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1A BRAVE NEW WORLD Empty A BRAVE NEW WORLD Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:55 am




Is it my imagination or is the UK getting the royal treatment? With all the recent bloodshed, real or imagined, then this high-rise fire which although surreal it bespeaks pure madness. Then again we’ve been duped so much by the establishment over-there its hard to know fantasy from fiction. My sources tell me the tower fire was real and was no accident, but deliberately set to cover something up, but for now let’s just leave it at that.

Before I get started I wanted to take a brief moment to thank the people at Out of Mind for putting up with me over the years, God only knows what I’ve put them through, and I must apologize for my frank and forward nature, but trust me when I say that what goes to print is typically just a taste of the action behind the scenes, the difference between hearing about a tornado and being in one can be dramatic and I think its best to reiterate the flavor of the weather rather than sending in a slew of paramedics to perform the Heimlich maneuver on those choking on what they can’t swallow.

I only wish I could donate to this site to help them with lawyers, guns or bills, but I will say I hope your sky’s remain purple, even though that sounds a little scary I’m sure there’s greater meaning. Perhaps a few others can pick up the slack for me until my ship comes in, though it seems to be headed in the opposite direction currently.
On the home front, the skies are getting clearer and the increase in bird migrations tells me the grids are getting healthier. In the high country it dries out pretty quick so the increase in clouds and occasional rain is always welcome. Over the last few years Colorado has seen a population explosion, though much of it can be attributed to legalizing Pot I think there’s more to the story. The unfortunate side of this is we’re having trouble accommodating the endless swarm and finding suitable housing for newcomers is getting impossible, leading to a building boom, inflated sales prices and rent gouging. I was told years ago that mass swarms would be heading for the hills, but I just figured it would be something more apocalyptic rather then a-pot-collective. But I guess being able to grow pot in your own back yard is just too utopian to resist.
Personally I haven’t been working much, the guardians would prefer it that way and the Draks feel the same way, so they sabotage anything that would resemble an income opportunity, unless of course its’ one of their dirty jobs. But while the kind of work being done around here don’t pay the bills it does have its moments and success can usually be measured by the amount of air traffic overhead. There’s also plenty activity on the ground to match; a couple weeks ago one of my daughters drove my wife’s car into a mountain, and while it was being painted as human recklessness I wasn’t convinced. Come to find out the computers in these new cars can be hacked simply by installing something on the computer port which can be activated remotely to make a cars brakes fail while accelerating. I guess they got tired of waiting for me to drive it; big mistake!
Not a week goes by and they are already spinning another web, using old school buddies from Chicago to entice me to a party in Denver suburb I call Drak Pleasantville; to the home of an old mutual acquaintance, who has more Porches’ than I do daughters. But this guy was a creep then and working for the likes of Lockheed just made him that much more of a creep. Of course I told them I would be there with bells on while I pissed in their punch from a distance. I know like the airmen, the Lockheed boys have my picture on their dart board and the feelings mutual, and if they feel they need to go to the mattresses, all I can say is that although what happened at A52 was tragic it could have been avoided had intelligence not been superseded by arrogance.
If you’re a news junky it’s easy to forget that bad news sells, and terrible news goes viral. Unfortunately terrible news traditionally has a body count, if the general public is too sedated to create wholesale slaughter in spite of their TV programming then either Manchurians are activated or dramas are composed as training videos though they often forget to inform the public of such. I imagine the guys behind the curtain are enjoying themselves, and it can boost legislation that allows machine gun toting storm troopers on every corner to ensure your safety. The local college may be thinking about offering classes on the fundamental training standards for televised terror or public manipulation 101 as an enrichment to standard drama classes. A worthy prerequisite for any actors guild.
When the terrible terrors are causing us to turn our heads its to ensure captivation, and as our focus is held captive we quickly forget about the nasty shit that’s goin down in our own back yard. The vivid imagery and pointed adjectives are so well played they are like branding irons to the brain and we sit there with our mouths open like a fish out of water gasping for reason, while the reason itself is even more hideous than the tactic deployed. There seems to be a thin line between reason and treason, for if you dig at any level beyond the narrative for the reason treason may rear its ugly head. The thin line between these two is blurred by an ism, When terror becomes an ism the word terror creates a metamorphosis for maximum effect, giving fear a religion of its own for fears sake. One can fill this cannon with any color and point it in any direction, but at the end of the day it’s still a viral psychological ism which fractures the mind. We can thank the MIC and their think tanks for the virus, the anecdote for such can only be truth which we’ll call truthism.
The DNC and democratic unrest, with staged protests which somehow manages to grab all the media attention, while demonizing Democrats who demonize republicans, wants us to believe we are witnessing the sentiment of a united Democratic front. But one wave does not represent an ocean. Media controlled propaganda which caters to free radicals is a cancer which metastasizes first within a culture before spreading to the representative body. But most are beginning to see through the sham, the Dem’s are not the new Nazi party and never will be. The illusion being created is but a hollow hologram, 99.9% hot air, but they need fraudulent fratricide to keep a united front repressed.
Its’ no secret that if any leader with a dash of indifference, an ounce of integrity and a cup of courage can alter the fate of humanity should he have the support of the masses. The consortium of mega corporations which prides itself on congressional influence knows this and fears this above all else because it echoes that old parable called regulation that cuts profit margins in half followed by an army of eco scientists who will find decades of abuses. Such abuses would pave the way for obscene fines which would quickly balance the budget with a surplus while simultaneously slowing global corporate expansion. Dem’s are traditionally eco conscious and should know this instead of being steered by special interests which used to be their greatest adversary, before the party got infiltrated by Soros funded henchmen.
Enough local news blues, lets switch the dial to Galactic news;
According to one of my sources recent Fish die offs may not be due to chemical run or algae and the like, but rather by subtle changes within the voltage/amperage of salt water, which I guess can alter water oxygen rates and chemical composition. Such occurrences will be at random and typically isolated. This can be tied to grid fluctuations and geomagnetic stress.
Last week three guardian ships were attacked and destroyed by visiting Anunnaki, the ships were part of coalition of Aquari known as the Squid and the battle was over before reinforcements arrived. While Galactic forces went on alert, it was discovered that the strike against the Squid was done as a ruse so they could sneak a few vessels into our Northern regions for a rendezvous with an earthbound alliance of some sort. The meeting was short but long enough for any necessary exchanges, but the cargo remains unknown.
Recent intelligent suggests covert plans involving Yemen are being hatched. A word to the wise; attempts to turn Yemen into another Syria will be met with strong opposition, and I will leave it at that.
The big story of the day I saved for last for it could well be the story of the millennium and cause for celebration, though the Guardian celebration that occurred during the day of the Solstice was a grand event indeed, I will get to the why in a moment. A while back we were gifted by the way of Guardian intervention with a group of 5D volunteers who I will just refer to as Shadow workers from another Universe, who’s mission was to help us with our AI problems here, because they are known for their ability to arrest AI. We can consider these beings as being synonymous with Anonymous but at a higher harmonic.
For a while we have been working with the Shadow workers to subdue the AI controlled Chem-trail operations across the globe, whose results couldn’t have been better timed. For by 6/21/17 12:00 AM the AI controlled air operations were hacked into oblivion. But there was a bonus we didn’t expect; apparently this AI system was interconnected to all other systems once thought independent. The independence of these systems was just the AI pitting us against ourselves competitively.
But wait there’s more…
The AI system hacked provided a back door to a much larger AI system; a much, much larger system that was off planet, and this system went down in flames as well ;)
Perhaps you need a moment to digest what this means. I know I’m still taking it all in and will be for a while. Personally I’ve never seen the Galactic’s so ecstatic, they rarely show anything that resembles emotion, but they were all dancing in the light, it was bizarre.
I knew the event held great promise but for some reason I could not grasp the big picture until they told me a few highlights. I heard the arrest of the AI went far beyond the arrest of Chem-trail operations, because everything was tied into the same system; the Harps, the towers, the androids, the nanites, the automated systems that manufacture the slurry and the nanites, the rouge robotics industries, the manipulation of markets and currencies, the advantages of the elite, the ugly android human hybrids, the advantages of the Military Industrial Complex, the mind control of nations, the implants, the weather manipulations, the automated planes, the automated flying saucers, the inorganic ET’s, the usurpation of corporations, the usurpation of governments, the false spirit matrix, the proliferation of AI weapons, the limitations of consciousness, the super computers, the malicious grid manipulations etc. etc…
The list is really the tip of the ice-berg and I have no idea what this may represent on a solar and galactic level. I don’t know what it will look like when the militaries around the planet begin to come out of their nanite induced comas, or the industrial complex, or the governments let alone the citizenry. Indeed the future is about to bust wide open as we begin life in a brave new world!
In light of recent events major plans are already in the works, there have been many souls ensnared here for a long time which belong to soul families who wish to reunite. There will need to be an emphasis on healing before anything else. But this process will not be made public initially due to the present state of human consciousness which has been held in fear so long it may lead to trauma. During the interim our planet will be surrounded by Galactic Police who will not venture inland unless absolutely necessary. Their role is just to ensure visiting craft and the like are unmolested.
Though the entire planet will be part of this healing at a quantum level, most visitations by extended families will be during sleeping hours unless one is currently in contact. Bodies need not be abducted, all attachments, implants, electromagnetic distortions and soul blockages can be dealt with while one sleeps. At a soul level our consciousness will be asked important questions, and all will be given the opportunity to leave this realm either now or at the end of this incarnate form. Light workers may be asked to remain until the transition is complete.
The number of Galactic workers heading toward Earth is more vast then conceivable at this time, and although the skies will seem most active at night, most will only make themselves visible if they feel its in your best interest. Their numbers in themselves will be in itself a safety blanket that shall keep mischief to a minimum. Those awaking for the first time may go through a bit of a transition not unlike what some go through around age 33, when you know something is happening to you but can’t quite put a finger on it. Eventually everyone will be a part of this healing process which includes what can be considered evil. For in truth, they need it the most, although many may be too far gone to revive. Those of this nature may find it increasing difficult to exist here regardless of wealth or status.
Though my words may be too fantastic for most, please be rest assured; Yes, this is really happening!
I realize it will take a while for the planet and its masses to adjust to the changes, airmen will have to go back to manually flying planes, and traders will need to make money the old fashion way by doing their homework. The big companies tied in to the system may require actual laborers to build shit again and Shaman will have to go back to creating rain. There may be a few chem-trails if they want to do things manually, but I don’t see the point of it. Cultural shifts will be popular at first, while governments will be lagging behind when it comes to change, but since they too are comprised of people change is inevitable.
I realize I’m probably considered public enemy #1 right now to the powers that are still trying to be. And my shelf life is probably reaching its expiration date. But one day they may look back and thank those who bother, though I may be reaching a bit. But if its any consolation at the next pow-wow I will be requesting we remove the hobbles from the NY Stock Exchange that were installed at the beginning of the year to put the kibosh on the manipulation. The system was being intentionally slowed to keep the market healthy and to keep politics out as well as AI.
But even if the regulation is lifted the market will be watched closely for greed. The free market might reconvene by July 4th ;)
Val  6/25/17

2A BRAVE NEW WORLD Empty Re: A BRAVE NEW WORLD Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:33 pm


Thanks Val!


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