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We’re Almost There

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1We’re Almost There Empty We’re Almost There Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:41 pm


We’re Almost There
Posted on June 11, 2014 by Ines Radman

It seems from just a conscious five-sense level that all is lost, that there is no hope in sight. You look at the news, you look at the open in your face control matrix coming in stronger and faster and if you only come from that perspective, then you might as well just take some sleeping pills and go to sleep forever or shoot yourself in the head. If that’s how you see your reality in this “timeline” you won’t be able to handle for what is to come anyway.
If you believe that these horrific events are signs of the end, then that’s another dynamic, the truth movement, the resistance movement, that has been picking the lock all along. A prime example of this, you may have seen in the older movies where a prisoner, determined to be free, plans ahead in terms of years by picking a small hole in the wall using a small wire or nail. Day in and day out until the bricks finally come apart and the hole is big enough to fit his body through.
When I first woke up, started to awaken that is, because it’s a process that continues,  I met a psychic in 1990 and stuff came through her, all of which has occurred over the past 25 years. One of the first things that the psychic said to me was that my aura of energy was so powerful she had to put on a coat to protect herself. I had no idea what she was talking about at the time. She told me that I came here to be a healer and that I was provided with a guide, a Native Indian. He’s a true long haired Indian in leather with a leather pouch filled with lavender.
She told me that there was really no need for arduous searching because it was all arranged a long time ago and that I had practiced my healing skills in hundreds of lifetimes. “The path is set, you just have to follow the clues”.
When I look back at the last 25 years of my life, I realize that instead of trusting the information, I chose to arduously search for that truth. Would I have saved time in following the psychic? Who knows, but I know at the time I could not trust myself and it took many years just to heal from the traumas of my childhood and instead of using psychology to heal, discovering who I was cleared up everything instantly. There was no need to forgive those that hurt me because we all agreed to play the roles. There was no need to blame my parents or be angry at them because I chose them and all the experiences of trauma.
I was like Buddha under the Bodhi tree, that moment of truth hit me, I could feel the weight of 40 years of anger and pain instantly leave my body and auric field, it was an experience similar to my NDE only I was actually in my physical body.
My truth led me to this control matrix, like everything founded on a vibrational information blueprint. It’s the foundation of our current reality and when that’s unpicked, that control matrix must eventually fall.
There are millions of souls that have come into this reality or could be just observing this reality which I think would be more likely, who have a specific interconnected role in contributing to the unpicking of that blueprint.
It’s coming down, it is coming down. There are thousands of experts, researchers, channelers, people contacted by different alien races whom all give some kind of prediction date as to when this is going to finally end.
It is written,  however people want to perceive this reality that we have created, but nothing is written or recorded about when. It’s coming down and it will come down very quickly because only a few people were picking the lock 30 years ago, today it is estimated that 60% of the population know that something is not right and 10% are picking the lock so we have been picking at it for a long time, and one day it will crash once it reaches a certain point of destabilization.
It will not be brought down by protests in the street, although protest means as long as it’s peaceful. It’s not going to be brought down by things happening in this reality, although that might contribute.  It’s going to be brought down by picking this vibrational lock, this vibrational blue print on which this reality has been seized, hijacked, suppressed and controlled.
I have not always felt this optimistic. I was at a point in life where I was focused on getting over my fear of death because I believed at the time there would be a polar shift and mass deaths. I was looking at the world and thinking that there was no hope, because humanity, humanity en masse, the human race is not able to protect itself, it cannot setup any defense for itself. Sure, knowledge is power, I figured out what really was going on; but then what?
I looked at the human race like cattle on the roaming plains just eating and carefree, totally unaware that they would be led to slaughter once they reached a certain weight or age. They are just out there by the thousands, doing what they normally do. They’re just in the sun, with their offspring trying to survive, while the cattle ranchers were preparing the horse and their lassos to creep up on them.
Good people have never been organized. Good people see no reason to get organized, it’s only criminals that get organized. The kind of people who are in power, are in power because they “want” that power, they sold their souls to get into that position of power. The human race is just never going to be able to stand up against these kinds of people who are organized and vicious in their pursuit. That’s how I felt for so many years, that it’s just hopeless.
There does seem to be some form of spiritual, other world matrix at work and that’s what I”m really hoping for, is that we have cosmic companionship in what we’re doing. “As above, so Below”. We’re not doing this by ourselves and I still have doubts about everything which is absolutely ludicrous but let’s face it, humanity has not yet stepped up to the plate in full force.
The people that control this matrix are not humans as such, they don’t mind killing, they don’t mind tyranny and throwing you into prison or whatever and so at times I am doubtful how courageous one must be today to fight Goliath. But that was then, this is NOW.
We are at the last moment, that means that we must trust, and I have now reached the point where no matter what’s going on, I trust the outcome. I become more optimistic the more I learn, the more I expand my awareness, the more optimistic I become.
These people are powerful within a box the size of a pea. They have to keep humanity in a smaller box than they’re in. It’s not that they are all powerful, it’s not that they are all knowing, they have created a vibrational control structure in which they are in a tiny box. Yes, they are intelligent which allows them to play with technology but it’s an intellectual, vibrational box. They are limited to that box because of their state of being, their need to control. What does the need to control mean? It means you are in a state of extreme insecurity. Only insecure and fearful people have the need to control others and the need to control events.
People who are at peace with themselves, are very happy to flow and take the outcome as it comes. If there wasn’t a threat to them, there wouldn’t be any need to control anybody. The entities behind the control matrix and their hybrid middle men and women, they strut around as if they are full of self-confidence and all the rest of it.
I have met so many of these arrogant power hungry people  and when you get them behind closed doors, they become frightened little beings. The strut or arrogance is just to hide the frightened and insecure person they are. This is what we are up against folks. So to control humanity as they have, they have had to put humanity in a smaller box than they are in.
More laws, more restrictions, more fear mongering, more control over our basic needs such as food and water are just some examples of us humans in that small box. They have created this control matrix that is designed to isolate the awareness of the target population within the five-sense reality and to disconnect us or our awareness of higher levels of consciousness.
Once you as a human being break out of that vibrational box of five-sense domination and you start to expand your consciousness, you are expanding it beyond the box that they are limited to and cannot expand their state of being then no one will want to control anybody anyway.
So, whether we expand beyond their box or whether they expand beyond their own box, the control matrix must fall either way. Either they don’t want to control anymore or they’re not going to be in control, because the expansion of human consciousness is going to bring an end to the control.
Once you expand your consciousness, you are accessing levels of awareness that not only give us the picture of what is actually happening which this control matrix wants to keep from us but it also connects us to what I call “protection”.  You see, we create our own reality in our heads like a computer decodes information from wireless internet. The base construct of this reality is an information wave-form construct, it’s all around us and we are de-coding it through our body-computer into a holographic world that only exists in our head.
Therefore, what we decode determines our experience and if we are in a state of expanded consciousness that is accessing higher levels of knowledge, information awareness within this construct and we do not fall into the trap of decoding the belief that we can be taken out, the belief that we can be stopped, then we can’t be stopped!
If I do not decode that  information: “I can be stopped, I can be killed” through from the vibrational and  through the electrical into the holographic, it cannot manifest into my experience! It cannot do so!
There are also other forces at work which are also ensuring that “that” process of decoding that outcome does not happen. Why do some people die from cancer and some do not? A doctor tells his patient “you have cancer and you have a 10% of survival”. Those that die decoded the information (believed) they would die and those such as myself went home and said out loud: “Death is not part of my reality”. I survived against all odds and not in one moment did I even consider dying, it just was no something I wanted!
So to bring an end to this control matrix, we must “stop” decoding any information that is not empowering.
We are all at the edge of our seats waiting for this matrix to end, but it’s US that are going to end this control matrix. The matrix system is manifested out of low density levels of awareness, that’s what it is: low density, it has solidity, it has a very dense energy field and what is happening now is that energy field is starting to break up, by the constant lock picking, the momentum reached, the truth vibration.
The more people that open to this vibrational change, the more people become generators and communicators of this vibrational change. We’re in a fantastic time right now, we’re moving epochs of density and darkness, suppression and we’re moving, we’re at the cusp right now of harmony, awareness, lack of fear. Lack of fear means lack of insecurity means lack of desire or the feeling of need to control.
The human race is being dominated by higher intelligence, inhuman or other than human, I would even say off world intelligence. This off world intelligence is also a part of us or the plan, these entities also chose to be here at this time but as observers off planet, not on the planet. We knew we could not do it alone from this density, therefore, many of the souls chose to not be part of this density as they knew too well that we could get trapped eternally.
I’m pretty convinced that we are being manipulated as a human race and they are also being affected by this vibrational change. They built into this control matrix on the old energetic construct and as a result we have been in a state of suppression instead of expanded awareness.
The real thing that is bringing an end to the control matrix is the very vibrational basis on which it was built, this density is breaking up as we move into higher energies. The house of cards is coming down and the non-human entities will soon have to leave as they can no longer survive in this new energy. Some are going mad right now, openly starting wars and ethnic clashes such as Ukraine, lying openly yet knowing their end is near so they will inflict as much damage as they can before they fall.
I look at the channeled messages what started years ago as one per month, to once a week and are now daily bombardments of utter gibberish confusing those that follow them. I see groups going up and down, up and down on the emotional roller coaster. One week waiting for prosperity then disappointment, waiting for the RV then told it was just a test, waiting for Ascension then told it was their test and they didn’t pass. They are throwing everything including the kitchen sink at us in terms of the control matrix.
They’ve got HAARP to create a sub-reality, extreme weather chaos, it’s also sending out radiowaves on the same frequencies as brain waves to suppress our thoughts. They’re filling people with chemical cocktails in food and drink to destabilize the body’s ability to tune into the new changing frequencies, they’re creating a sub-reality through microwaves and electromagnetic pollution, even MSM talks about “the soup” we live in now.
They now want to bring in the microchip to externally suppress the vibrational state of the body so we don’t tune into this new awareness. They can control us through this chip, kill us, freeze our brain, send phreaking signals to make us go crazy. It’s no accident that they are throwing it ALL at us now because they are desperate and they still think they can win, but we know better don’t we?
We are so close, I can feel it.  Can you feel it too?

Thanks to Ines at: http://inesradman.wordpress.com


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