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Getting On The Same Page….

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Getting On The Same Page….
Posted on September 10, 2013 by Visionkeeper
Getting On The Same Page…. Alice-alice-in-wonderland-animal-anime-favim-com-869221 http://www.favim.com
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We are all on the journey to get to wonderland eventually, but many are frustrated and quite frankly exhausted. I am beginning to wonder if in setting our intentions for arriving at  Wonderland, perhaps we need to all get our intentions on a similar page. I mean how can we try to create one thing with millions of different ideas? Perhaps we need to create a blue print of what we are all wanting so we can all be intending the same thing and make it happen faster. Just what exactly is it that we each want our wonderland to be like? I for one certainly don’t want a bunch of rules, but an accepted and agreed upon summary of guidance on what we are creating would be nice. Cohesion is always a strong factor to have in play. So what is it we can all decide upon so we can get busy creating that kind of new world?
I would imagine we could all agree on a few areas to embrace: A loving world, a compassionate world, a joyful world, a positive world, an equal world, a free world etc. these I would imagine would be pretty standard desires for most people. I know there will be individual desires people have and will want to create for themselves which is as it should be. So if we take the basic ideas and concentrate on those primarily for our foundation, then we have something to work on manifesting together, and our intentions will not be so scattered. How do we want to live? As community yet still in our aloneness if need be, will we all be sharing daily with community or will we share only when we desire to? It would be nice to think we could all be free to live as we desire, but is that really possible? Does there need to be gentle structure for the new world to be successful in its operation?
These kinds of plans are things we all need to be thinking about. Having been owned and operated for so long now my being wants the freedom to have no restrictions, to just be free, to do whatever I choose to do, but is that practical thinking? Obviously there needs to be some form of structure in place to keep things humming along. I think living according to basic life laws seems practical. A world that functions out of respect for all beings, a world that operates from a sharing and helping standpoint but with no force involved. Respect seems to be the biggest factor to revolve around. You can have some form of structure but one that is adhered to out of desire to do so because that is what is good and right to do, not because we are being told to do so, one that is self-governing.
I know personally I am done with Government per say. I am done with being told how to live my life, what I can and cannot do or be. A government run by the people is absolutely necessary. Give the power to others and we will end up where we are today all over again. So I guess we need to be thinking about and looking into how a society governs itself. We have to come up with plans that people agree with in order to create peace and harmony. That means a great many people have to get on the same page. Should states have their own governance so those who live there live by how they choose, or do we try to umbrella everyone under the same self governance and try to get millions to agree?
It is time to be drawing up blue prints and laying out the plans for all to consider. The time of the new world is not far off and we best be prepared to get cracking and figure out what we intend to do. Obviously we cannot all run wild doing exactly what we want to do I don’t think. It would be nice but it doesn’t seem doable in a world with billions of people. So again I come back to RESPECT as a strong foundation point. Respect each other and no encroaching upon others lives in our quest to live as we desire. We have a lot to think about and a lot to get done so we best put our thinking caps on a see what we come up with. Exciting to think about!
Blessings to us all,

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