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What Is Normal?

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1What Is Normal? Empty What Is Normal? Mon Sep 16, 2013 7:05 am


What Is Normal?
Posted on September 16, 2013 by Visionkeeper
What Is Normal? Favim-com-art-nature-poster-trippy-trippy-art-197252 http://www.favim.com
Music to read by below:
It seems one of the major illusions we have all be living under has been the Government’s decision on who is sane and who is not, what is the accepted norm of thinking and what is regarded as way out there, and of course what is considered truth versus conspiracy. We have all been pushed into certain ways of thinking so we behave like sheep that all walk quietly along in the same direction no matter where it leads. So really, just what is considered normal? Normal should be whomever we choose to be, whomever Creator birthed us to be. All ways of being should be acceptable for in being acceptable that says we have erased our egos that are always behind our judgment of other people. I think ego truly flourished because it allowed us to separate each other ourselves through judgment, which ultimately was what the Government wanted. Separation! In many ways we were our own undoing. We jumped head first into the muck and mire of ego’s judgment and adopted it with gusto. How disconnected we were to think we were better than anyone else!
I think the two biggest obstacles to peace at this time are lack of respect and ego. They are both very powerful in a negative way. Both tear and shred the foundation of stability and both have been promoted 24/7 on television for a very strong reason. To birth an entire generation of children who weaken the foundation of society. As parents became more and more possessed by their need to become somebody we became more willing to turn our children over to the watchful eye of television allowing us free time for ourselves and less responsibility. We are seeing a lost generation of kids who lack strong morals, who have little respect for others and brutally judge their peers and ridicule them if they feel they do not fit their ideas of what is acceptable. We are seeing the product of our own inattention.
Sadly, I don’t know how we completely undo what has been done. How do you pound morals and respect into young minds at this late date that have been trained to think the opposite? By example seems the most obvious way to me.  We ourselves must change our awareness and behavior, show respect for all beings, silence our need to always be right, LISTEN to one another and especially our children. We are not a very good society of listeners, but we can change that. That old saying “Actions speak louder than words” is exactly what we need to adhere to now. This should be our mantra we say everyday and put it foremost in our awareness. In essence the universe is calling out to us to be LOVE!
We are by no means a helpless society that is doomed to fail because of our prior actions. If we have learned nothing else in this transition of shifting, we have learned we are powerful and able to do anything we put our minds to. Learning our lessons is our first big task to undertake. To admit we were wrong and to set about making things right. The first thing we need to look at is the fact there is no such thing as normal. We are all exactly how we were meant to be, there is no right or wrong, bad or good, normal or crazy. It is time to stop self labeling each other, placing each other in groups to be judged and categorized. We were taught to do that, it is time now to un-teach ourselves.
The biggest myth of all we blindly fell into has been race. Think about it! We are all human beings here to do nothing more than learn how to love and we actually allowed ourselves to be taught to revile skin color! How totally insane is that? It’s like our saying flowers are good and weeds are bad. Who says? Chemical companies that trained us for eons to spend money on buying their weed killers says who and sadly many of those weeds we have been killing have powerful healing abilities! We were also taught to go along with the race card, but we have the ability to undo it at long last and see the truth and the insanity of what we have been doing to our fellow-man. We are all human beings just struggling to find ourselves and understand who we are, wouldn’t it be better if we were all doing this together as a whole?
Blessings to us ALL,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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