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The War on Human DNA

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1The War on Human DNA Empty The War on Human DNA Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:25 am


The War on Human DNA

by Julian Rose - Sep 18, 2015

The War on Human DNA 1037392_94fa0fe7e1d8db28b16d0e7727fd8e13-700x525
3d render of a DNA spirals

The War on Human DNA Print
Julian Rose
Contributor, ZenGardner.com
True Humanity – or Transhuman Singularity and Gene Genocide?
“We are confronted here and now with this ultra manipulative, parasitic force trying to worm its way into the very foundations of life itself – to forever corrupt its essence.”
We individuals are here on this planet as sentient, living beings, having the capacity to love, create, empathise and be joyous. But these qualities are increasingly the object of a covert – if not overt – programme of systematic sterilization and attempted eradication.
There’s a war on. Not just the continuous fabricated war between nations and peoples – but a war to alter the very DNA of the human race and to thereby render homo sapiens a slave race, responding only to a computerised command system.
Don’t be unduly intimidated however, for these tricks are, like most tricks, just waiting to be exposed and rendered obsolete. Rendered obsolete by the realisation, in ourselves, of an omnipotent universal consciousness.  Yes, it is we who are the one’s best equipped to go face to face with our oppressors –  to go forth and redeem the sanctity of life.
We are here as Earthly representatives of a divine state, an Earthly reflection of that which would otherwise remain unseen, intangible and without form: non-materialised divine energy. Having ‘form’ is thus a blessed gift in which we should rejoice!
It is we who are thus gifted to take-on the less than human shadow rulers of this planet – and the Archontic other-worldly parasites that prime their tanks. Us, and us only. Well, not really ‘only’, because once we commit to the task for which we came here, unseen support floods in to help us on our way.
But we must be the first to start the ball rolling – and this takes courage. A kind of leap into the unknown. A leap that holds the promise of an unprecedented adventure to follow.
So what exactly are we up against here?
It’s a pretty sophisticated box of tricks, make no mistake! At its core is the word ‘subversive’. The degree to which it succeeds is the degree to which ‘subversiveness’ wins over direct honesty. Disguise over what is real. Falsity over what is true.
This means that we cannot ourselves harbour any of these subversive tendencies, if we are to win the battle which faces us. Pretty simple isn’t it?
Provided we pass that test we are in a good shape to recognise the falsity, dishonesty and subversive tendencies in others. Otherwise, clearly we aren’t – and there ends our usefulness to a planet in crisis.
So the next step for those still going forward (true humanity) is becoming aware, which means seeing the big picture and both thinking and acting holistically. There’s nothing special about this, it’s just a question of letting that inner voice gain ground over the outer voices of indoctrination and programmed propaganda. It means conquering our cynical acceptance of a moribund status quo..
You know all about this – no need to say more.
So, to return to the question: what are we really up-against here?
At the most fundamental end of the subversive spectrum, we have the deliberate, clinical, laboratory alteration of the very DNA from which we are manifest, as sentient beings.
At the other end of the same subversive mind-set we have what is called the Transhumanist agenda: the attempt to merge human brain cell activity with ‘the computer calculus’, to produce an encoded, synthetic binary intelligence.
These are the twin dark prongs of absolute subversion which true humanity is confronting.
What those engaged in this Transhuman experiment are after is what they call ‘the singularity’. A time when the fusion between these synthetic and ‘part human’ energies becomes the dominant agent over life on Earth; relegating homo sapiens to the role of slave prisoner to a man made artifice. Not exactly a great definition of ‘the good life’, I think you will agree.
Meanwhile, back in the science laboratory, the gene engineers continue to pursue their ambition to push-back the frontiers of moral, ethical and spiritual responsibility, by engaging in their Frankensteinian obsession with genetically engineering not just seeds, plants and animals – but  human beings too.
The first experiments in deletion from the human embryo of  ‘unwanted’ human genes are awaiting the green light from governments in various Countries at this moment.
So it’s important to see that the ‘Transhumanists’ and the ‘gene engineers’ are part and parcel of the same dystopian counterfeit cabal –  which is simply approaching a common goal from two different angles. That goal, in case anyone needs reminding, is the construction of a pseudo-living entity that has had all its subtleties, mysteries and passions explicitly removed, so as to be tailored to conform perfectly to the demands of the Archontic designer matrix. To be ‘a designer slave’.
Working backwards from these doctor Jeckyl like sterilizers of the sentient world, we find a trail of incriminating evidence exposing their diabolical ambitions. Their sticky web can be seen spreading out into all avenues of life as it is lived today. Although ‘lived’ might be the wrong way to describe the dumbed-down, politically correct, conformist life-styles adopted by great swathes of the Western World and beyond.
What we are saying here, is that our current designer societies are already constructed according to the ethos of the Transhuman, gene altering school of subversive manipulation – and have been for some time. Some would say for thousands of years and thanks to the intervention of a hybrid reptilian race with a need to siphon-off human energies for its own ends. Ends precisely counter to the aspirations of sentient humans: true humanity.
But never mind about this, interesting speculation as it is. The point is, we are confronted here and now with this ultra manipulative, parasitic force trying to worm its way into the very foundations of life itself – and to forever corrupt its essence – the living heart beat of the Supreme Creative Principle itself.
Now if that doesn’t get you on the edge of your seat shouting “Never!” probably nothing ever will.
The sycophantic thieves of divine life take their Earthly form as the now infamous Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Masons  and other Satan worshipping so called ‘secret sects’; whose job is to ensure that the Archontic ambitions are steadily being met in the everyday avenues of life on planet Earth. It is their job to uphold and progress the Matrix: Big Banking, Big Pharma, Big Agro, Big Military, Big Energy, Big Transport, Big Media, Big Fashion, Big Sport, Big Entertainment, Big Atom Smasher, Big Ego and on it goes..
Although the CEO’s of these corporate behemoths may not be aware of what is driving their ‘Big Ambition’, they remain faithful to the implementation of the dark agenda to which they have, wittingly or unwittingly, opened themselves. It is they who ensure funding for the genetic engineering of the human food chain; the gene manipulation of the human embryo and the denaturing of the very fibre of life itself. Our governments simply rubber stamp these preplanned secret agendas. Governments are thus also tools of enslavement
Those who support and maintain centralised top-down power are partners in crime with those who seek to install the Singularity insanity – as the ultimate salvation for this planet.
They, the top down power mongers, take a cold and distanced perspective on others. Especially the grounded, simple and warm hearted. Something they have in common with the unashamed adulators of ‘cyborg man’; whose idea of  ‘heaven on earth’ is a fully automated human race, answering only to a super computer whose programme software has been invented by none other than themselves; so as to anesthetize all that is sentient, spiritual and sacrosanct about human life –  indeed all of life.
So friends, that leaves us – who for the sake of this piece I am calling ‘true humanity’ – to carry forward the gift of Supreme, willingly, lovingly and courageously. We have been blessed with this task and with a very special ability that comes with it: the ability to penetrate the fortress of the pseudo-human life manipulators and take apart their master plan piece by piece; rendering it, at last, obsolete and beyond redemption.
Have no doubts – this is our reason for being. We came back to fulfill this task. We have been endowed with all that is needed to complete this mission. It is simply down to us to do it.
There is a deadline  – and it is imminent. Do not fear, for we go forward joined as one in this, the greatest of all challenges. Only by fully engaging with it can we finally experience that profound awakening for which all true humanity has been striving for so long. Maybe since our inception.
Now this supreme challenge stands, unequivocally, at our very door. Open the door and welcome it with open arms.
Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, author and international activist. His widely acclaimed book ‘In Defence of Life’ is available at www.alibris.co.uk and other independent book shops, or from Julian’s website www.changingcourseforlife.info

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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