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DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East

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DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East

DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  18e34c40478afd717cb34d6d5e43fa5b-3

“The Cherokees have lived in the Southeastern United States for over 10,000 years. Cherokees developed and cultivated corn, beans and squash – “the three sisters” – along with sunflowers and other crops. Archaeological evidence, early written accounts, and the oral history of the Cherokees themselves show the Cherokees as a mighty nation controlling more than 140,000 square miles with a population of thirty-six thousand or more. Often the townhouse stood on an earthen mound, which grew with successive ceremonial re-buildings.” 

In his famous book, “The History of the America Indians” eighteenth century explorer and trader, John Adair stated that several hundred Cherokees, living in the North Carolina Mountains, spoke an ancient Jewish language that was nearly unintelligible to Jews from England and Holland. From this observation, Adair extrapolated a belief that all Native Americans were the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. 
Adair genuinely admired Native Americans and was married to a Chickasaw woman. However, his popular theory was twisted during the American Revolution to something else. In the new version, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel had built the thousands of mounds that dotted the landscape of eastern North America, but the Indians had killed all the “civilized Jews.” Frontier preachers gave sermons which demanded that their parishioners go out and slaughter the evil savages, who had killed the “civilized Jews.” 
By the late 20th century, things had gone to the other extreme in North Carolina. In 1976 the North Carolina state government directed a team of professors to prove that the Cherokees had been in their state for at least 1000 years. It was called the North Carolina History Project. The archaeologists and historians justified their bonus paychecks by dutifully re-labeling all Native American archeological sites in the western third of the state as “Cherokee” or “Proto-Cherokee.” The widespread Creek Indian place names were re-labeled “ancient Cherokee words whose meanings have been lost.”
This academic fraud flew in the face of early Colonial archives that described several other ethnic groups living in the region prior to 1715, but no Cherokees. The word “Charaqui” first appeared on a European map in 1718. Almost all radiocarbon dates for documented Cherokee villages, come from after 1720. 

Academic fraud becomes historical absurdity

Two subsequent generations of archaeologists and historians have so thoroughly quoted each other in academic papers that no one realizes that North Carolina had a different history before 1976. The absurd results is that the Coweeta town site, one mile north of the Georgia state line, is labeled a Cherokee – Pisgah Phase town. Its sister towns immediately south of the state line are labeled Etowah and Lamar proto-Creek towns by Georgia archaeologists. The same proto-Creek pottery and architecture is found in all these towns. Coweta is a Creek word and has no meaning in the Cherokee language. 
Some Cherokees and Cherokee wannabe’s took the situation beyond absurdity in the 1990s. In 1754, the British Crown “gave” the Cherokees a vast territory in the Southeast that included the territories of all tribes allied with the French. In return, the Cherokees agreed to send warriors to fight the French in New York. Almost immediately thereafter, the Creek Confederacy dramatically won the 40 year long Cherokee-Creek War and took back a fourth of the Cherokee’s core territory that had been captured from the Creeks 40 years earlier.
In 1757 the Cherokees attacked their former British allies. Great Britain won the war and took back most of the land that it had given the Cherokees in 1754, PLUS almost all the Cherokee lands in North and South Carolina. Non-Cherokee tribes in western North Carolina were also forced to leave. After 1763, what is now the Cherokee Reservation was 35 miles outside the eastern Cherokee boundary. 
In 1990 the U.S. Department of the Interior created a map of traditional Native American territories as part of the Native American Graves and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA.) The mapmakers labeled the vast “seven state” area given to the Cherokees in 1754 as traditional Cherokee territory. To that they added northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama, where the Cherokees lived from 1785 until 1738, plus huge sections of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia where the Cherokees never lived. 

The NAGPRA laws froze into stone a myth that the Cherokees were descendants of all the Indians who lived in this territory since mankind came to North America.
Until the late 20th century all Cherokee leaders consistently said that they never built any mounds. Suddenly, with the contrived history created by the State of North Carolina in 1976 and the U.S. Government in 1990, a new generation of North Carolina Cherokees assumed that the maps meant that they had built most of the mounds in the Southeast. They were the “Master Race” of the Americas. That line of thought was extended to the belief that they were the ones who first domesticated corn, beans and squash, as stated by Dr. Duncan above. A film recently produced by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians claims that “the Mayas and Aztecs were the descendants of the Cherokees.”

DNA tests create a bombshell

There are currently no DNA tests that can accurate label someone a descendant of a particular Indian tribe in eastern North America. The people, calling themselves full-blooded Native Americans, from the eastern United States, are not the same people, genetically, who greeted early European explorers. A few reputable laboratories are now attempting to create reliable DNA markers for individual tribes, but the obstacles are monumental. 
Perceiving a vast potential market from the millions of Americans, who proudly claim that their great-grandmother was a Cherokee Princess, DNA Consultants, Inc. initiated comprehensive DNA testing of the Cherokees living on the Qualla Reservation in western North Carolina. The North Carolina Cherokees were chosen because after 180 years in the west, Oklahoma Cherokees are so thoroughly mixed with other ethnic groups, that any DNA test marker obtained would be meaningless. 
The laboratory immediately stumbled into a scientific hornet’s nest. That Cherokee princess in someone’s genealogy was most likely a Jewish or North African princess. Its scientists have labeled the Cherokees not as Native Americans, but as a Middle Eastern-North African population. Cherokees have high levels of test markers associated with the Berbers, native Egyptians, Turks, Lebanese, Hebrews and Mesopotamians. Genetically, they are more Jewish than the typical American Jew of European ancestry. So-called “full-blooded” Cherokees have high levels of European DNA and a trace of Asiatic (Native American) DNA. Their skin color and facial features are primarily Semitic in origin, not Native American. 
There is a major inaccuracy in most articles about this controversy. Both DNA Consultants and journalists are stating that the research results from the Qualla Reservation apply to all Cherokees. Genetic research associated with the filming of the History Channel’s “America Unearthed” found separate populations of Cherokees outside the reservation with very different genetic profiles. In several counties, the “Cherokees” had profiles identical to Georgia Creeks, and often carried Maya DNA like the Georgia Creeks. In one county, the “Cherokees” were predominantly Quechua from South America, or else mixed Quechua, Maya and Creek. Many of the residents of the Snowbird Cherokee Reservation in Graham County, NC look like the Zoque of Mexico, who created the Olmec Civilization. They are called “Moon Faces” by the Cherokees on the main reservation.
At present, the researchers at DNA Consultants seem unaware that throughout the 1600s Iberian Sephardic Jews and Moorish Conversos colonized the North Carolina and Georgia Mountains, where they mined and worked gold and silver.  All European maps show western North Carolina occupied by Apalache, Creek, Shawnee and Yuchi Indians until 1718. Most of these indigenous tribal groups were forced out in the early 1700s. Anglo-American settlers moving into northeastern Tennessee and extreme southwestern Virginia mentioned seeing Jewish speaking villages in that region until around 1800. 
How the occupants of the North Carolina Mountains became a mixed Semitic, North African, European and Native American population, known as the Cherokees, remains a mystery. Slave raids may have been a factor. The 18th century Cherokees were the “biggest players” in the Native Americans slave trade. Perhaps young Sephardic females were captured by slave raiders to be concubines and wives. 
It is also known that around 1693, the British put together an alliance between eight small Native towns with Creek names in northwestern South Carolina and the powerful Rickohockens of southwestern Virginia to thwart the expansion of French colonies. The modern Cherokee language seems to be a mixture of Rickohocken, Shawnee and Creek. There is obviously much that anthropologists and historians do not know about the early history of the Southern Highlands.

From Native American Here @ http://www.nativeamericanhere.com/uncategorized/dna-scientists-claim-that-cherokees-are-from-the-middle-east/

Missouri Cherokee Tribes proclaim Jewish Heritage

The Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory has recently shocked the world by claiming their ancient Oral legends tell of a Cherokee migration made to America from the area known as Masada.

This startling evidence is being offered to the public by Beverly Baker Northup whom is the spokesperson for their organization. The evidence offered in support of this connection to Cherokees escaping the mountain fortress of Masada is based in part of what Northup claims is stories passed down from elders and the similarity between ancient words.

Beverly Baker Northup believes there is a connection between these two peoples based on evidence of Jews of the region around Masada during Roman times wearing braided hair and the similarities that the spokesperson attributes to Hebrew language.

In explaining this connection Beverly Baker Northup is quoted as saying:

"The story has been kept alive among our Cherokee people that the Sicarii who escaped from Masada, are some of our ancestors who managed to cross the water to this land, and later became known as Cherokees. (Please note the phonetic resemblance of Si'cari'i and, Cherokee or Tsa'ra-gi'.)"

Northup claims that the famous scholar Josephus wrote that there were escapees from Masada in which the spokesperson for the Northern Cherokee states that this is evidence that gives credence to this connection between the Cherokee Indians and the Jews.

In addition to other startling claims, there is also the belief by the Northern Cherokee that a rock that was uncovered in Tennessee in 1889 that is named the Bat Creek Stone, proves a transatlantic connection to Jews.

Northup believes that the scratched writings on the rock indicate that the stone is evidence of a first century Atlantic Crossing to America by these escaped Jews that later became known as the Northern Cherokee Indians.

The Northern Cherokee attempted to gain full legislative recognition in the State of Missouri in 1985 that was eventually vetoed by Governor John Ashcroft. Governor Ashcroft made the following statement concerning his decision to veto the recognition of the Northern Cherokee:

"The Federal Government has traditionally exercised authority with respect to Indian Affairs. I am not persuaded that the state has such a substantial interest in this area that it should become involved in the recognition of Indian tribes."

Sources among some federally recognized Indian Tribes have stated that Mr. Ashcroft's comments were 100% correct and should be referred to from time to time.

From Free Republic @ http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/fr/848921/posts

[size=32]Testimony from the American Indians[/size]

DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  Bat-Creek-Stone

James Adair is an earliest source of information concerning the American Indians. He observed several Israelite characteristics in the southern American Indians.

James Adair was a backwoods preacher that lived and traded with the Southern Indians some forty years; he was called, by various writers, an Englishman, a Scotchman, and an Irishman. He was of a noble birth, whose family was of Earldom. His book was first published in London in 1775, and the main reason he wrote this book was to give evidence to show that the Indians were the lost tribes of Israel.

In recent times many stones have been turned up in America with ancient writings on them. These writings were compared to writings in the old world, and have been identified. These writings were found to be Arabic, Basque, Celtic, Cuneiform, Egyptian, Gaelic, Greek, Iberian, Libyan, Norse Runic, Numidian, Phoenician, and yes, there is ancient Hebrew inscriptions as well. One of these inscriptions is the "Bat Creek Stone" discovered in Loudon County Tennessee....

 DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  Ancient_writing

Usually interpreted "Only for the Yehudim" (Jews)

With inscriptions like this popping up, its easy to see how someone could come to such conclusions of the American Indians being the lost tribes of Israel, but James Adair had no rocks to go by.

Moses warned the Israelites that if they departed from the covenant faith that "YAHUWAH shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of earth even unto the other." Deuteronomy 28:64. Most scholars interpret this to mean everywhere but America.

It is not the burden of this book to belabor the point too long, but it is in order to at least mention some points, because they are so interesting.

The American Indians did practice certain aspects of the Hebrew religion. "Cotton Mather in Boston, in the course of a long series of extraordinary letters to the Royal Society in London, drew attention to the existence, in Connecticut, of a tribe of Indians which practiced circumcision." America B.C. p. 17

Even today the Cherokee nation honors the 7th day of the week. The numbers 4 and 7 are sacred to them, largely because it is the fourth commandment that sanctifies the seventh day.

A few evidences that James Adair listed:

1) They constructed their place of worship so "that their backs are to the east, and faces to the west", this is after "the Jerusalem copy"! Adair's History of the American Indians p. 118

2) "They do not pay the least perceivable adoration to any images, or to dead persons; neither to the celestial luminaries, nor evil spirits, nor any created being whatsoever. They are utter strangers to all the gestures practiced by the pagans in their religious rites." Ibid p.20

3) "The Germans among them, frequently say "Yah-yah", as an affirmative, they call them Yah-yah Algeh, Those of the blasphemous speech'; which strongly hints to us, that they still retained a glimpse of the third moral command delivered at Sinai." Ibid p.70

4) They "observed a weekly sabbath". Ibid p. 79 [This Sabbath is the seventh-day, as the Cherokee observe and many Seminole, the same day which Jews observed]

5) When they go to war they always carried their "sacred ark" with them! Ibid p. 162

6) They rejoiced "at the appearance of the new moon." Ibid p. 20

7) They "observed a year of jubilee"! Ibib p. 226

8) They used the word "HalleluYah" in their religious gatherings etc.

James Adair, throughout his book, notes the set-apart name used by these American Indians as Yo He Wah. Josiah Priest, in his book American Antiquities p. 76 bears out that this was from the Choctaw and Florida Indians.

Excerpted from Yahushua @ http://www.yahushua.net/YAHUWAH/chapter_13.htm

[size=32]Ancient ‘Ten Commandments’ [/size]

DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  Decalogue-stone

DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  Hebrew-cave

DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  Tencom 

DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  Scan0005 

DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  Heb2 

DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  Yhvh

It says on the rock:

יהו”ה   אלהינו
DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  At-the-gate
DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  At-the-gate

South of Albuquerque, and west of Los Lunas, New Mexico, an ancient inscription was carved into the face of a boulder centuries ago. It is the text of the Ten Commandments, written in Hebrew. Of particular interest is the fact that the type of Hebrew writing that was used was Paleo-Hebrew, which is the form of Hebrew writing that was used for approximately a one-thousand-year period, ending about 500 BC. This means that we can fairly conclude that the inscription of the Ten Commandments was engraved on the face of a boulder in New Mexico, North America, sometime prior to 500 BC!  

The Holy One of Israel led colonies of righteous Israelites to the land of America, prior to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Babylonian dispersion that occurred in about 587 BC. Harvard scholar Robert Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer, an expert in Semitic languages, concluded that the mysterious inscription was written in a form of Paleo-Hebrew and paraphrased the Ten Commandments.

“I am Yahweh thy God who brought thee out of the land,” Pfeiffer’s translation began. “There shall not be unto them other gods before Me.” 

Hebrew scholars, such as Cyrus Gordon of Brandeis University near Boston, have vouched for its authenticity. Historian Steven M. Collins points out that the “Las Lunas Stone” inscription in archaic Hebrew was written in the Hebrew letters of the style of the Moabite Stone, dated to about 1,000 B.C. This would place the  writing on the stone to the time of the kingdom of ancient Israel under its most affluent and powerful king, Solomon, who reigned from 1014 B.C. to 974 B.C. sea voyages around the world were fairly common during the time of king Solomon, the son of David, during Israel’s “golden age.” 

Solomon’s incredible wealth also strongly points to the Las Lunas stone inscription as having been carved during his reign. Financing sailing voyages of discovery and maritime trade is no small feat. Vast sums and investments are required. Solomon was the wealthiest king who ever lived, and undoubtedly had the resources to fund such far reaching and dangerous voyages. Also, during his reign Israel was in league with the other major world powers of the day, including Tyre and the Phoenicians, and the nation of Egypt.

It is ‘Hidden Mountain’ (5507’) in New Mexico having the local “Mystery Stone” as it is still called by the State, now named the ‘Phoenician Inscription Rock’ on the official maps or “Mystery Rock” in their ‘area attractions’ lists.

The site is located 35 airmiles due SW of Albuquerque on Hwy 6 (Historic ‘Route 66’) at mm18 S of I-40 or 16 miles W of I-25 at Los Lunas (where for it has also become known as the “Los Lunas Decalogue”).

It was once an Israelite Wilderness Tabernacle site some 2500 or more years ago, with its high place Altar inscription to ‘the LORD our God’ of the Bible, and 80 ton boulder “Commandments stone” Mezuzah ‘at the gate’ -dating from the ‘Old Testament’ period of the Paleo-Hebrew ‘mother script’.  It is the only ’10 commandments’ yet found in the ancient writing.  Historically the mountain was called Cerro Los Moqujino (Cliff of the Strange writings) by the Native Americans stating it pre-existed the arrival of their ancestors into the area.

It’s been said there exists about 2,000 glyphs around Hidden Mtn. for a radius of about 6 miles.

The next most significant locale Hebrew is not far away (in the Purgatoire River valley due South of La Junta Colorado), where the oldest written inscriptions in the US are  (c.1250 BCE. conservatively), from the earliest Ligature phase of word-formation by ‘tying letters together into a picture’. Those too have YaH inscriptions identifiable with the Exodus people.

The actual massive rock which appears like a small ship with cleared keel (maybe what attracted his attention to it), of the volcanic basalt from the top Tertiary shelf is a remnant of geological prehistory which fell 2/3 of the way down the mountain to become what now has stood ground 2500+ years as a massive “Mezuzah” (Bible script found at every Jewish doorway). Set at a Right angle to the Left of the main entry before a natural gateway to this ancient site with Altar having the same writing but at exactly the opposite angle Leftward unto facing the River where it’s flowing in a strait line perfectly perpendicular to it.

Being the greatest of only three ‘10 commandments’ stones found anywhere in the world (the others being the “Ohio Decalogue” a much smaller example in a unique type of the post exilic Jewish square script and another one of the “Michigan Artifacts” found written in a Cuneiform style of Hebrew graphics!) and therefore most worthy of copy, these are made utilizing the complete Alphabet, the best example of the print closest to that writing of the original tablets, as the Paleo is the only Hebrew having an equal size characters letter set which plotting on both sides of two tablets according to the accounts would’ve required. These remakes of it are correct down to the very angle it sets at, but without the ancient scribes mistake of overlooking a part afterward realized and inserted (with a diacritical mark^), with the corrected spelling of a couple of the words and addition of yet a couple more he passed up for an accurate to Exodus 20 readable abridgement of the full Decalogue (as below unembossed)

There are a surprising number of evidences and corroborations that there have been Israelites visiting and living upon the American continents for thousands of years.
Other inscriptions, also written in Paleo-Hebrew, have been discovered in the states of Iowa, Ohio, and Tennessee, as well as in Brazil. In Newark, Ohio, a carved stone of curious workmanship was discovered which also bears an engraved inscription of the Ten Commandments of the Covenant – in Paleo-Hebrew. At a site known as Bat Creek cave, in Tennessee, an ancient Hebrew inscription has been found which mentions the Israelite tribe of Judah!
Another fascinating archaeological discovery in America is an ancient artifact bearing an old Hebrew inscription of the Ten Commandments unearthed in Ohio in 1860. The tablet also includes a scene of an individual – Moses – carved into the front of the tablet in considerable detail, holding the tablets of the Ten Commandments. This artifact was discovered in an ancient burial mound.
Without a doubt, these various inscriptions firmly establish the fact that Israelites were in America long before the arrival of Europeans!

Native Language & Customs

There are many Native American Indian customs that confirm the fact of their Hebrew origins. Many of those customs and linguistic evidences were noticed and recorded by the first Europeans who had contact with the various Indian tribes. Congressman]; A View of the Hebrews, by Ethan Smith; and American Antiquities, by Josiah Priest.

The old customs of the American Indian people included many rituals that were the same, or partially modified, from the equivalent Hebrew observances of the Mosaic Law. Each Indian tribe displayed some customs or traditions that are definitely Hebrew in character. Examples include: circumcision in some tribes; ritual purification after touching a dead body; laws of unclean meats [many Indian tribes followed the dietary laws]; cities of refuge [to which a person who accidentally had committed a felony could flee for safety from retribution]; levirate marriages [the obligation of a brother to ‘raise up seed’ to a deceased brother who left a childless widow]; laws of niddah [separation] for menstruating women; ritual purification in preparation for warfare; manner of marriage, divorce, and punishment for adultery; their lunar-based calendar; animal sacrifices; and many others.

A strong example of the Hebrew origin of some American Indian people includes the observance of annual holy days, which correspond with the appointed feasts of the Bible. For example, many Native American tribes celebrated a spring holy day known generally as the “feast of green corn”, which was observed at the time of the full moon in early spring. Corresponding with this, we find that in the Hebrew calendar, the name for the month in which the Passover occurs was originally known as Abib, which can be translated as “green ear [of grain]”. Like the ‘feast of green corn’, the Passover was observed at the time of the full moon. Indian legends, including that of the Yuchis, stating they had migrated to the area of Florida and Georgia from the region of the
Bahamas. According to their legends, the island sank beneath the sea and they fled for their lives.

These same Yuchis later migrated to the Oklahoma territory, where they eventually settled down. Amazingly enough, they show strong evidence that they had contact with the Old World in historic times. They have a custom which is unique among the American Indians. They are racially and linguistically different from their neighbors. Every year on the fifteenth day of the sacred month of harvest, in the fall, they make a pilgrimage. For eight days they live in “booths” with roofs open to the sky, covered with branches and leaves and foliage. During this festival, they dance around the sacred fire, and called upon the name of God. The ancient Israelites had the virtually identical custom, in many respects. In the harvest season in the fall, on the 15th day of the sacred month of harvest (the seventh month), theycelebrate the “festival of booths” for eight days. During this time they lived in temporary booths, covered with branches, leaves, fronds. This festival goes back to the time of Moses and the Exodus from ancient Egypt (Leviticus 23). Dr. Cyrus Gordon, of Brandeis University in Boston, was privileged to sit in on one of the fall harvest festivals of the Yuchi Indians, and listened to their chants, songs, and sacred ceremonies. An expert in Hebrew, Minoan, and many Middle Eastern languages, he was  incredulous. 

As he listened, he exclaimed to his companion, “My God! They are speaking the Hebrew names of God!”

Some of the best-educated Europeans who first contacted American Indians in eastern North America noticed that, in the language of many tribes, there were numerous words that sounded the same, and had the same meaning as Hebrew words! Among those reaching this conclusion were notable early immigrants to North America, such as William Penn, Roger Williams, and Jonathan Edwards. Words that have the same sounds and meanings in Hebrew as they do in Indian languages include words for: man, wife, the heavens, prayer, winter, as well as numerous verbs and phrases. Among the words that were nearly identical to the Hebrew were Yo-he-wah [corresponding to Yahweh], and ha-le-lu or ha-le-lu-yah. Similarly, in the mid-1600’s, reports of Hebrew-speaking Indians in South America first came to the attention of Europeans. As in North America, not only did the Europeans discover many strong similarities between the spoken languages of the Indians and the Hebrew language, they also reported seeing inscriptions written in Hebrew, and a very strong similarity between Indian customs and Israelite practices.

Israelis made to America thousands of years before Europeans because there were sailors from the tribe of Zebulon and they went all over the world and left there mark. They left from the City of Eilat also it is recorded in the Old Testament that Solomon sent his navy all over to bring copper and silver and gold and tin and minerals like turquoise for the temple he was about to build. Also the name and continent is mentioned in The books of Talmud and Mishna that was written thousands of years ago. Israel knew that the world was round. The Vatican accepted the world being round after man stepped onto the moon and then and only then did they apologize for wishing to burn Galileo at the stake for stating that the world is round.

DNA scientists claim that Cherokees are from the Middle East  Scannedimage
Here is the language connection


From God Secret @ https://godssecret.wordpress.com/2009/06/14/oldest-known-10-commandments-is-in-america-in-ancient-hebrew-script-from-time-of-king-solomon/

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