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We Are the Light-Bringers


We Are the Light-Bringers Anewday
AngelicView: What I’m about to share with you is Anne Horne’s NDE. She died when her husband at the time strangled her – I won’t go into detail about the back-story or the attack. The important thing about her NDE is that she was shown that it was really important for her to be here – in her body – on Earth, because she was one of the people sent here to bring healing and light to the world. She does go into much detail about this, and I think you’ll like her story.
Note: This is just an excerpt of the most relevant parts (to me), you can find the entire story here .
Press “Play” ↓ if you would like get the full vision of what I think this NDE looks like  :)

My name was Anne. Since my experience, I have changed my name…
…He no longer knew what he was doing. I thought to myself that I was not going to get out of this one. Then a calm poured into my body and the sounds faded away. I could still see him but could not hear him.
Then I saw a man in the distance above the kitchen range coming toward me. My head turned but it passed through my physical head. I watched my life go past me like a flip card version. It was short and there were no offenses. It was explained to me that I was young and hadn’t had time to really hurt anyone.
This man, who was in a robe, asked me, “Are you ready to go?”
I asked him, “What will happen to my daughter?”
Then I was shown her life. She would live with his Mom and would grow up loved and have a good life.
I said, “I am ready. But how does this work? Will I float through the rafters into space?”
The next thing I knew I was floating upward into a dark space that went on forever. There was no light, per se, but it was filled with sparkles, but I couldn’t see them. I could see but there was nothing to see. It is hard to describe.
We Are the Light-Bringers Oneness1
I was aware of infinite knowledge and order. There were no churches. It was definitely impressed upon me that there is no good or bad as we know it. All is learning and all is forgiven. I also had no memory of where I had just come from.
I looked forward and saw a lighted tunnel and at the entrance were many people. They saw me coming and alerted the person in charge. This person came floating up to me. He reached me in an instant. I immediately knew him as “Uncle.” I remember thinking, “I don’t have an uncle who looks like him.” He was dressed in khaki pants, a white shirt and a tan sweater vest. He carried a clipboard. I thought, “How odd.” He had floated just a bit in front of my path blocking me from going further. Then he telepathically said, “It is not your time.”
In the same manner I told him, “I am going home!” (It was sort of like saying, “What are you talking about?”)
Seeing how I willed to go forward, he talked to “others” who were somewhere else. They told him to show me something. Then he came up beside me and we both looked down onto the Earth.
All over the U.S. and some other countries, there were groups of people, some three, some one person, some many people, etc, at work doing what looked like triage work of mending hearts by putting their hands over the hearts of others. It seemed at times they would roll them into what looked like caves. Once they were healed, they would be wheeled out again and set on their way. Most of the healings worked but some failed. They were working so fast to get as many healed as possible. They also wore white.
I asked if they were nurses? “No,” he said.
I said almost in disbelief, “But there are only thousands of them!”
And then he said, “That is all we need.” They would tip the balance. What they did was all that was necessary to do to accomplish what needed to be done.
Then I saw this whole group of people become one consciousness because of something “they” on the Other Side had activated within them. They became ONE. At that moment, “they” were able to send a bolt of pure light into the world through their bodies. It entered through their backs, behind their hearts, and exited through their chest and out into the world and into every nook and cranny of the world. Then the fog of shadows and fear rolled back and a new age of Heaven on Earth came. It wasn’t going to last forever, but it would for many thousands of years. Everything would be different.
We Are the Light-Bringers Angelofprotection
I looked at him and he said, “We need you there.”
Then I remembered it was my “contract” to be there and to do my part. It was my husband’s part to send me over to see this and experience what I was seeing. It was just a role for which he had no bad intentions. It was up to me to remember and not play a victim.
With that, I found myself back in my body but there still were no sounds. It was calm and peaceful and full of love. I felt chosen and special and content…
…I live day by day. I suffer disappointments also. I wish I had the answers for a perfect life but I don’t. Because many other people have experienced this, more is being written about it, and more parts are coming forward. But just remember, there are no words for a multidimensional timeless experience…
…I remember even trying to find words for what I experienced, but there are no words that capture the feeling, the knowledge, the way things are over there. Love is completely different. There is an intelligence which my brain cannot even begin to know the whole picture, nor even a small part of it.
It did seem that the vision of the future I was shown was going to happen around the time I reached my forties, it seemed, because that is how I looked at it. But I am 52 now and I still have no clue what it means specifically. I do try to help people find and act on their hearts in everything I do.
I wouldn’t describe me as a peaceful or contented person. My life has had many losses in it and hurts. Nothing has been easy but oddly difficult.
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