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International Peace Day

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1International Peace Day Empty International Peace Day Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:05 am


International Peace Day
20 Sep 2013 5 Comments
by Sue Dreamwalker in Awakening in the Sleepless Zone, Earth Changes, Health and wellness, Inner Chatter, Mind Body & Spirit, Organizations, Poems Tags: Awareness, Caring, Changes, Consciousness., Fear, Healing, Heart, Inner thoughts, mind, Nature, Peace, poems, thoughts, transformation., Unity, world
International Peace Day Peace_day_2013_square_150
Last night I guess the Full Moon still was having its affects as I tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. So out came my journal and I penned a poem…
Thursday had been fraught in my day job, and my mind mulled over the world news as various headlines I had absorbed throughout the week came back to haunt my sleepless zone,,, As I pondered just what went wrong with the World and When?
Today as I glanced at my calendar upon my kitchen wall, I noticed tomorrows date said International Peace Day Sept 21st..  And I pondered some more about the state of Peace… And then I did some searching for International Peace Day and came upon this site The Prem Rawat Foundation, where I came across this video..
I have always said, to find Peace within the World we first need to find Peace within our Hearts ..

My Poem is entitled
What went Wrong?
What’s wrong with the World Today?
Can you answer me, Can we really say?
What have we lost that each strive to find
Each has the answer’s within their own minds
Society stressed as they bulge with popping pills
Apportioning blame for all of their ills
Working hard they say for so little gain
Accumulating debts as the plastic card reigns
Do they never stop to look in the Mirror?
I wonder if anyone stops to consider
What happened that we appear not to care?
Why, that to Love one another has become so rare
What went wrong as we strove for so much?
I ponder and wonder did we lack a mother’s touch
The Media shows a surface of a greedy society
And yet beneath it all I believe in Humanity
The Selfish will soon see they walk a lonely path
Possessions mean little as Earth leaves her aftermath
Each day we see her cry yet more stormy tears
Unleashing Lessons until we unite and leave our Fears
She shows us we are ONE-For One affects the ALL
Is that what went wrong, when we began to fall
Mankind forgot his kindness as he began to take
When did we forget to Love, and why do we hate?
Duality in matter an experiment to ponder
Good and Bad, both needed to experience and wonder
The thousands of years we failed to balance Right
What’s wrong with the world as we strive to reach the Light?
By Sue Dreamwalker
Peace is something we all of us strive to attain, I hope as we reflect upon the world as we pray for peace, we also take time to view our own inner worlds as we are made aware that Healing the world starts with Self.
We need to stop our own inner battles and our judgements of others… And take a real closer look into the peace within our own Hearts as we learn to share that Kindness again with One another..
Happy Peace Day
September 21st 2013

Thanks to Sue at: http://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com


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