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UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion

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1UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Empty UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:33 pm



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2UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Empty Re: UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:00 pm




3UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Empty Re: UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:25 pm




UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion CMkpbfhUwAAukAe

Posted by enerchi at 8/17/2015 10:35:00 AM

Thanks to: http://www.ascensionwithearth.com


4UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Empty Re: UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:23 pm



BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation | Military helicopters now patrolling Beijing

UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Military%2Bhelicopters%2Bnow%2Bpatrolling%2BBeijing
Rod of God Orbital weapon on right. Crater from the Tianjin blast.  
Could the massive explosion in Tianjin China be related to the economy or other hidden political activities? The following article suggests that might be the case.

The US government spends nearly half a trillion dollars every year on military spending, and thats only the "on the books" numbers. There are countless other black budget projects completely obscured from public oversight.

According to an insider who contacted Natural News, an orbital weapon called The Rod of God, dropped a high density object down from space onto a Chinese target. Considering the size of the crater, it does look similar to a meteor impact. But where did the material for this weapon come from? Considering the cost of sending items into space, one wonders if this weapon was created using some type of secret space program infrastructure, possibly mining the material out of an astroid or moon. 

Until more hard evidence surfaces we can only speculate, but the economic conditions around the globe have been moving towards a major change. The blood moon tetrad is set to have its final event this September, along side a series of other major events of potentially global import. In addition the BRICS bank and AIIB have set a time table of next year to begin competing with the IMF. And finally we have the Chinese Yuan devaluation this past week that affected global markets. 

Related A Death Cross, Wild Market Swings And A Currency War – And We Haven’t Even Gotten To September Yet

Could this be some sort of power play of the global financial system, otherwise known as the debt slavery system? If so, it would support the claims of one insider, Corey Goode, who has asserted that the Cabal pyramid of power has been infighting to regain control of a post financial reset and disclosure world. 

Related How and Why "The Money Masters" Took Control (Full Documentary)

Considering the financial system has been manipulating the masses for thousands of years, and usually goes through a death and rebirth cycle every 70 years or so, it does suggest something is being planned. The Pope declared the end of this year to be the beginning of a year of Jubilee. 

We'll be keeping a close eye on this story. 

- Justin
 Source - NaturalNews

(NaturalNews) EXCLUSIVE: Mainland Chinese dissidents have handed Natural News the following bombshell story.

The Tianjin explosion, Natural News has learned, was waged as an act of "kinetic retaliation" by the Pentagon in response to China's currency war Yuan devaluation. The Chinese government has put in place unprecedented secrecy surrounding the mysterious explosion, and aggressive police state tactics are now being invoked to control the flow of information surrounding this event.

Read more »
Posted by Julian Robles at 8/17/2015 06:14:00 PM

Thanks to: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/


5UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Empty Re: UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:23 pm



UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Blast-area

New World Disorder

China Hesitant to Admit it’s been Nuked [Updated]

August 14, 2015 eClinik Learning 4 Comments

Update 18 August 2015:  A bomb exploded in central Bangkok Thailand just 2 hours ago. Scores dead including tourists.

Update 15 August 2015: One source is now saying that the Tianjin Blast was caused by some kind of “special weapons device” that’s been dropped from a US X-37B spacecraft that’s still on orbit since May 20th of this year.

US Air Force Launches X-37B Space Plane on 4th Mystery Mission

May 29, 2015 03:39pm ET
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion X-37b-space-plane
The U.S. Air Force’s X-37B space plane blasted into Earth orbit today, kicking off the robotic vehicle’s clandestine fourth mission — as well as the first flight of a tiny solar-sailing spacecraft.
An unmanned United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launches the X-37B military space plane on its fourth secret mission for the U.S. Air Force on May 20, 2015 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.
Credit: United Launch Alliance
The robotic X-37B space plane launched atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket today (May 20) at 11:05 a.m. EDT (1505 GMT) from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. You can see a video of the X-37B space plane’s launch here.
Most details about the space plane’s orbital activities are classified, so it’s unclear what exactly the X-37B will be doing as it zooms around Earth, or how long it will remain aloft. But Air Force officials have said that mission number four — known as Orbital Test Vehicle-4 (OTV-4) — will concentrate less on the X-37B itself and more on the gear the spacecraft is carrying to orbit. [X-37B Space Plane’s 4th Mystery Mission in Photos]
“We are excited about our fourth X-37B mission,” Randy Walden, director of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, said in a statement late last month. “With the demonstrated success of the first three missions, we’re able to shift our focus from initial checkouts of the vehicle to testing of experimental payloads.”
Yahoo posted this space.com update “22 hours ago.” Why give an update now?
Both sites seem teasing us that this may have something to do with the event…

US Military’s Top-Secret X-37B Space Plane Mission Nears 3-Month Mark

UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Space_logo_140
By Leonard David 22 hours ago
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion X37b-space-plane-in-orbit
The United States Air Force’s X-37B space plane has now been in orbit for nearly three months on its fourth mystery mission.
continue reading
Surely, with the spacecraft’s black underbelly and stealth capabilities, monitoring scopes below won’t be able to see it in the dead of the night even if it’s directly overhead.
— Original article starts here —
More than a day had passed and until now China is yet to determine the specific chemicals causing the massive explosions in Tianjin City. Are the Chinese authorities hiding something to prevent further escalating chaos in the country?
Remember, the Chinese people as still grieving from the hundreds who went with Malaysian flight MH370 more than a year ago. We don’t think these people would take another hit lightly.
Most of all, there’s never been a country claiming they’ve been nuked at the time of the attack. A covert operation such as this one will only be responded in kind, i.e. a covert retaliation that is far severe and should purposely cripple the enemy for good.
TIANJIN, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) — The dangerous chemicals stored in the warehouses that exploded on Wednesday night in Tianjin Port can not be determined at the moment, authorities said at a press conference on Friday.
Gao Huaiyou, deputy director of Tianjin’s work safety watchdog, cited major discrepancies between the accounts of company management and customs, and damage to the company’s office as reasons they are unable to identify the chemicals.
Cargo is stored in a warehouse for no more than 40 days before being transferred elsewhere, Gao said, adding that the blast sites have been redesigned to contain dangerous chemicals.
The enormous blasts have killed 50 people, including 17 firefighters. A total of 701 were injured, of whom 70 remain in critical condition.
They can’t identify the chemicals because the office was blown away during the explosion? Certainly, there’s nothing we can do about that but, how about forensic testing of chemicals from actual samples taken from ground zero?
Of course they have done that already and they already know what hit them. The Chinese had been sending manned and unmanned objects off-planet and back, they are that smart.
The customs would never admit their incompetence of letting high explosives pass through their system, hence the discrepancies.
Those flimsy excuses of purposely denying knowledge of the actual explosives used in the attack only suggest there’s a deeper and darker aspects to the event.
We believe that it was not in the cargo warehouse that the main massive explosion may have originated, although fires may have already started there to mask the main event perhaps. A tactical nuke or similar exotic device may have exploded at the container yard sending those containers skyward.
If so, it should be unwise for the Chinese authorities to have allowed the installation of highly explosive chemical storage tanks in any port area in the country that would be exposed to extreme daily solar stress, and we don’t think that’s been the case.
However, the presence of diesel fuel in any port area is normal considering that most cargo ships use this type of fuel. But diesel fuel won’t burn by itself, nor will it ignite even if you throw lighted cigarette on it. Fuel explosion may happen only when it is deliberately ignited with much higher temperature.
Here’s the latest image from ground zero showing a huge crater…
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Blast-area
Should a cargo warehouse was at the center of the blast and vaporized, surely no regulated chemicals may have caused a crater like that alone. The crater itself is about a 100 meter wide.
Almost a kilometer away, the massive shockwave torn the glass windows of this high rise apartment.
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 150814105747-tianjin-blast-27-super-169
The deformed blue container van below was blown hundred of meters away from the container yard.
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 11
The personnel quarters area shown below where we earlier thought the blue container above may have came from is hundreds of meters away from the main blast site yet still severely damaged from the blast.
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 12

The Epicenter

The container yard has high probability of being the epicenter of main explosion that incidentally registered 2.3 to 2.9 on the Richter scale. Hold that figure until you read the portion about the article Nuclear 911 Revealed, below.
“Early reports suggested that hundreds of people were injured in the blasts, which were felt several kilometers away. The blasts registered as magnitude 2.3 and 2.9 earthquakes on the moment magnitude scale, with the resulting fireballs reaching hundreds of meters high.[10][11] The China Earthquake Networks Center reported the first and second blasts were equivalent to 3 and 21 tonnes of TNT, respectively.[4]” – Wikipedia
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 55cc4345c36188886a8b45e0 UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 55cc44b4c36188346a8b45e2
Here’s a collection of videos taken during the event…

It’s very clear from the video that prior to that massive explosion, there was a smaller explosion that triggered the bigger one. The main explosion was started with a huge bright flash of light with its shockwaves only felt seconds later.
Here are the steps when a nuclear bomb is detonated:

Nuclear Bomb Explosion Steps

Flash and Fireball

  • An intense flash of light, as quick as lightning but a thousand times brighter, is the first effect of a nuclear bomb exploded in the air.
  • Heat radiation is then released that is strong enough to set fire to material 14 kilometers (8.68 miles) from the explosion.
  • The bomb’s intense X-ray pulses are lethal up to 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) from the explosion.
  • After the initial flash, a fireball forms and rises, releasing blindingly bright flashes and radiating heat. People up to 80 kilometers (49.6 miles) from the explosion can be temporarily or permanently blinded by looking at the fireball.
  • People within 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of the explosion will be deeply burned. Lighter burns will occur at greater distances such as 15 kilometers (9.3 miles).
  • The spreading range of heat and light rays depends on the weather.


  • Begins at the same time as the flash and fireball but moves more slowly.
  • Causes major damage to houses up to 14 kilometers (8.68 miles) from the explosion and breaks windows 20 to 30 kilometers (12.4 to. 18.6 miles) from the explosion.
  • Almost everyone would be killed within 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) and 50 percent of the people 8 kilometers (4.96 miles) away would be killed.
  • Causes of death range from blast radiation or collapsing and flying masonry.
  • Hurricane-strength winds follow the blast.

continue reading
That’s for the bigger nuclear warhead, of course.
Interestingly, a nuclear explosion can also be controlled when necessary to confine the blast up to a certain radius. From the article “Nuclear 911 Revealed” by VT’s Gordon Duff:
“In order to blow off the WTC , you would need to control the effect, yield and spreading angle of explosion. In October 2001, an earthquake of Magnitude 3 was registered in Western Pakistan (Near the battlefield of Afghanistan) and it was reported by several media as a possible explosion of tactical nuclear weapon in the form of Bunker Buster bomb. Apparently normal iron bomb cannot cause such earthquake. However,  there was no record of higher radiation level in neighboring areas . Thus, it was attributed to the sympathetic detonation of the bombs under the ground. It can cause a Magnitude 3 earthquake and never cause the increasing level of radiation in neighboring areas. If you have already managed to load the bomb inside a Bunker Buster, you can use the same for WTC attack. You can detonate the bomb upward instead of downward. Conventional nuclear Bunker Busters are already developed and its effect and spreading yield can be well controlled. If you use a small nuclear bomb instead of an ordinary one, you can use a small nuclear bomb to demolish the WTC in deep secrecy.”
continue reading >
Chinese authorities are indeed saying there’s no radiation in the area, but still require their citizens to wear masks for other toxic chemical inhalation. The presence of sodium cyanide at the blast area has been announced recently [15aug2015].
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Tianjin-explosion
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 55cc4345c36188886a8b45e0 UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 55cc44b4c36188346a8b45e2 UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 3000UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 134512442_14394511698611n UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 4390 UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 4496 UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 102916593-tianjin_explosion_4-600x400 UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion 102916597-tianjin_explosion_5-600x400People’s Bank of China has since then fixed the yuan at 6.3975 per dollar versus the previous close of 6.3990, after officials effectively quashed expectations for continued currency falls at a press conference on Thursday. CNBC is calling this strategy as “managed float” for the yuan currency.
Whatever may have actually caused the massive explosions in Tianjin China certainly is no ordinary explosives or petrol. The large size of the affected area and the sheer strength of the explosion itself, sending shockwaves to all those taking videos of the scene,and registering as much as 2.9 magnitude, all suggest a much bigger bomb was used as compared to that of the WTC 911.
The only consolation to this event is that there were only fewer casualties as compared to WTC 911 as the explosions happened just before midnight, although actual death count is still rising days after the event. Covert operation such as this one has higher success rate and plausible deniability when done under the cover of darkness especially when it’s not preplanned ahead of time.
This may not be a tactical nuke but certainly this one has been a triggered explosion at the very least.
The desperation is reaching nuclear proportions and it is more than necessary for the Reformists to accelerate their plans of rounding up these suicidal war freaks now before they can cause any more mayhem.
“Earlier on Saturday people were evacuated from a 2-mile zone around the industrial site on contamination fears as the investigators try to confirm media reports that chemicals stored in the warehouse may include as much as 700 tons of sodium cyanide. China sent a team of nuclear and biochemical emergency military workers to the area east of Beijing to search for survivors, the Ministry of National Defense said…
…Executives of Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co., the operator of the location of the explosions, are in police custody, Xinhua said Thursday. Shipping and logistics operations at the port were still disrupted Friday. ” source
One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.
We can avoid using drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about it here.

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6UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Empty Re: UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Wed Aug 19, 2015 5:58 pm



First rainfall since Tianjin explosion leaves city covered in mysterious white foam

Posted on August 19, 2015 by Jean
Thanks to C.
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Whitefoamrain
The first rainfall to wash over Tianjin since a series of blasts struck a warehouse in the Binhai district last weekhas sparked a new wave of concern as an unidentified white foam has appeared on the streets.
Some who made contact with it are reporting a burning sensation on their face and lips, while others are reporting a stinging sensation on their arms. Some have said they experienced an itchy sensation, according to a NetEase News report.
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Whitefoamrain2
Meteorological experts said Monday that rainfall would no longer pose direct danger to people’s health, according to a CCTV News report.
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Whitefoamrain4
However, authorities had expressed concern that the downpour, aside from hampering rescue efforts, would spread harmful substances across the city, after around 700 tons of sodium cyanide—a toxic chemical that creates a combustable substance when it meets with water—was found at the blast site.
Officials today said that at least 40 types of dangerous chemicals were detected at the blast zone, including 800 tons of ammonium nitrate and 500 tons of potassium nitrate, the Guardian reports.
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Whitefoamrain9
Bao Jingling, chief engineer for the Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, previously said in an NBC Newsreport that “if there is rain, it will produce hydrogen cyanide, so we are monitoring it closely,” adding that the military’s anti-chemical warfare division had been sent to the site on Sunday and the situation “currently…isn’t very serious”.
Hydrogen cyanide gas is described by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as being a “rapidly fatal” toxic chemical that can reduce the body’s ability to use oxygen.
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Whitefoamrain11
In preparation for the rain, authorities reportedly built cofferdams around a 100,000-square-meter core area of the explosions which will be continually reinforced to prevent contaminated water from flowing out, Xinhua said.
Local monitoring centers reported a normal air quality reading in the city, and the Tianjin deputy mayor in charge of work safety said at a press conference yesterday that sodium cyanide within a three-kilometer radius of the core blast site would be neutralized by yesterday evening.
UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Whitefoamrain10
A total of 114 people have been confirmed dead with 70 more missing after two huge explosions and one smaller blast ripped through a warehouse storing hazardous materials last Wednesday.
[Images via NetEase]
Contact the author of this article or email tips@shanghaiist.com with further questions, comments or tips.

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8UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Empty Re: UPDATE Tianjin China Explosion Thu Aug 20, 2015 10:13 am




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