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The 5 Biggest Spiritual Lies you have ever been told!

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The 5 Biggest Spiritual Lies you have ever been told!

  • Author: Spiritual Master Free Spirit
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The 5 Biggest Spiritual Lies you have ever been told! Truth-lie-800x450

The world is rife with lies and deceptions – more than you can shake a shaky stick at. Spiritual lies breed confusion, fear, dogma and all kinds of other nonsense. At the same time they keep one fumbling about in the darkness separated from the truth. Spiritual lies are created by religious powers or sometimes by groups of people with the best intentions – but lacking the deeper spiritual knowledge. Spiritual lies are also dangerous as self-responsibility is deferred and the believers in the lies remain dis-empowered and not in control of their lives. So it always pays to exercise discernment.

The 5 Biggest Spiritual Lies you have ever been told! Matrix
Red or Blue Pill?

Remember – you always have the choice in choosing what you want to believe.

So, what are the biggest lies out there in the spiritual / light-worker / new age movements?

1. The Galactic Federation of Light is coming to save the day

The 5 Biggest Spiritual Lies you have ever been told! Gfl
Galactic Federation of Light
Spaceships will land and the ‘cabal’ will be arrested along with government members, bankers and other members of the so called ‘elite’.
Well – even with the Prime Directive apart (aliens do not intervene in the external affairs of other races) – if this is the case, why the delay? Why did they let 9/11 and similar events happen. Why did the Cabal not get arrested sooner? Why did this landing not happen 10 or 20 years ago?  We hear how everything is being put in place and with ‘one more push’ in collective awareness – the stage will be set for a mass landing. Logic and awareness of reality would tell us this is obviously false.

This lie is dangerous as it promotes belief in a Saviour and thus people defer their spiritual work in the hope that a group of loving aliens will do the work for them. Meanwhile, their lives continue to unfold – and the promised landing never comes. There is always some reason why they are not here yet – and there will always be – because it is a lie. Period.

Truth – Everything is perfect and as it needs to be. Nothing needs saving.  If you need a Saviour, you are a victim to something outside you that has your power – in this case those that peddle the Galactic Federation of Light lie.

Truth – There are higher-dimensional aliens/light beings that oversee matters. There are Star Beings out there. But there are higher dimensional laws that prohibit interference. and meddling in human evolution.

It is possible to contact higher-dimensional beings directly – rather than through an external channel or waiting for a government to fabricate a ‘disclosure’.

Anyone with a degree of self-responsibility  and discernment in their lives will see through this one.

2. The Lightworker Lie – “Just one more push and we are through!”

The 5 Biggest Spiritual Lies you have ever been told! Earth
Does the Earth look like this right now?

Many a time do we hear this from the light-workers through channelled messages. Just one more alignment (the 17th Golden Ray attunement from Akara – or bearing some other similar exotic name) and one more push and the Earth and humanity will be happy ever after. This ‘pink and fluffy’ dream is just that.
Meanwhile – the wars continue and the biosphere is in worse shape that ever before. After 20 or 30 years of light-workers being busy working to uplift the Earth – what is there to show for it on the outside? People may feel good listening to the messages – but again, it is a dangerous addiction stunting real spiritual growth and again – discouraging self-responsibility. At the same time the light-workers have no power in the world because the people that the light-workers are trying to help do not care. Pushing light into the darkness simply wastes energy. If one feels the need to change something outside – take a look in the mirror!

Truth – We all create our reality from within. Pushing on the outside achieves nothing.

3. One Love is the answer to everything

Of course – love is good – if it is the right kind of love. Love that has real, practical and transformative benefit is good for the evolution of humanity. A dreamy concept of One Love is less useful. This lie is dangerous because it makes you feel loved and comfortable in a nice, sweet bubble – but sooner or later the reality of life will pop the bubble and capsize your emotional boat.  Then the love will be no-where to be seen.

Why? Because it is not real and enduring. It is just a concept created by an emotional void that needs to be loved. Because the love is not there – you imagine it and create a dreamy illusion of being loved by plugging into the ‘One Love’ dream. You also give away your unique individuality and your power to a false dream. The One Love dream can create a peaceful vibe to a degree – but this peace will rapidly vanish when reality comes to call, unless you have an emotional grounding and a deeper awareness of reality.

Some people are also still addicted to the feeling of being enveloped in the womb or addicted to the highs of romantic love. In the same way romantic love is not real love – the One Love experience is not True Universal Love. It is a tiny taster – but not the real deal!

Once one is emotionally healthy and whole – this lie loses its power.

4. If you are spiritual – you have to be poor

The 5 Biggest Spiritual Lies you have ever been told! Abundance
Money is evil and impure. Is that really true?

We have all heard this one and this explains why there are not many light-worker board directors, executives or investors.
It also means that there is not much in the way of real spiritual teaching around and why there are not spiritual teachers on every High Street. What is not valued does not find prominence. Any self respecting teacher would also stop teaching or up their rates rather than choose a life of poverty.

Where did the lie come from?

It is a manipulation fostered by our own mind – backed up by unhealthy religious conditioning – so that you do not have to take responsibility for your life. You will then look to other people to do your work for you.

It is dangerous because it just incurs further suffering, frustration and pain further down the line as well as deferring your spiritual process. It also means if you are not in command of your life you can be controlled – the antithesis of spiritual freedom. The lie will also make you waste money on things that have no spiritual value such as the latest I-Phone, the latest app or the latest X-Box game – not to mention alcohol and tobacco.

Where you put your money is where your power goes and if you give your power to something death-affirming , you will hasten your death and separate yourself from spiritual truth. You have the power of choice – but if you want spiritual truth, choose wisely.

If you do not want to deal with the money – then someone else will. Money is connected with power as well as facilitating creation. If you shun money – then your ability to do good in the world will be seriously stunted – that is if you are looking to facilitate real change. Poverty causes suffering, decay, sickness and in some cases premature death. If you are poor – you have no power to uplift your life. This lie does people a lot of damage and if unchecked – leads people to be unable to care for themselves or function within society in a healthy manner.

If you cannot look after yourself and provide for your family – forget about saving the world or helping others – as you have nothing to offer.

Yes, you can be kind and compassionate – but with an empty cup – your ability to keep giving will be limited.

5. Everyone can do what they like and still become enlightened

For example – you can still drink, cheat on your partner, eat meat whilst animals suffer and not clean up your act toward yourself and others- and you can still ascend.

The other variation of the lie is that everyone will ascend regardless of what they are doing (killing, raping, cheating, etc..)

The spiritual path calls for the refinement of the virtues of integrity, peace, truth, self-responsibility, awareness and discipline. If you want to ascend you have to master the path 100% and clear everything, from all lives prior. The bar is high but that is the reality.

Otherwise we would all have ascended long ago and would not be facing biosphere collapse.

Conventional spirituality packaged for the masses is popular because it does not remind you of the truth. It tells you what you want to hear (but not what you need to hear) so you carry on as normal and so find yourself asking the same questions again and again. It is because your reality only changes when you make changes in yourself. If you do not want to work on yourself – high level spiritual understanding will remain elusive.

Truth is often painful but pain is the fastest way to purification. You can do what you like (you have free-will)  but actions have consequences. Every choice you make is yours and yours alone. Choices create karmas and karmas create life experiences. If you have negative karma and want to clear it you can – but shoving it under the carpet and hoping for the best does not work for long! What’s the good news?  Well – once you have dispensed with the lies you will see truth. It is like washing the dirt from a window and seeing a beautiful design within the glass. Lies blur ones vision and prevent one from seeing with a clarity of heart and vision.

The Universe reveals itself when we are ready to open our eyes to the truth. Anything we are ready to know will be known to us at the right time. The Universe is perfect as it is.

Truth enables us to see perfection in the experience of Creation.

Then we are awakened, wise, undisturbed, free from pain and suffering – and at peace.

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