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It’s The Core Issues Stupid….

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1It’s The Core Issues Stupid…. Empty It’s The Core Issues Stupid…. Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:35 am


It’s The Core Issues Stupid….
Posted on June 11, 2014 by Visionkeeper
It’s The Core Issues Stupid…. Depression-feelings-green-happiness-favim-com-493830 http://www.favim.com

OH my gosh…Things just continue to get more insane everyday and harder to be a part of. In my last post I talked about lies and the effects dishonesty have had on society, this post is about core issues driven out by what is taking place today. What worries me most is the sheer numbers of people still very much asleep and oblivious to the truth. Yes we are waking up, but we need to push the shift faster if we want to see our loving end results. Take the recent school shootings for example and now Obama spouting off about how bad our nation is with violence. Agreed, the violence is out of control, but not for the reasons this Government would have you believe. They are hell-bent to get control of our guns because once we no longer have them we can’t fight back for our freedom. These are classic moves made by all countries who eventually took over their people and their freedom. A bit of research on the internet will tell you the whole story. The truth is right in front of us and yet we are distracted away from it and thrown head first into the dramas unfolding and being used to push agendas.
It is NOT about the guns! We are rotting from the inside out! If one takes the time to look deeper at the core issues, they can see them pulsating just beneath the surface. It is about a combination of things that have been done to this country. Why is no one paying attention to the ‘How did we get here in the first place? What is lacking? What is making this happen?’ It is about morals, our beliefs, caring for one another, Hope and Faith, being free to follow our dreams, all of which has been yanked away from society. For decades now we have watched our movies and television shows become more and more violent and did little about it. We failed to remember our children learn by example. Our children are watching a Government that lies continually, takes away freedom at any excuse, removes God from our lives, rules by corruption, destroys the environment and destroys all hope. Why in God’s name wouldn’t our children act out? They are facing a life not many want to be a part of. We are trying desperately to change the world, even we feel hopeless at times by the ever-present struggle we are made to go through, imagine our kids! Kids have their whole life ahead of them and that life looks pretty grim right now.
I pray that people are awake enough to see the truth of what is going on. If they aren’t they will champion gun control and further Government control and the end of everything will begin. The walls are already closing in around us, everyday it feels like the space we are in is getting smaller and has less air to breathe. Personally I long for a day we don’t require guns, where peace rules and people finally care about one another, but until such a time, we need our guns for protection. I will continue to fight for freedom and love and peace because I know that is what Creator intended for this world before it was hijacked by a small bunch of wealthy, ruthless, power- hungry leaders. Think about it closely for a minute and ask yourself “Why would Creator put us all on earth to work 9-5 everyday instead of being free to experience life as it unfolds?” “Why would Creator put us here to work 9-5 everyday for only one short life?” He wouldn’t! We were not meant to be slaves working 9-5, that is what has been created by the Dark Ones to allow them to collect great wealth and gain control. We do not exist in just this brief window of time only. We die and move on to the next life we are meant to live, our souls are immortal, we go on forever and if we go on forever why would we want to if we always had to slave from 9-5 in every lifetime? More lies.
It is time to embrace the truth of who we are and stand up for what is rightfully ours. Our freedom and peace. It is time to deal with the core issues if we ever want the violence to go away. Right now we are a society without a purpose, without strong roots and without knowledge. Truth is knowledge! We must demand the truth and fight for the truth and make time to dig for the truth. Set aside the trivial dramas designed to steal your attention and reconnect with your soul. Our souls know how we are meant to live our lives, all we have to do is listen and follow. The victory last night in the Virginia primary was a clear message that we are DONE with the old paradigm. It is time for fresh thinking, strong morals, and compassion for all to return to our world. We are DONE with corporate control, done with big money, done with not having a say in our lives! Lets keep going! As elections come up, get out and be a part of saving the world by voting out the old way of doing business. WE matter and it’s time we realized that.
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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Prayer is a confession of one's own unworthiness and weakness.
Mohandas Gandhi

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