in the World are They Spraying and Why in the World are They Spraying have been watched by millions of people.

There is abundant documentation that Chemtrails exist. The Air Force’s 1990 Chemtrails chemistry manual is available online for download. Evergreen Aviation admits that it has chemtrail contracts with the Air Force. Exclusive lists of chemtrail patents are available. Congressman, Dennis Kucinich tried to stop Chemtrails with his Space Preservation Act of 2001.

In 2010 Scientists and Aerospace Engineers presented conclusive evidence for Covert Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, (aka “Chemtrails”) in a 336-page report called “Case Orange“.
The term “Chemtrails” is in the text of 2001 legislation, (HR-2977)
where “Chemtrails” are defined as an “exotic weapon”. The Case Orange
report was commissioned by The Belfort Group, who held a “Chemtrail
Symposium,” where the conclusions were presented by Aerospace Engineer,
Dr. Coen Vermeeren.

Germany and Sweden admit to Chemtrails.

Many military whistleblowers like Kristen Meghan and Ben Livingston have courageously stepped forward to expose Geoengineering. Now, even government entities, such as the State of Texas, openly acknowledge that they are engaged in Geoengineering for weather modification.

Private pilots have taken up-close videos that prove beyond all doubt
that the population is being sprayed from planes above without informed
consent. There is also video evidence of Chemtrails being turned on,
then turned off, then turned back on again.

Scientists and weathermen discuss Chemtrails, and many believe it is the most important topic in the world today.

The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death Locations+Map
This map appeared in The Guardian
Scientist and researcher Clifford Carnicom and many others have sacrificed much to inform the public about the dangers of Chemtrails/Geoengineering. Governments spend billions of dollars per year on Chemtrail spraying without telling the citizens.
Geoengineering programs are having the effect of blocking out
sunlight. The emergence of the Chemtrails phenomenon coincided with an average 22% drop in sunlight reaching the earth’s surface. Even the New York Times recently published a story stating that the Globe Grows Darker as Sunshine Diminishes 10% to 37%. Geoengineering is not mentioned in the Times article and no place for readers to comment was provided.

To be blunt, governments are Geoengineering and realize Chemtrail dangers yet refuse to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

What is being Sprayed?

Hundreds of laboratory tests reveal that the primary components of Geoengineering are aluminum and barium. Other components include Synthetic polymers, Ethylene dibromide, Morgellons disease, viruses, fungi, and bacteria. The toxic metal particulates are rapidly absorbed from the respiratory system and / or the gastrointestinal tract and are deposited in the lungs, muscles, and bone.

According to Medscape, aluminum accumulation in tissues and organs results in their dysfunction and toxicity.
If a significant load exceeds the body’s excretory capacity, the excess
is deposited in various tissues, including bone, brain, liver, heart,
spleen, and muscle. This accumulation causes morbidity and mortality.

No living systems use aluminum as part of a biochemical process. It has a tendency to accumulate in the brain and bones. The Material Safety Data Sheet for aluminum
states that the most notable symptoms of aluminum poisoning are
diminishing intellectual function, forgetfulness, inability to
concentrate and, in extreme cases, full-blown dementia, and Alzheimer’s.
Its toxicity also causes bone softening and bone mass loss, kidney and
other soft tissue damage and, in large enough doses, can cause cardiac
arrest. Additionally, aluminum is strongly linked to Autism.

Barium is toxic to humans and animals and causes a dramatic drop in potassium levels in the body. For this reason (and others), barium is known to considerably increase the frequency of heart attacks in persons 65 years and older.

Sulphur is another toxin associated with Geoengineering. Laboratory tests with test animals indicate that Sulphur can cause serious vascular damage
in veins of the brains, the heart and the kidneys. These tests also
indicate that certain forms of sulfur can cause fetal damage and
congenital defects. Mothers can even carry sulfur poisoning over to
their children through their milk. Sulphur can also damage the internal
enzyme systems of animals.

The Purpose of Geoengineering is Injury and Death

There are still large numbers of people who remain in denial about the openly stated agenda for global population reduction,
as well as the consequences of this program that are unfolding.
Abundant evidence proves that a criminal global elite has been obsessed
with eugenics and its modern-day incarnation, population control, for well over 100 years and that goal of global population reduction remains a priority.
Chemtrails and Geoengineering are clearly part of the death agenda
and represent the equivalent of spraying ants to death with a can of
slow-acting poison. However, in this case, the poison is mega-tons of
particulate aluminum, barium, and other toxins consistently sprayed from
above, the can is a jet plane, and the target is humans. Scientific
studies prove that breathing particulate matter associated with
Chemtrails over time will harm and kill us.

A 16-year study by New York and Brigham Young Universities proved
that “long-term exposure to air pollution that contains high
concentrations of tiny particles of soot and dust significantly increases the risk of dying
from lung cancer and heart disease.” The researchers calculated that
the number of deaths from lung cancer increases by 8% for every 10
micrograms of fine particulate matter per cubic meter, according to the

Likewise, a study that analyzed 52 years of historical surface
measurements of haze data in the Chinese city of Guangzhou demonstrated
that the dramatic increase in the occurrence of air pollution events
between 1954 and 2006 was followed by a large increase in the incidence of lung cancer.

Many other reputable studies have also proven the link between particulate matter in the air, cancer, and death.

Investigative journalist and author of Chemtrails Confirmed, William Thomas,
found that Chemtrails inflict eye infections, nosebleeds, skin sores,
muscle pain, chronic exhaustion, weakened immunity, acute asthma and
allergies, short-term memory loss and heart attacks on people in more
than a dozen countries. Thomas writes:

Small particulates like the aluminum oxide found in Chemtrails also kill.
According to the New York Times, “microscopic motes… are
able to infiltrate the tiniest compartments in the lungs and pass
readily into the bloodstream.” Particles in the size range called for by
the Welsbach Patent describing Chemtrails are “most strongly tied to
illness and early death, particularly in people who are already
susceptible to respiratory problems.” [New York Times Oct 14/06]
The Welsbach Patent calls for megatons of 10 micron-size
aluminum oxide particles to be spread in the atmosphere. The EPA calls
particles this small “an extreme human health hazard” leading to 5%
increased death rate within 24 hrs.
“Hearts as well as lungs can be damaged by ultra-fine
particles small enough to get into the bloodstream and inflame tissues
and cells,” reports the LA Times. “After they reach the heart, the
particles are thought to cause a stress reaction in cells, producing
inflammation that contributes to heart disease. The particles also may
cause blood clots.” [Los Angeles Times Dec 29/03]
The Neurotoxicology (brain poisoning) division of the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that exposure to airborne
Particulate Matter “is an environmental health risk of global
proportions.” [Health Risks of Aerosoled Particulates PubMed Abstract]
The EPA explains that by penetrating deep into the lungs
and circulatory system, these dust-size particles “are implicated in
tens of thousands of deaths annually from both respiratory and coronary
During 2010, 1,200,000 Chinese were killed by air pollution. “Air
pollution is a fact of life in cities such as Beijing, where many people
wear breathing masks when travelling outdoors to guard against “PM2.5
particles [particulate matter]” – tiny pollutants that can go deep into
the lungs and cause cancer, bronchitis and asthma.”

Based upon the above studies, one must conclude that breathing Chemtrail fallout will harm and kill humans.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Russell Blaylock, M.D.,
states that tons of nanosized aluminum compounds are being sprayed
daily over our skies. These nanosized particles induce intense
inflammation in a number of tissues, particularly the brain and spinal
cord. Nanoparticles of aluminum penetrate the brain by a number of
routes, leading to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s diseases. Blaylock writes:

Inhaling this environmentally suspended nanoaluminum will
also produce tremendous inflammatory reaction within the lungs, which
will pose a significant hazard to children and adults with asthma and
pulmonary diseases.
I pray that the pilots who are spraying this dangerous
substance fully understand that they are destroying the lives and health
of their families as well. This is also true of our political
officials. Once the soil, plants, and water sources are heavily
contaminated there will be no way to reverse the damage that has been
Steps need to be taken now to prevent an impending health
disaster of enormous proportions if this project is not stopped
immediately. Otherwise we will see an explosive increase in
neurodegenerative diseases occurring in adults and the elderly in
unprecedented rates as well as neurodevelopmental disorders in our
children. We are already seeing a dramatic increase in these
neurological disorders and it is occurring in younger people more than
ever before.

The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death Alzheimers+Chart
Chart from CDC National Vital Statistics 2000 report page 9
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Empirical data also confirms that Autism symptoms are related to aluminum exposure. A study from MIT concluded that “children with the autism diagnosis are especially vulnerable to toxic metals such as aluminum.”

Another study from the University of British Columbia found that
“children from countries with the highest ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
prevalence appear to have the highest exposure to aluminum
from vaccines. The increase in exposure to aluminum adjuvants
significantly correlates with the increase in ASD prevalence in the
United States observed over the last two decades. A significant
correlation exists between the amounts of aluminum administered to
preschool children and the current prevalence of ASD in seven Western
countries, particularly at 3-4 months of age.”

The rate of autism among American children has nearly doubled
over the past decade, according to a report released by the U.S.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), jumping from about one
in 150 children back in 2000 to about one in 88 children in 2008.
Currently, 1 in every 50 American kids has been diagnosed with autism yet the CDC pleads ignorance as to the obvious causes.

The elite know very well what happens when children daily inhale
particulate aluminum sprayed by planes while walking outside, playing at
the park, or sitting in their air conditioned homes or classrooms.

The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death Autism+Chart
Geoengineering Harm with Malice Aforethought

The actions of those involved with Geoengineering also demonstrate an intent to do harm.

Geoengineer advocate Ken Calderia,
an atmospheric scientist who works at the Carnegie Institution for
Science’s Department of Global Ecology, proposes spraying chemicals in
our skies to “blunt the worst effects of global warming.” But when
confronted at a Geoengineering debate in Berkeley, he was forced to
admit there has been no global warming for at least 17 years (“it has
leveled off”) and that when he worked at a nuclear weapons lab, he
discussed poisoning the sky, “putting pathogens in a cloud” to “rain
down on your enemy and do chemical and germ warfare.”


Thanks to Zen at: http://www.zengardner.com


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