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1Time in a Bottle Empty Time in a Bottle Sun May 07, 2017 12:38 pm


Time in a Bottle


Ever wonder if Homer Simpson is a time traveler?

The name Simpson itself is rather iconic when we consider the nature of the SIM card. Perhaps Son of Sim would be more appropriate, or even something along the lines of sympathetic (Sim-pathetic). Though I’m not well versed on Looking Glass technology, or psycho stimulated journeys, if I had to guess, I would say that such would only be accurate part of the time or, due to the nature of shifting probabilities, but this would be for extended periods, so accuracy would no doubt improve the shorter the time frame. This would include any means of prophecy including numerical algorithm’s etc.

Foreknowledge in any way shape or form that is even 60 to 70% accurate consistently could be a boon to gamblers/investors. But if one were able to increase those odds to 80 to 90% it’s no  longer a game of chance, especially if the methods of obtaining such returns lay hidden. But the markets and betting world at large are only part of the problem, for if unscrupulous groups have foreknowledge of catastrophe they can not only use it to their advantage, they can cater to the potential catastrophe in ways that help ensure it will unfold.
Now working with horoscopes and numerology or even Tarot and the I-ching may lead us in the proper direction but often are to general for the kind of foreknowledge I’m speaking of, even though there are many who take these disciplines to a higher level through personal talents.
However, there is something that can cater to the greater vision of prophecy and that is faith in its enfoldment. When we collectively cast energy toward a vision, pro or con, it does have a habit of nourishing its potential and as we all know fear is the most used marketing concept out there. Orthodox religion has been using it for millennia with great success.

Currently there are no laws against using technology to gain insight, but insight is not the problem, what one does with information will always be the consideration. But let’s be clear, the kind of foreknowledge that is now evolving upon the planet goes far beyond insider trading secrets and lottery tickets, and those behind its development may be the epitome of self interest. Although preventing terrorist attacks would make a good argument for such technology, what we do today diplomatically, both domestically and abroad to foster equanimity would prove in the long run to be a better insurance policy against future concerns.

To say that for the most part we have an unhealthy obsession with time would be a bit of an understatement. The old saying Time is Money, in my humble opinion is in itself toxic and taxing. The word Deadline is another oxymoron often used by the establishment to promote excitement between the ears, but really its just psycho babble.

The hourglass mentality has us all racing for tomorrow at the expense of today, but tomorrow never comes when today’s focus remains somewhere over the rainbow. Those precious gems we covet don’t exist in the future when the present is continually sacrificed chasing a transitory dream called money.

Using time as ones personal chess board did not begin conceptually with H.G. Wells, the Zeta have been screwing with our chronology over the last century, going back as far as our founding fathers to mess with us, and unfortunately we have inherited their practice. The Philadelphia Experiment showed not only the gullibility of scientists but how serious time distortion fields can be, causing tares within the fabric of space-time; tares large enough to pass ships are no longer experiments, they are genocidal handicaps. A galactic cruiser would never bounce out of time while within the gravitational field of a space-time envelope, for it could implode the works. If one could imagine a standard Merkaba field turning into a tube torus you have the beginning of what we call a black hole but not before all is destroyed by the electromagnetic fields energy which causes a massive EMP before the immense gravitational field swallows everything in reach. Of course CERN was at the top of the list for obvious reasons.
When was the last time you owned the moment; this is not to be confused with controlling the moment, nor is this the meditative method of absolving oneself from oneself. Owning the moment is to become one fully cognizant of the moment in its entirety, to put all our senses into hypersensitivity and absorb all the available data like a super-computer on steroids. Gaze upon the landscape to see what you haven’t seen, listen and interpolate every sound, smell scents that have been eluding you, feel the wind and the nature of its energy, rub your hand upon a plant with an open mind. Allow the environmental data to be absorbed without judgment, without reservation or clinging values, cast all urges aside. Intuit through it; let the higher senses open up to become one with all, let the illusionary boundaries fall away and feel the conscious river streaming.

Such quantum moments teach us how inverted our minds have become, when we are in fact in a constant state of sending and receiving energy. But when we begin to understand that at a subtle level we are already entangled with all things and all things are entangled within us. When we begin to understand this concept we open ourselves up to the fact that the medium we know as consciousness can slip and slide into any location not only to gain insight but to send and receive energy from any local as well, which means material to and fro can be affected vibrationally. This is not magic; in fact the only thing magical about it is that these simple truths have been kept hidden from you for a very long time. Unfortunately most have been conditioned to a point where accepting their own innate ability becomes contemptuous.

 The unified field is unlimited, non-local; the local mind is inhibited thus riveted. Those thoughts streaming across the global mind are regurgitating, their values are corrupted, but only the cosmic mind can see this. The global mind has developed an ego, a persona that claims independence from ordinary, but in its quest for extra-ordinary it inadvertently steps on what it considers ordinary. A value is placed on all things, although all things are of equal value it is through limited perception that all value. Human being; is no longer satisfied with being, for being has been revaluated and found to be ordinary. We must increase our being by doing, for if yee wish to be more yee must do more, buy only the we can decide if yee make more.

But the doing only got in the way of the being, so one day a plant was introduced that allowed one to contemplate the doing and the being, they rolled it into what they called a Doo-Be. Now the Doo-Be crept into the motivating factors of the doings while a longing for the being gradually returned. It also made them hungry so they threw whatever they could find into the pot, but their focus was stymied and the food they cooked got wasted and the pots burnt-out. Too much Doo-Be created an altered state of consciousness and they began putting the burnt-out pots on their heads to protect them from mind control. But the pot heads now discovered a primal secret; shhh; one can hear the ocean under pot, but this wasn’t the ocean of fish, it was the ocean of life. ;)

Perhaps it’s time to denounce time and remove another aspect of control from our repertoire. Let’s kick Saturn to the curb and make Saturday matter day, or even mad hatter day; (doo-Be day?) what do you say? Do you seriously want to give a day to a planet which represents law and government; time and chronology; cogs and machinery? Saturn is the mother of all AI’s in our solar system and has been for a long, long time, but it’s always in direct competition with Nibiru’s AI so it was left intact. Its true Saturn has a neurological element that seeks submission, but even here one needs to be sold on its merits. As willing slaves we become indoctrinated to the many devices and mechanizations of Sat, its satire, insatiable intolerance, satisfaction through absolute control and saturation of sensibilities.

Oh those occultist’s, how they clamor to the clocks and calendars for thou Urn of Sat, for those tiny energetic spikes as levers and pulleys to pry conscious collectively. The media, mass-less media, the great mediator, thou medicinal medium, a bellows for a spark; what part of love did they not understand, to compete with factories, vain or vine, pearls to swine, east of time.

Here in the wood, the great forest of light; time knows no clock, the great time out of time is sublime, prophecy and papacy follow hypocrisy. The voice of source knows no remorse; just write it down then paint the town. There, there, from the center is where; spiral out with vocal shout, voices heard, out & out, way beyond any doubt, the whisper’s come, there all about.

If Love is a vacuum we all need to become vacuum salesmen, help filter the filth out of the environment. The controllers despise love, because they know it’s a cosmic monkey wrench. Love is an enemy of time for love can’t be managed.  So every time you see a clock remember what is being mocked. For time is moot; feigned pursuit.
Love knows no value system, like the staircase to heaven it’s a volume system. The value system was only created to turn your hearts away from their true purpose. It’s just a control dogma from Roma the greatest Saturnine cult that ever walked the earth. Show me anything out of Rome that honors self empowerment and I’ll show you a naked Jesus crucified. Yet no one calls this a failed example or an expression of mans limitation under Saturn’s thumb’s. While under the guise of value; the value of divinity now morphed into unobtainable prowess only reserved for what’s deemed immortal. Thusly, if “I am” be heard upon the lips of mortal man blasphemy is shouted and they are to be burnt at the stake, to ensure divinity remains aloof.

Enough whimsy; Galactic news please!
The next few days will see an increase in geomagnetic stress; sorry!
Unfortunately the uptick will be gradual increasing unpleasantries for Pleasantville for the next year; blame it on Nibiru!!
The large bomb ironically labeled Moab, dropped on the Afghan border back around Easter had more to do with non humans, than Isis. But you probably already had an inkling from other sources.
Galactic sources also claim areas under the ice in Antarctica are on borrowed time, and they will be surprised if these hollows hold up till the end of the year. This may be due to active magma gaining steam. So if they don’t want to be part of the exhibit 25000 years from now keep the dog sled handy.
More cloning bases have been closed over the last month, which include the big one at Great Falls Mt. and one south of Lubbock Tx.
The CIA have been in the hot seat since the start of the year as many know; the Galactic’s have been putting pressure on their operations along with a consortium of others. Unfortunately certain Galactic’s don’t discriminate between the good and the bad and believe them beyond rehabilitation so often take life in an indiscriminate manner. I personally do not agree with these tactics. Light workers who attack CIA hubs may do so if there is an imminent threat on lives therein. Though inconvenient, it will serve as a defense for those being blackmailed or coerced to do that which they would otherwise not be so inclined. It has been requested that the CIA not be targeted for a short period so that those who wish to reconsider their options have an opportunity to do so. Those who wish to return to the service of humanity have an opportunity here which won’t be given twice. There are many within the fold who have information that can be better served openly, the level at which one shares will be comparable to the level of protection being provided.
As many a country is already aware, there have been many reports of large ET ships recently entering our solar system. Unfortunately they are not part of the Galactic shield, but are coming from the Nibiru cluster. Attempts to hail them have fallen flat, and as they locate themselves into strategic positions they represent an aggressive stance, for each of these flying fortresses carry hundreds of smaller ones. I have been told that the interceptors used by the Galactic cops will be there to greet them if they try to enter our atmosphere and thousands can materialize at once.
I would advise those trigger happy spacemen who believe they are working for the best interest of planet earth to please steer away for now. It has been reported that crazed humans have been trying to start WWIII with every race they can intimidate and the majority of these incidents have been off planet. Though I can’t say if these can actually be considered earth humans, I will say that their actions covert or not are not in standing with the popular vote; especially when there hasn’t been one. Personally I don’t believe this to be any sort of earth conquest, and see it as more of a protective stance being taken to protect their passing interests which we will see much more of in the passing and coming year, but wander they will, and as long as they remain neutral they will be given some leeway. Who knows, they may even be willing to help keep space asteroids from destroying our planet. Well, let’s just stay optimistic.
Val  5/7/16

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