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1BEING HUMAN II Empty BEING HUMAN II Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:32 am





      Recently I read somewhere that the director of “They Live” John Carpenter claimed the film was a documentary; what a hoot! The film was somehow inspired by the Reagan administration, but how Reagan went from the president of the Hollywood actors guild to run the country should in itself be documentary fodder, let alone his CIA side-kick Bush. But what’s even more shocking is the fact that we still have members of the Bush clan seeking high office, but I guess with enough funding even Satan can play savior.

The political charade has a way of triggering the gag reflex; which corporate prostitute will you choose to be the director of mass marketing? And what are they voting for, for all we know it may be a virtual smorgasbord of Borgia borg’s and hybrid spawn of Draco reptiles, Draco Greys, Zeta Reticuli, Zeta Regelian, Necromiton Andromie, Luciferian Annunaki, and Jehovian Annunaki. Perhaps our choices have never been so accommodating, for the promise of genocide is as variable and competitive as the species themselves.

Yes the road to hell is paved with high intentions, perhaps those intentions depend on your highness, but mischief of this manner cannot sustain its lofty heights without hot air and a balloon that’s constantly shot at shall succumb to the law of gravity!

Soon after their arrival the galactic forces that have come on behalf of the sovereignty of our planet they were briefly put on the defense when a large scale attack was waged. The vanguard was caught off guard and ships were lost at sea. It matters not that the Drakon led raid was vaporized, for the reality of the current situation hit home. The attack was well coordinated and most likely to test the resolve of police forces as well as to serve as a bargaining chip in the current round of negotiations.

Unfortunately the attack stratagem did not work in their best interest, but proved to be a motivational tool for bringing a myriad of race lines to the table, while capitulation for some won’t be as swift as one would hope, it may put a crimp in their plans to further existing agenda’s. As the grip on the planet wanes we should see some puppet masters singing a false tune of benevolence echoing through the cords of card carrying members in all nations, while the worst of the lot will go for maximum thrust which will resemble cluster bombs from all directions as a desperate last ditch effort to flex their weakening muscle, or just for spite. Regardless, the dispensation is now in the hands of high office who at this time are no doubt feeling less lofty.

Although this Halloween may be poised to frighten, remember that Dracula fears the light. The light also represents exposure and knowledge in the form of disclosure on many fronts. Any hybrid whistle that knows the value of freewill choice knows the value of disclosure during a period of transition, but superficial information regurgitated while poised upon a fence is a feigned precipice, albiet designed to awaken the conceptual framework for digestive reasoning while the world has yet to grow ears for the meat beyond the fat.

Words considered too far out will always be a hard sell, for our filters are dense and rightly so, however the big D in discernment should not stand for dogmatic but rather defensive. We have many who will hang on the words of so called Archangels and the like and those who believe them to be nothing more than collective disenfranchisement under the guise of established titles. D4 is but the underworld of the higher harmonic where mischief reigns, unfortunately one must navigate carefully here while we learn to bridge conscious awareness with higher planes. The frequency war on our planet has been a roller coaster ride, and as more genetic material comes on line the awareness it brings won’t diminish but grow through investment.

Certain fads of the new age as we now know were designed for the indigo round-up, before the indigoes woke-up. The corruption was scandalous, so yes, many would be ascenders became far less trusting as they spiritually matured. I myself gained a whole entourage of cling-on’s from the intelligence community while being a speaker at metaphysical establishments for only a couple years. They befriend to keep tabs and files and during the 2012 threshold they gathered together like a pack of rabid dogs that attacked anything that resembled sovereignty.
In Colorado our contention is the AF/FA (Air Force of Fallen Angelics) and their sewing group the Officers Wives Club. But artificial wings won’t compensate when that which is considered criminal surpasses the subliminal.

It’s a sad affair when you can’t trust your neighbor because “They Live” everywhere we live, and it’s easy to see where I live, just look for the large Chem-Trail X in the sky, compliments of the AF/FA. But for General’s that once stood for something beyond genocide it’s important to remember that there will always be more stars in the heavens than one can maintain on a shoulder strap and such a commission these days may come to know humility, or at least if ones capable. And while titles are superfluous and true nobility immaterial, integrity can’t be bought as subservience, and although humanity loves to play musical chairs, just be sure when the music stops you’re not the one still standing holding the bag!

As the world turns we search the horizon, we know real change goes beyond nailing words to church doors to challenge the system. We want to gather and impeach, turn over the tables of the money changers or even shout our frustration from a mountain top. Every day we have been losing more, bit by bit. We see the strain on the faces of our brethren, it’s a war of survival, but not only survival of the flesh but the survival of the spirit.

So many among us have yet to become aware of their capitulation, nor are they aware that they are being attacked upon every front, many truly believe that if a threat existed they would be the first to know via the Fox News, while oblivious of what the media has become. They cling to their holy books, their beer or their games as the anecdote. Humble words can’t break the oppression of years of programming, and it has always been thus, pressed flowers against a glass ceiling.

Tempered glass, although hard, will obliterate when the pressure is focused sharply, but there are many layers. There are unexplored universes within our DNA, unexplored time periods and forgotten lives. The distortions we carry are no accident, for when we become aware of our past our future becomes a ubiquitous probability field of immense proportion, the laws of matter change, the rules of nature become suggestions and limitations become self imposed. Consciousness itself is no longer a closed book of secrets but an open encyclopedia too vast to be absorbed in one lifetime. Fear, the enemy of nations fades away like an old fairy tale that’s lost its purpose.

Too few shall cross the threshold to true freedom due to conditioning, while others seek endlessly for the key to sovereignty as the key master plays an endless game of hide and seek. But the key is conceptual and the universe only as vast as ones consciousness. When one puts oneself under the microscope for positive change eventually the inner microscope will shift into an outer telescope. The reflections found within somehow echo the illumination found without, as if there are micro mirrors that expound into a 3D hologram we call reality.

Awakening is remembering, a surreal journey to the center of U (you the vessel) U the Universal being Upon Urth, for human is harmonic U-man (vessel). U under-stand there’s no Y (why) in U, for the Uterus conceiveth so too does the Ureaus (third eye vessel for universal consciousness /U-ray), recall the time of Ur (origin).
Our planets; UpitUR, SatURn, URanus, NeptUne, PlUto, VenUs, MURcURy, Mars (formally Ares/AerUs before losing its vessel status/ Marred /knocked out of alignment to mute the UHF octave for Urth conquest) by NibirU. All created as vessels for consciousness.

ArtURious (King Arthur) son of Uther  hailed from Ursa Major (great bear) the vessel known as the big dipper and home of the ArctURians the polar Ark (vessel) and just one of many URtite cloister races. He lived in Urope and married the Gwen-of-UR, they were tutored by MURlin (Taliesin) who smelled fishy because mum was a MURmaid (Lake Lady). They conducted rites with the sword ExcalibUR (star-gate tool) to re-tUne/re-calibrate Stonehenge for Unity consciousness, so even PURceval could perceive all. This infURiated the Anunnaki who sent AstURoids to Urth Urope which cURsed across the dragon line in 562. White Hall bURned and was bURried by Saxons with its memory.

But ArtUR reached the promise land with brother Prince Madoc and the Welch Armada in 573 (see the channeled song of Hiawatha & Sons of Aries). The 12 tribes with their 12 shields established themselves throughout the America’s. They baptized and bred with natives like Cherokee and Sioux and became Mandan and Madoc Indians among others, they built mounds and became farmers. I have always found it interesting that around key waterways we find locations with names like Port Arthur, Memphis, Cairo, Alexandria and Nova Scotia (new Scota; Scota was known as an early Egyptian queen who settled in Ireland, who many believe to be Ankhesenpaaton, daughter of Akhenaton).
Further; The American Alexandrian settlement was interestingly enough not far from the modern day Pentagon which like Stonehenge was built over a Nibiruian crystal pylon to usurp earth grids. But what does this say about the war effort that perpetuates from here, are they tuned into Anunnaki radio? And since the Pentagon was build in haste during WWII was WWII a battle between higher race lines using humans as cannon fodder?? And if the shape of the pentagon with its 5 sided symmetry represents mastery over mystery is it pro earth or pro dearth???
To add a bit of intrigue, the founding father President Jefferson (of Welch heritage) seemed to be quite fond of mound excavations and had Franklin scooping up any Welch artifacts worthy of note, but you won’t find these in public museums. Then there’s the Lewis and Clark expedition, who not only had Welch interpreters but made their first stop a Mandan village, spending the whole winter there. The Lewis diary sounded more like a Mandan inquisition, while the editing is so blatant it spoiled the works. But why, what were they concealing and why the controversy over the death of Lewis the scribe, who was said to be a blabber mouth upon his return.

 What great secret did the Arthur/ Madoc saga hold that would cause Captain Clark to off his closest friend? Was it because the new Saxon invasion wanted no Welch competition? Was it a continued quest for the Holy Grail (star-gate templar)? Was it a quest for Star Gate tools and the Ark of the Covenant? Or did they find an old Rune stone marker written in Coelbren the ancient Phoenician language (used by early Welch merchants) that gave them the location of a Black Hills gold cache which was too large to cart by buggy. Does this mean that there may be some truth behind what used to lie beneath the four faces of man, or the presidential scar in Sioux Territory?
Let’s ask ourselves what year was the Louisiana Purchase and what was the motivation here, what was sitting bull sitting on, did Custer get gold fever? How did Teddy Roosevelt rank as a bush-wacker and where did the first train tracks over the western plains lead? Could it be that early Welch hit the mother lode of gold mines, or was it an old Anunnaki cache awaiting the return of Nibiru? So many questions; too many secrets.

 Anyway, it’s “Harvest” time again, the reapers wish to clear their fields, to weed out the insurgent seed with carries the invariability of nature. The crop dusting hopes to own the ethers through the airs, the airs through the waters, the waters through the crops, for the inception of the organic deception. Their logic; save a planet from a specie through compromised habitat; then bring forth preserved specimens in a new time line for re-geneses. Of course the new species would be the GMO variety, perhaps they hope to see humans as we see Neanderthals. This race line would resemble only the victors, while their obedience will be unparalleled, for slave labor and free will cannot co-exist productively as we have proved.

Bodies without souls to mimic that which bore them, synthetic life upon a synthetic planet serves what purpose? Perhaps to serve as refueling port for galactic conquest. Such theories may sound farfetched, but when we look at potential motives of invader races that don’t require an organic medium for their survival and live for thousands of years (in some cases millions), we can easily conclude that our planet and this solar system holds many strategic advantages. Earth has organic Star Gates that can serve as a platform for the invasion of other planets, or a quick shuttle from Machu PicchU to MontsegUR. Our Sun holds a Universal Star Gate to extend invasions and Urth holds abundance or rare minerals for manufacturing. And the only thing that stands in their way are primitive aboriginal Humans. Or at least this was their assumption.

News Flash; We are source consciousness and source consciousness is resource consciousness. You are about to understand the meaning of this! The finite shall perish in the shadows of the infinite. The body of H-U man, although temporary, are but Uni-cycles we peddle, genetics are but records upon the turn-table. This planet is but a probability field and one of many, those who believe it can be stolen will find the cleansing light of the Sun to be your nemesis while H-U man continues uninterrupted in another probability field. It’s astonishing that so called higher intelligence remains so ignorant of such simple truths. But then again if they carried true intelligence they wouldn’t need to go around taking what isn’t theirs.

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Val, just to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your post. BEING HUMAN II 806213676   Do you have blog or website?

3BEING HUMAN II Empty Re: BEING HUMAN II Sat Oct 24, 2015 11:35 am



Hi Enyiah,
I'm blogless, I've been told I need a lesson in discretion so its best I don't toot my horn to often. only an occasional tweet, but i'm a good listener, so lets vent together.:)

4BEING HUMAN II Empty Re: BEING HUMAN II Sat Oct 24, 2015 3:44 pm



Now I am curious.  I've read some of your earlier posts, I am somewhat speechless and curious altogether.  I also see you've written a book, is this your journey into past lives? 
Venting is a bit like anger and does not 'work' for me.  I am more the quiet introvert who dreams of change from the inside out so when I come across writings such as yours, I am quite impressed!

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