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The solitary journey…

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1The solitary journey… Empty The solitary journey… Thu Jun 20, 2013 8:38 am


The solitary journey…
Posted on June 20, 2013by Visionkeeper
The solitary journey… Beach-summer-sea-holiday-beautiful-favim-com-468591 http://www.favim.com
Music to read by below:
I am sure by now most everyone has realized this ascension  journey, while it was achieved as a whole, must essentially be done on our own, at least in the beginning. The walk we take down this path leaves behind just one set of foot prints until we join the masses in the end. It is up to each of us to heal ourselves within and learn what we must learn, to live from our hearts in confidence knowing this journey we are on is the correct direction we are meant to travel in. We must first learn to release the dramas of the third dimension and know ourselves clearly as we stand naked having shed the illusion and faced the truth of who and what we are. We began our journey together nearly two years ago thinking the shift was at hand and all would be ending soon. We are still here amidst the chaos still holding the light, still sharing our vision for a better world and yes, still wondering when it will come about. It seems very close now as the dark one’s world continues to explode and the truth continues to flood forth at an alarming rate now. The dyke is leaking everywhere and one finger plugging the hole can no longer stem the tide.
It seems our solitary journey was productive and we have come to terms with ourselves and we have managed to release the illusion and accept the truth. We have been witness to evil beyond our wildest imaginations unfolding before us, yet we have held steady and not succumbed to fear. We could only have managed this feat if we were clear within and sure of our mission we are on. We thought we had seen it all back two years ago and yet look at what we are enduring even now and the insanity just picks up speed. We have reached that plateau where nothing seems shocking anymore but rather it is expected, we have learned how to brush it off and keep moving forward. It really is amazing if you look back in clarity at all we have come through and still we march forward!
I certainly hope what we have accomplished has shown each of us how far-reaching our power really is and how remarkable these times are. So often when we are in the throes of something we can not see clearly the magnitude of what is going on. Stand still for just a moment and close your eyes and think back. Can you see the power of oneness pulsating all around you, can you see the coming together of people who two years ago would have been miles apart? It really is remarkable. It required us getting to work on ourselves first and clearing out what was no longer needed, then our coming together as one and seeing and thinking through the same eyes and heart knowing it ultimately was for the good of the whole. That was not an easy challenge to take on but we did and we succeeded.
Everyday now a new scandal erupts from within our Government and yet one more nail is pounded in the dark one’s coffin. I believe the majority of people are quite in shock of what is going down. Their sleep has been rudely interrupted and there is no going back to sleep. There is fear amongst them and great uncertainty, but those of us awake are actually standing by cheering quietly for we know each disaster brings us a little closer to the end of this oppression. We will stand strong and offer our guidance if asked and try to anchor the calm in the midst of the panic should it arise. I wonder what I will be writing about a year from now. It never ceases to amaze me. If we stick together and pick each other up when we stumble along the way, all will be well and peace will be ours at long last. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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