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The Search for Human Progress

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The Search for Human Progress
Posted on July 4, 2014 by Ines Radman

While the Cabal/Elite continue in their bid to create global chaos, after examining in depth the dire aspects that the Cabal are persistently planning for us with the aim of exterminating the human race and to date  they continue to pursue, creating pressure to bring about this horrifying mass genocide, I would like to resolve a nagging question. Why have they not achieved it, if everything is systematically prepared? Could it be that the excuses for finding a credible reason or one that can be half justified continues while disconcerted humanity does not know what to do and is unaware of what lies behind this incredible foul play? Is our sedation and lethargy so strong that we yield to their evilness and threats? But is the world population cooperating effectively with this incredible task or are some of us leaving this task to some galactic, Ashtar Commands and other ET races claiming we called for help, while we continue in the same state as always, stagnated and petrified, living for our whims, manias and vices, whether small or large?   It is evident if we collectively strive in one direction in order to become different, more positive, incisive, decisive and more receptive to evolve humanity, ethically, morally and internally, we can’t deny that we will discover these snares and hypocrisy, and then we will resolve it all. I say this because sooner or later, whether through suffering, crisis’s or pain, ultimately the light will triumph over the shadowy darkness as it has always done and this purification and positive transformation should increase with each passing day according to our efforts. How should we react to these unfound and unhappy situations that we experience apart from undergoing a true catharsis and purging of our many errors? From my perspective, I believe the best thing to do is to use definite determination and to fight for our legitimate rights as a community, peacefully and persistently yet always with positivism, searching to be better, to live again not giving in to the depressive weakness laden with defeatism and dejection in which the dark ones want to submerge us through intense intimidation and continuous threats. Even though it is hard to explain this absolutely essential objective, to raise our low physical, psychological and internal frequency it is unavoidable, this is why I emphasise the need to search for happiness, empathy and reciprocity. These are the urgent steps we need to take alongside the different scale changes that are taking place all around the world. This is how we must continue until the usurpers of our lives have been removed from power. Although the oppressive, exploitative, yet decadent and weakened NWO resists by all means, whether using disablement, repression, disease, abuse, humiliation, spying, terrible and unsuspected acts of evil, or keeping us bound, imprisoned and shackled in the most ruthless way possible; they still find themselves at the edge of a precipice. This is why, although, all their macabre and spectral projects of global genocide and eugenics together with an apocalyptic thermonuclear, holocaust still pose a huge risk for us since many nuclear weapons are in the hands of terrorists and we may be surprised at any moment it is necessary to make clear that this might be their final effort   and that they are beginning to totally fade away. Nevertheless, it’s important to reiterate that whilst these leaders of evil are not definitively removed from office, arrested and brought to earthly and cosmic justice to later be sent back to the regressive worlds from which they came, they can still give us many unexpected and horrible surprises.   Do not forget that most of the time they are so cynical that they promise one thing and do another, in other words they can’t be trusted the slightest, they offer no guarantees therefore, we must not lower our guard  and need to be vigilant of world events. We should bear in mind that each passing day we receive more photons  and they and their hybrids become more easily upset which poses a huge risk until they are removed from power. It’s evident that humanity and its attitude for seeking positivism is the best indication whether the elite that dominate and control us are weaker or not and this is a clear measure of the fact that light is increasing throughout the planet. Will the subjugating Aliens abandon their nefarious goal of a relentless, terrifying and devastating global Armageddon or are the Beings of Light intercepting their plans and keeping them under control to prevent this? What force, unknown to humanity is changing the course of what seemed inevitable? Definitely, something beyond our understanding and everyday logic is taking action. It’s also evident from the colossal sightings of UFO’s lately which obviously have a massive presence in our solar system in preparation for their final arrival; they are camouflaged amongst different planets whether as satellites or small moons, others behind comets or appearing as comets. People have witnessed them in the form of Plasma UFO’s or shaped as very symmetrical and distant clouds. There is so much evidence, its indisputable truth. Some of us don’t yet believe it as we are still coded at lower frequencies, there are hundreds of thousands spaceships that are positioned to accelerate the mutation of the DNA as soon as we start entering into higher 4 – 5  density. There are also intra-terrestrial ships of Agarthi, these are beings who have been with us since ancient times and have carefully intermingled with humans coming out from their amazing underground cities. No, these are not the same entities of Zorra and Zaraya and any entities from Hollow Earth Network. I do not want to associate with them, these entities that contact them are not from the light. They talk about mass landings, healing chambers in Hollow Earth so be sure to understand there is a difference when I speak of Agarthi and Hollow Earth. Any beings that present themselves to us through channeling or telepathy that offer help or claim to be helping us, are not of the light. Remember, we are a free will universe, free will means we can do anything as long as we don’t harm anyone else. Free will means that nobody can interfere with our evolution or growth. So, what is the mission of these beings in this transient time of limbo phase that we are experiencing? One of their jobs is to maintain balance and harmony, in the biodiversity and try to limit as much as possible major catastrophes on Earth, and to do this they control the volcanoes that are about to spew burning lava. They watch over the enormous ring of fire and huge tectonic faults that surround the planet, so that the least amount of Earthquakes take place. They are the protective Guardians of humanity in general, they also deactivate and lower the level of magma in the volcanoes helping Gaia prepare for a polar shift that must happen, and there is no avoiding it. The volcano close to Mexico City is about to awaken and put an end to the lives of millions of people in the most populated city on the Planet. This is one of the most latent dangers that exists and the reason why scout ships can be seen entering the craters of various volcanoes in different countries to control the volcanic pressure with extreme caution. We need their help and it’s something that must be done, if we are to survive this polar shift. They also show themselves before major storms that can cause massive damage but the problem is that most people don’t get the message due to their deep state of unconsciousness and this results in countless deaths everywhere. Why do accidents and deaths continue to occur in so many parts of the planet? Could it be that a part from their perverse HAARP, ELF and GWEN methods to modify the weather, we are not doing enough to change, show more solidarity and improve our human condition and even the deficient and sparse actions for our own progress and evolution as well as for unselfishly working for the social good, do not amount to us much as we think they do? Do we continue to be immersed in our selfishness, individualism and disinterest as always and do only a few strive to unite with this essential help of renovation? We must improve and become more effective to achieve our authentic transformation and re-integration. Many want help from the cosmos and the ships of light but do very little if anything at all to be positive in actions beyond eloquent words and promises. Will the celestial family be able to help us efficiently if we are in this dreadful state or will they just keep on showing themselves in an attempt to make us aware of the fact they are with us? Is this connected with the marked increase in UFO sightings near to airports throughout the world that have been happening for some time? Sightings have increased 10 fold in this year alone so far. Do they wish to show themselves and draw closer to awaken sleeping humanity from its intense lethargy and make us more aware of the existence of UFOs and their crews so we don’t keep falling into the incredulity and misinformation spread by the MSM and fraudulent governments who want to continue to be the sole holders of global power? After a number of statements about the existence of ET’s issued by reputable investigators on a scientific, astronomical and ufological level, the governments still refuse to acknowledge their existence. What is the reason for the Vatican delving further into the UFO issue and according to ecclesiastical authorities preparing themselves to welcome a highly advanced ET race? Are the amazing UFO events in their purest form no longer a taboo subject or a cause for incredulity amongst clergy? Who are they waiting for? Has there been a fundamental change to deserve the presence of the beings of Light? Or do they want to include themselves without having passed through an authentic transmutation or re-integration? In reality, it should be said that they are now everywhere and their presence is more obvious caring for and protecting those who according to their actions in life are mutating their DNA which is something that seriously disturbs the insensitive and dark aliens, perhaps another reason they they’re working hard at killing us off faster now.  We now have scientific evidence that our DNA is mutating, or should I say increasing in numbers. From the original 2 strand DNA, we are now mutating into 3 and 4 and 5, and perhaps even more but how would we know if we don’t test everyone? They are always trying to affect and hurt us in many ways to make us disappear. However, with the utmost discretion the beings of Light are counteracting the Evil intentions and actions of the weakened yet still dangerous Cabal/Elitist usurpers of power, trying to diminish the harmful effects that geo-engineering and all kinds of mind control systems have upon us. They know that the Elite want to debilitate us further, make us fall ill and exterminate us, some even work with our governments to remove us from this planet, but the Light beings respect our free will, our judgement, discernment, vision, perception and intuition therefore they avoid intervening and involving themselves directly in our destiny. The true light beings simply urge us on from within, always based on the transformative integration that is taking place inside us and wait for us to awake from our long lethargy as quickly as possible. In this way, with the aid of the Agarthians and other light beings, we will discover the terrible injustices and evils that were forced and are still being forced upon us. I cannot repeat this enough times that we will not get any help until  we can help ourselves first and this is the beginning to be seen in those who are more receptive, open-minded, intelligent and well-informed and similarity according to our progress that will lead us to learn how to discern and directly understand people in general. I hope this extermination they have planned for us will not be discovered and confirmed when it’s already too late but I also hope that should it come to a point where we are on the verge of extermination  that our cosmic family will interfere and stop it from happening because this affects our solar systems, other planets and I feel in such circumstances they have my permission. This is why we need to urgently activate our dormant consciousness since if we were collectively more aware, our brain would be more capable and our heart more intuitive, then the beings of Light would be able to guide us objectively so that we could take the best steps to achieve what is needed before the extermination happens. For those that don’t know, this is part of the Agenda 21 plan. Even though we are still in the process of this increasing mass positive awakening it is not yet enough to bring about change and reversing our human condition. So, as they continue to force their plans in thousands of different ways, I only hope that through resolute revelations of selfless and courageous people who stoically push to unmask what the Elite really are in order to remove governments we will get help as this is something we humans may not be able to do alone. Look at the crop circles they have been creating for us for many years. These beings of light send us messages through these crop circles on everything we need to know yet it seems the groups that study them don’t make a big effort to put out the messages or share it with greater humanity. Although many are obviously revealing, they also point out that the oppressive and tyrannical time of the dark ones on Earth is coming to an end. Why, despite this huge increase in indisputable evidence over many years did the UK government never show any interest in them whereas other countries such as Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Ukraine and especially Russia discuss them on the News and associate them with the creations of ET spaceships? Great Britain has received hundreds over decades and yet they do not talk about them? They are continuing to cover up the truth and soon it will be revealed who has been contacting us through these amazing crop circles. But as usual we don’t notice the message, we’re still insensitive and totally obsessed by matter, we do nothing, we don’t even appreciate and even less do we study this incredible language of our Cosmic Family. Why so much indifference if it is for our own cosmic, genetic and human evolution? Is it impossible to fulfil our individual and professional duties and also something for our dormant soul-consciousness, which is the only immortal thing we have? However, despite all of this, the beings of Light continue to send messages more so now in South America. Will their true meaning be deciphered or will the same apathy speculation and indifference be manifested, as with all the others? Was the inertia and lack of interest not the reason why the dark Aliens were able to conceal everything from us and how Obama was able to close Project SETI after receiving so many messages from outer space? Are we aware that in addition to preparing us for the polar shift, the beings of Light are putting each of us in our place, according to the energetic frequency we emanate and depending on our soul maturity, an overall reaction and transformation is occurring which for some is towards a greater unity consciousness to become part of the new Quantum Photonic civilization? What is more, apart from showing us the path towards awakening and the new era of the photon why do they show themselves more often at the International Space Station and the Elite, although they are in free-fall, still try to hide this fact? It is because something higher exists and therefore while they still can, will try to hide it? Why has the crop circles always appeared in the British Isles? Is it possible that maybe those powerful magnetic lay  lines still have energy and the usurpers, apart from feeding themselves for years on the vibrations of these vortices and chakras after de-magnetizing these beneficial points of light are now destroying them? Why is the centre of Anti-Light, now located in this country that rules the entire world from the shadows? Could it be that apart from stealing the energy of the vibrational vortices of these sacred lands this also reminds us that before the arrival of the Anglo-Saxon  alien invaders great beings dwelt there, such as the Celtiberians, Gaels, Britons, Celts and Druids who left us wise teachings but the usurpers of light erased them with the passage of time? Through the crop circles the beings of the Pleiades have shown us the morphology of the Aliens so that we know what they look like, and anyone can differentiate between the human race and the dominating aliens. The crop circles tell us what they do, how they work with our governments, how they integrate their allies into the dark alliance. Apart from showing us their domineering power, what is the meaning of the enigmatic pictograms through the crop circles? Is this all connected with the colossal cubes that are still positioned next to the sun? Why are they parked near our star which gives us life, warmth and light? Is it because they are stealing energy from the sun, alongside everything else they have stolen from terrestrial humanity for thousands of years or is it too cool it down since they say that a mini ice-age is approaching? The crop circles show us the dark one’s damaging intentions their representative symbols and emblems such as the all Seeing Eye, the quarantine they have placed around our planet. Their burning desire to invade and exterminate other planets and their obsessive needs to create wars using lies for excuses, but they also show us how to create peace through advanced space technology, the breathtaking inter-dimensional portals. The little time we have left for evolution, advancement and progress before opening of the giant hologram that protects us and many more teachings besides the crop circles are also providing invaluable information about their presence here on Earth. It’s only a matter of time, a short time for us to attain full awakening of our sleeping consciousness. Now is the moment to apply more will, selflessness and effort to counterbalance the extermination program that the Anti-Light/Cabal/Control and domination Matrix wants to inflict upon us and the key lies in leaving behind the dark hybridisation that is still inserted in our brains yet this depends totally on each of us and our desire to be different as our cosmic family is patiently waiting for us so that they can help us in our physical, psychological and spiritual elevation. Many of us have ethereal implants that were placed before the birth process, many of us are being mind controlled by the Archons as that is their only way of getting to us, it is not all our fault, although much of it is because we chose to ignore the signs, we chose to listen and follow our leaders, we chose to let them do the work for us, and we chose to let it go on for too long, but our work here was interfered with as well, and this is why we are getting help because the forces are just too great for us to fight. There are beings of light helping us in the background, you can be assured of that, and we are being protected planetary by different groups to ensure that no more dark beings come to Earth. I love you all with all my heart, I ask you that you participate in this silent revolution and even if that means going to your neighbor and helping them out with food or anything that would put a smile on their face. We don’t have to spend hours teaching the ones asleep, all we have to do is say or do something that will make them feel warm and fuzzy, that will open their heart and it will allow some light to enter, once the crack opens wider, they too will start to want more of whatever was making them feel good. We have to start somewhere, I am doing my part by sharing this blog and helping with different techniques in coping, we will need a lot of support from each other. Right now, things may seem quite and not so bad, but it’s not what it appears to be. All you have to do is look at Syria, Iraq and Ukraine right now. The Cabal is desperate, it’s going all out to invite other countries into this fight so that they can start World War 3. Remember, each  war changes humanity, if this war happens, we will go into Global Dominance, global policing, global armies, global everything, this is the goal of the Cabal and they are desperate because they still believe they can win. Lives mean nothing to them, we are cannon fodder for their agenda, they will not stop so don’t even think about things calming down.  It’s not our bodies they want, it’s our energy they want and our souls. They will keep killing and instigating wars until we put a stop to it. I am holding Mr. Germain and Sananda to this one. They both said many times that there will be no more wars, that there is peace from now, they said that all nuclear weapons have been disabled. I guess this is going to be their truth test now, even though I don’t believe anything they have to say, but for those that believe they exist, well, lets see how well their predictions do this time.  I highly doubt anything is true, I mean, let’s face it. If it takes thousands of years to create a portal for Ascension, these are not very powerful beings. So far they have proven that they are just mind benders and mind controllers, which only confirm what I say and that is they are Archons. Their only power is accessing our minds and messing with them.  Think NO WAR as often as you can, we can’t afford it, not now that we are so close to going home. We need to start doing something, if we let them win this time, we are toast, there is no going back and there is no future. We will be trapped her for thousands of years again, so, do what you can, teach someone Ho’oponopono, or give someone a smile, hand out information about the Cabal, something, each one of us doing small things amount to a revolution. I’m counting on you.

Thanks to Ines at: http://inesradman.wordpress.com


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