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Turn Off, Tune Out…

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1Turn Off, Tune Out… Empty Turn Off, Tune Out… Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:44 pm


Turn Off, Tune Out…
Posted on April 6, 2014 by Visionkeeper
Turn Off, Tune Out… Art-film-life-love-favim-com-502360 http://www.favim.com
Music to read by below:
Oh these present times are insane, exhausting, at times evil and mind bending. It would be easy for us to fall prey to the pressures and succumb to a deep depression, but this we must not do! It is time to pinpoint our focus on where we are going, who we are and just what it is we are meant to be doing. At the same time we hone in on these matters and set our intentions, we must also, believe it or not, think big as in thinking not just outside the box, but outside this planet and beyond. We humans are such a small speck in the grander picture, yet we allow ourselves to get caught up in the minutia and trivia being fed to the masses for deceptive purposes. No we must not allow ourselves to get swallowed up for we may never get spit back out! We must reconnect with hope and belief that all is as it should be and in essence, all will be well. I know, it’s hard to do while all around you the world is falling apart and disintegrating into ashes. This is why we must set our attentions right now if we are to rise above the chaos and decline of humanity.
We are being tested mightily at this time by the disappearance of flight 370 and for good reason. We are receiving huge lessons and it is up to each of us to embrace them and learn from this. Main stream media, especially CNN is trying to capitalize on this moment to boost ratings and distract the people from what we should really be concentrating on right now. By now I would hope the majority of the people know these news channels are just the mouth pieces for big government and in no way are they delivering to us all the truth of what is taking place! The truth has not been spun from their mouths for many decades. We are being shown a blatant example of this by the non-stop coverage of the missing plane that has been set up like a movie script, created to capture our attentions and get us stuck in the deadly mire of lies. The poor people who have loved ones on that plane are more awake it seems than most of the rest of the world. They know that plane did not crash! The dog and pony show CNN would have you believe is that these people feel this way strictly because they HAVE to keep hope alive and so they deny the truth. Wrong!
Those grieving souls KNOW in their hearts that what they are being told is not the truth. The stories being weaved and spun to the masses are being drawn out painfully days at a time to keep the fish hooked to the line. Reel it in slowly. No, those people and many others now awake know what the governments of the world are capable of, they no longer believe the lies they try to tell us, they have been awakened and there is no going back to sleep. We must all now concentrate on discovering OUR OWN truth and standing tall in that truth. It is time to put on a new pair of glasses and see the world in a whole new way. We are magnificent beings with great power to create life as we wish and that awareness has been stifled by those who wish to remain in control of us. No, those days are over! We must think not only out of the box for answers but outside of this world from whence we came. There must be no more following the pied piper. We the people are in control and it is up to us to realize this and take back what is rightfully ours.
The time is upon us to stay true to ourselves. To believe in ourselves and cast aside the self- doubt that has been driven deep into our psyches forever now. We are so much more and now is the time to prove these words true. Turn off and tune out is now our motto. Find the courage to extricate yourselves from the trap that has held you victim for so long now. No need to bit off your foot to set yourself free. Just turn off the televisions, stop listening to the lies and remove yourselves from the drama that is being created to suck you in. Stop! Our freedom comes when we free our minds and begin to think for ourselves again. The drama is high at present for they are desperate to keep hold of us, but we must tune it out and stay centered in the present moments we choose to create for ourselves. Life unfolds for us according to our individual plans we set in place. Choose a strong and proper plan to follow that is centered around honesty, love, compassion, sharing and joy and all will be well. This is our mission and our time has arrived.
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to VK at: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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