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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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2017 Its All Good!

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2017 Its All Good
Turn the page;
Sometimes it helps to look back while contemplating any new course of action. I think we can all agree on one thing; 2016 was interesting!
If one were to encapsulate 2016 in a phrase I think “Tug of War” would do nicely. The emotional roller coaster has stopped at the amusement park, all who are inclined to re-board need to get to the back of the line, but only those with the stomach for such.
If we were to put the years highlights in sequence and attempt to define each in a paragraph we would be here till 2018, while what we once considered rational behavior has fallen into an elastic paradigm where truth becomes a whole lot stranger than fiction. In fact authors of fiction may be hard pressed to compete with the lunacy affronting us all.
Perhaps it’s a good idea to take a step back before the next lunge forward, and examine a few of these whacky subjects;
The False Flag; “All the worlds a stage”, Has our world stagnated to the point where the powers that be need to seed with motivational drama to market the need for yet another backdoor Bill. Whatever happened to those charismatic public orators who could stampede the herd with verbs and adjectives? Were they all lobbied for political careers or beat with batons for speaking without a permit and arrested for inciting mob action? Perhaps the Zombie Apocalypse has already occurred through frequency modulation, for when they need to pay actors for their pseudo protests it sounds like the masses are chugging molasses. If this keeps up the reporter who cried wolf may just get scalped for taking on the appearance of one.
Mandela’s Effects; If there’s ever been a subject ripe for exploitation we need go no further. This is not to say that a certain amount of bleed through from the Anti-particle universe isn’t happening, along with the absorption of spent probability fields, which just adds insult to injury. The planets body is no different from our own and individually we all have ornaments on our Christmas trees that are no longer in vogue. These energetic constructs that we created by our emotive desire force were never edited out of the script when we chose an alternate path and became the ghosts of Christmas past. These morph’s and miasms are just baggage we left at the train station before getting derailed. The purging of energetic conscious fragments has a tendency to raise them to the surface a bit while the washing machine fills with a new energetic aqueous, and this is happening on a solar and galactic scale as well. This consolidation of energy is like cleaning up a computer cache, sometimes questions will appear on our monitors that asks us whether or not we want to delete a certain file. If the emotional attachment is a bust hit delete. Their identities will often come as old relations, interests and occupations that revisit as if to beg the question of importance. Do yourself a favor; let them go, or you yourself may become fragmented. But before we leave this subject it’s important to keep in mind that during bleeds things may appear in the sky and elsewhere that although physical, they’re not exactly physically here within this space-time zone, but rather just close energetically. This could be another reason for the so called disclosure of potential false flag alien invasions, for by now their getting tired of scrambling Jets every time there’s a light in the sky. There will be plenty trying to explain these phenomena; malicious time travelers are always suspect. Then there’s that quantum stringy thingy which Einstein considered Bohring ;). Or the Earth ripping like Vesica leaving the ship of fools to bail the old leaky Pequod while the chosen float off on a ship without oars. If thought be the wind for yonder sail, all is relative!
Disclosure; good lord, I never thought I would see the day where this subject itself would become a haven for false flags. News flash! Bigfoot just spotted in the National forest; oops, sorry, just another Duck Dynasty clone making moonshine!
It’s no secret that certain sectors of the public are credulous and can be led with minimal effort by the Pied Eyed Pipers of the Internet while having a good laugh at the expense of those all too willing to believe for the sake of wanting to get closer to a truth. It’s true that all can be considered a grand illusion when we take the reductionists view that matter is so full of holes it may as well be called Holy. So why add multiple layers aside from creating a game of shells with symbols imbedded to a degree that to solve the puzzle we must become mental vivisectionists to cut through the 97% of smoke and mirrors for yet another enigmatic clue. Heck, were all suckers for a good story, we all grew up being baptized by entertainment; our idols are entertainers. Talk about false idols! Wait; didn’t we just elect one…
If you want some disclosure go to the movies, if you want full disclosure don’t ask a human, because they won’t know individually, though we may get closer collectively it will never be considered “full” disclosure, for today’s full is tomorrows partial. Who cares if ET shits in the woods as long if it’s not in your back yard, or better still; the front lawn of the capitol!
Fake News; if we’re living in an illusion it’s all fake. Our ego’s are fake alters, sex is fake love, Gmo’s=fake food. If thou eye offendeth thee pluck that mother out!
Poor main stream, not many fish left in that stream, they all died from toxic fallout. The big boys invested so much yet gained so little; pity. I know; lets just set the Nazi radio to 911hz to square things up; ooh, yea that feels better, surely they’ll believe anything now!
Thomas Jefferson once said something to the effect; at times we must rely upon the intellect of the public! Granted this was before electronic infringement and reverse education, but as time goes by, less and less will fall victim to such shenanigans simply by the virtue of the evolving base frequency.
Satanic Pizza; One can only hope the majority of genuine pizza shops can survive this insult, though some may be looking deeper at their local Domino’s for satires insignia, pizza will still be burning the roofs of mouths for years to come. Satanic cults on the other hand may be facing an inquisition that burns a bit hotter. The Satanic Revival should be no surprise, for they have been gearing up for years in anticipation of the army of light workers now present, and many a light worker knows their mischief first hand. Even here in Colorado there are pockets of havens to the score that would make Christians take take a knee, while being unaware that there, among their parishes, their presence goes unnoticed.
Most are amateurs attracted to the idea that going dark will give one some great power, but unfortunately they end up losing their power, often to some 2D demon that has the intellectual energy of an adolescent or a dog. In truth a 2D entity will use the subjects own energy to entertain their material hopes, while a worshiper becomes the food source of the succubae. A 4D succubus won’t usually be attracted to a human unless they’re in a position of power that can offer opportunities which can further their evil agenda. Blood sacrifices and acts of molestation are the energetic equivalent to a fix for the heroin addict. Once provided the subjects orchestrating the hand out now have a bit more than a monkey on their back; more like a gorilla who bullies and threatens until its next fix while draining the energy of the individuals and shutting out any light advances from the soul matrix.
Happy New Year
Though we may love to hate the dark occultists it’s plain to see that they are no longer themselves and often behave in childish ways because they no longer have control.
The old parable Love your enemy, may not be fully understood and has the ability to help those being victimized by evil forces. Loving one’s enemies has nothing to do with our standard philosophy on love, by sending love or caring about a person’s well being creates a source field of protection. This energy is unappetizing to dark forces allowing the victim an opportunity to heal. When there are many sending love toward someone it can create a repulsion zone of protection that acts like an energetic bubble within the unified field. When we understand the greater dynamics occurring, we realize that if this is not accomplished the beast continues to feed and grow. There is also the soul of the individual to consider, which is often completely innocent of the incarnate offenses. This disease can affect the entire soul collective, which has the capacity to anchor the soul even after that individual has passed due to the conscious spirit becoming enslaved.
As we move forward into the New Year understanding that hating the elite for their offenses is actually empowering that perceived evil making it tenable. By loving the most evil of the bunch makes it untenable, which not only allows the individual to heal through their soul matrix but collectively helps to heal the issues that plague us on a wider scale.
So called Demons should not be dealt with by 3D light workers who are not contracted to do so, and this means that occultists who mean well and like to play with magic should take heed, these entities are extremely crafty, and although shaman can be magi, magi are not always shaman. Our brother Solomon was fond of the arts and crafts, but he did not require such to initiate change, though he created ways and means for others which were just methods that helped focus intent. He was contracted to remove the demons that escaped from 2D during the reign of brother Akhenaton which got loosed during a portal incident. But storing them in brass pots was not good, for when the Romans were searching for the Ark box 2000 years ago they unburied these brass pots and Rome went from the mentality of Augustus to that of Caligula.
The tools, signs, symbols and keys of Solomon have been sealed from the uses of dark rituals of any party, haven, coven, and fraternity. This includes his seals and the pentagram and pentagons and any extensions thereof. If one uses such for anything aside from the highest good they will in fact mirror the directives back upon to the individuals using them. Using the Pentacle engraving will only bring in a column of light exposing all present to the light source. Originally Solomon had sealed these against dark uses, those original seals however were inappropriate because they allowed anyone who used them for dark purposes to be attacked by a handful of nasty Gin. But most of the stuff out there has been altered and edited to a point which makes it almost unrecognizable. Mother has also begun the process of cleaning up Demon enclaves to return this fragmented energy back to source.
What’s turning the planet presently will bring a dissolution to this old Harry Potter culture of magic, which is to say that the new breed will not require such tools to create optimum conditions which enable them to succeed in their endeavor. Spells, wands, pentagrams and blood rituals will actually hold one back from learning their true power. The years to come will bring teachers of holy sciences far beyond anything currently in existence making certain practices and technologies obsolete. Some of these teachings will resemble some of the stuff currently out there on intention, which is a glorified form of positive thinking, though not to be knocked, can still leave one feeling disempowered when dreams are not realized. The reason for this is because the body is not properly being used to energize the thought form and or the body is looping its energy opposed to anchoring a source field from created access points to create and endless supply from the unified field. Frequency Fences cannot contain the entire spectrum, for no being will fence them self in.
The latest external wave helped to activate certain types of genetic material, but those considered ahead of these waves may not feel so much as those who are needing to feel, which may include phantom body pains, loss of appetite and in general a disconnected disposition. But headaches also are not uncommon with activations because it will cause increased vasopressin and toxic immune response when the body goes into defense mode against the unfamiliar. We may refer to this as shocking the monkey, and the greenhorns will understand this phrase best. Please don’t resist and become one with aspects of feeling. Comforting the body and deep rhythmic breathing allow restrictions to relax.
2017 will be no prognosticators dream and we may not see any real traction until the time of the spring solstice in a positive sense because of all the irons in the fire, but it will be a good year for any form of unification, even if this means going solo but increasing unity with source. Seven may spell lunacy but not necessarily in the negative sense, for it does represent a Goddess, souly energy, just more reflective than active, and 17 is a prime number which has a tendency to take the cabalist out of the cabal. Not a bad year for business, fortune and money matters provided such are taken with great care for the details. Travel is favorable though most may be non-physical. This year will feel very Aquarian; Revelations for truth seekers is favorable, especially during mid February which may resemble a micro version of the macro to come. Although 2017 adds up to 10 this year will be no 10, perhaps a .10 because of the drag of dirty laundry. While the planet continues its present course with geological growing pains, volcanism will ramp up though nothing apocalyptic. Most will be moved to begin some form of healthy inner contemplation, perhaps making yoga studios quite popular. By July 7th we should see actual plans for the introduction of new currencies in the US but by year’s end most states may still be using dirty money, because, let’s face it; they blew the wad as they prepared and hoped for some misinterpreted prophecy that was provided by some fallen source. But the kitty has many donors and the cabal has deep pockets and lots of drugs for sale.
Not a bad year for truth and justice though this may not be synonymous with law and order but rather its subjective interpretation. Those pushing the fake news paradigm through programming will encounter setbacks during a year where dissolution of falsities will be akin to having doors smashed in by battering rams. Because this year deals with revelations we as individuals need to be the pinnacle of honesty and this begins with being honest with ourselves. Just because it’s a good year for intuitive insight doesn’t mean we will heed such, less we add a teaspoon of discipline.
Our Sun should calm down a bit, for supposedly its being supplemented medicinally, represented as large cubes quite visible from satellites. The polar fields of the Sun which periodically oscillate can be disturbed by foreign bodies, but this can rob energy which may equate to smaller and less frequent CME activity. Drak leaders are having a well needed pow-wow with Guardian coalitions later in the week to hopefully begin the long process of healing, which is an epic moment and one which could eventually be synonymous with Moses freeing the slaves. Unfortunately most won’t be aware, not only that they are slaves but prisoners as well, but hey, rumor has it that there’s still plenty of red pills left.
Val 1/1/17

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Thanks Val!

Happy New Year!


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