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Keep Climbing…

Posted on September 10, 2012

Keep Climbing… Atmosphere-autumn-beautiful-colorful-eden-fairy-tale-favim-com-377041www.favim.com

I know everybody is getting tired now and it has seemed for quite
some time now that something by the dark ones was going to happen, yet
nothing has materialized. Thank God! It is the old waiting for the other
shoe to drop scenario, only it doesn’t come and the unnerving wait
continues. We can’t seem to release our expectations for bad to happen
at the hands of the dark ones. I would imagine there is the equal
possibility that they are unable now to continue on with their mayhem.
We give them such power in our minds, invincible power, nothing can stop
them we believe. It is time we change our thought patterns and start
looking on the bright side instead of into the darkness. Perhaps so much
change has come about that for some reason we can’t see or contemplate,
that the old days of destruction are a thing of the past. We really
don’t know but I think it is time we start to think more on the bright
side and stop waiting for the shoe to drop. Let us stop giving them the
power they don’t deserve!

It is very hard these days. So many dark things taking place because
of Corporate America’s shove to get the last drop of blood out of the
stone and squirrel away the millions for their nest egg. At this point
they would need a dinosaur nest to hold all the wealth they have stolen
from the world. Despite all the injustice we must keep climbing up the
mountain towards the light and not only keep willing ourselves on but
all those around us as well. We are in this journey together as one and
we must remember that. We all need each other to successfully complete
this journey to freedom. We are like survivors of tragedy who stick
together in friendship because there are few out there that can
understand what they have been through. We are the friends of the light
until the end.

Seasons are changing now and for some the long winter is ending and
for others it is close to beginning. On top of all the mayhem going on,
we must see to it we are prepared for what lies ahead. Yet one more
thing we must add to our to do list, but we must not cave in. We are
being tested mightily and we must pass these tests with flying colors so
we can progress to the next paradigm. The energies incoming to the
planet have been massive and for so many they can speak only of
exhaustion, needing more sleep, waking feeling tired as if they had
never slept at all. We are changing as well as the seasons. Our entire
system within our bodies has changed and is changing, adapting to higher
frequencies and more energy.

Even the animals are showing the strain. So often now my cats are
found laying flat to the floor as if run over by a steam roller and they
stay there sometimes most of the day. They go out for a short while and
do what cats do on the prowl then come back in, eat and crash out for
the rest of the night. The crows have
gone ballistic this summer, screaming and screeching non-stop, what are
they trying to tell us? The sheep and the cows holler all day long and
the deer are flighty and on edge. The weather continues to be odd and
out-of-place as well, bodies of water around the world turning
blood-red, continual volcanic eruptions and earthquake tremors rattling
everyone’s nerves as well. Things are not normal and we can all see and
sense it. we must find our centers and stand strong in the howling

Yes we are tired and at times anxious but we must believe all will be
well and keep envisioning the new world with all of our hearts. We are
so close now, only months away from whatever December 2012 holds in
store for us. We must see and taste and smell and feel our freedom for
it is within arms reach. I started this blog a year ago September 12 to
record for myself what transpires on this magnificent journey. We have
come such a long way since then and so much has changed. We have come
together to ride out the storm and be there for each other. We have
accomplished much and there is still more we must do. We cannot give up
now. Keep climbing and headed towards the light, stay in your hearts and
battle on!

Blessings to you all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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