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Spirit Signs - Top 4 Signs From Spirits

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Spirit Signs - Top 4 Signs From Spirits

Signs From Your Loved Ones In Spirit

Have you ever wanted to connect with a deceased loved one? Or maybe you've wondered if your family members, who are now in spirit, are with you and trying to get your attention?

While I primarily work with high vibrational spiritual beings like guides and angels, I have had experiences on numerous occasions where I've been contacted by my ancestors, and loved ones from beyond the veil.

When a person dies their soul lives on. The angels speak of death more in terms of the ultimate awakening, rather than a sad or scary thing lurking in the shadows…

Spirit Signs - Top 4 Signs From Spirits  Dream-signs-you-should-not-ignore

It is important to note when connecting with deceased people, that they carry the vibrations of their physical life with them into the spirit world until specifically addressed and remedied. A person who was often angry and irritable when they were alive, or who died from an illness, will have this energy within their vibrational energy signature until it is healed during their time in spirit.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of their presence, or listen to the messages they have for you, but it does mean you need to set boundaries. Don't let the spirits of deceased ones into your energy field (as is safe with guides and angels of of light) as this can actually lower your vibration, and it is possible for you to take on density from lower vibrational beings in this manner.

There are also spirits who were once physical beings, but who died while still attached to people, possessions, who were afraid… Or for some other reason did not cross over into the light. When this happens, they exist between the physical and spiritual realm, and their very presence is dense, and can drain your energy or make you feel uncomfortable because they haven't reconnected with the Divine light. These earthbound spirits are getting energy from the physical realm by consciously or unconsciously draining the living, instead of directly linking with Source.

A simple solution for earthbound spirits, ghosts, or attachments who are looking to get energy from you instead of Source, (or in the case of a loved one who needs help crossing over) is to call upon Archangel Michael for protection, and Archangel Azrael, and Jesus to help cross them over into the light. Call in the angels, and speak directly to the earthbound spirit, saying “look up, and release into the light”.

With that being covered, your ancestors and loved ones in spirit, may reach out to make contact with you. Spirits do this because they want to check in, let you know that you're loved, and that they're safe and well. At times your deceased loved ones have pertinent guidance they can offer you, to help you overcome challenges, and progress forward on your personal life journey.

If you do sense, or feel your loved ones may be reaching out and trying to get your attention, it is likely for a reason, as making contact in this way takes a great deal of energy and focus on their part.

Signs from spirits are most often subtle. Since your loved one is now 100% in the spiritual realm, they have no need for language (a tool for the 3D plane) and so their messages may be conveyed energetically, via a feeling, impression, sign, image… Or there may be a telepathic message for you.

To help you decipher if what you're experiencing could be an attempt from your loved one to let you know they're OK, and that they're with you, and looking out for you… Here are the four the most common signs from spirits.

1. Dreams

The dreamspace is one of the most common ways for spirits to make contact. When you're dreaming, you're naturally more open to the spiritual realms, so it's easier for your loved ones to reach you, connect, and interact. Pay attention to the additional symbols, themes, and emotions present in your dream to get an idea of the message your loved one is attempting to convey. I have been contacted by my grandparents several times through dreams, each time I woke up feeling excited, and inspired by the loving, and meaningful dream time connection.

2. Spirit Signs

Spirits are able to send all kinds of signs, some more obvious than others, to alert us to their presence. Have you been seeing your grandmothers favorite flower everywhere, or perhaps a number or symbol which reminds you of your loved one? This very well may be them alerting you to their presence. Animals, birds, or butterflies acting strangely, or appearing at a significant time can also be a sign from spirit.

3. Electrical Interference

Spirits can trigger the phone to ring (and no one is there), or they may cause radios, TV's and lights to turn on, off, or to flicker without any other explanation. Your TV mysteriously turning off is one thing, but combine that with a strong feeling that your loved one is near, is a great indication this is a sign from spirit. My grandmother loves this method of making contact, and many spirits do.

4. Subtle and Psychic Senses

Your psychic and intuitive senses are by themselves, and combined with any of the above signs, a wonderful way to experience the presence of spirit and to validate the signs you're experiencing.

Seeing your mothers favorite number is one thing, but sensing and knowing she is with you as you do is that extra validation so you can know what you're experiencing is real. Smell is an especially common way for spirits to alert us to their presence, and one I've experienced many times. Once I remember catching the scent of my grandfathers cologne as I received a mental impression and feeling of his support and approval… Did your loved one smoke, and you keep smelling smoke without being able to identify the source? Scent is often used by spirits as a way to remind us they love us, and that their spirit lives on.

These are the top signs from spirit which I have received, but your loved ones may reach out to contact you in another way also. With present moment awareness, and by paying attention to your subtle senses, you will be able to affirm and validate whether what you're experiencing is indeed a sign from spirit or a sign your deceased loved ones are around.

Thanks to: http://www.riseearth.com



Thank You Purps!!!!
Before Susana passed She was pretty much out of it. She would pucker Her lips when I went to kiss Her and did this until one hour before She passed but the week before there were many signs.
1)I saw a dead baby bird (embryo and broken egg)that I Knew was a sign of Her about to go. 
2)I was feeding her two Sundays ago while talking to a friend 90 miles away on the phone and She started to choke and his lights went out for a second. No one else in his area was affected.
3)Driving to the hospital last week to visit Her my car radio went on by itself.
4)I walked out of my house the day before She passed and two Buddhist monks were there. I gave them a donation and they gave me a wrist mala that She will be cremated with.
All of this happened while She was still here. I feel Her presence now. Looking forward to hearing ore from the Love of my life.



I have an interesting story to share with you William. I have only told this to a few people as it is fantastic and many can not grasp the reality of the other dimensions.

So... though I separated from my youngest kids father we remained friends so as to not mess up our kids anymore then we might already have. He was invited to all family events and holidays. He stayed a part of my life in other words. As he sunk into alcohol possession I tried several interventions. Right up until he succumbed to the damage that the vodka did to his organs.
My daughter and him had a falling out because she was sick of spending her weekends seeing him drunk that was in the process of being repaired when he died. At the time my daughter was with a guy that was not a good man and pregnant  with his kid. I add this info to give the back story.

Shortly after his death my home was a hotbed of poltergeist activity. Mirrors would fly off the walls and crash to the floor but not break. Built in bookshelves however were not so lucky as they slammed to the floor and did splinter. This continued for some time. I knew it was him and loudly threatened to sage the place if he did not calm the fuck down. After that my grandsons electronics became his method of letting us know he was around. Once he saw that his daughter was no longer with the shit for brains boyfriend who was now the father of our grandson he cooled off.

But one morning... the most amazing thing happened. I was at the pc loading up this site and I heard the most captivating sound. At first I thought someone had just hung up wind chimes. I went out side to listen but realized it was not coming from outdoors. Coming back into the house the music started again. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard really and I followed it to my daughters bedroom. I was guided to a blue ceramic box that was on a shelf. I reached for the box and the music stopped. I lifted the lid and there was his set of keys that my daughter was given with the rest of his things from the hospital after he passed.
I knew that he was finally letting go so I bid him farewell.

Every so often one of the kids toys I keep here will go off. I know it is him checking in. I jokingly tell him to bugger off and go visit his mother! hahahaha

So just know that Susana is right there with you.



Thank You Purps. That was very beautiful.


For me the veil is very thin right now and i'm hoping it stays that way until I check out.
This article was incredible and Purps experiences equally so.
My Susie played piano. I used to smoke a joint in the living room and space out to Her tango's and classical stuff from a few rooms away.
I called a friend in Nevada today and the phone cut out a few times and all she heard on her end was piano. Susie is making Her presence and power felt.
This is a great, caring site. Thanks you all for your posts and Purps for admin, etc. My wish is that we look inside and remember the passing of loved ones and the miracles we have experienced from this.


I lost my favorite pair of reading glasses the other day after Susie passed. I looked all over. I was off all weekend and going back to work tomorrow. I'd have to buy new glasses on the way to work. This morning on the floor next to the bed, an area I searched the last few days, were my favorite pair of reading glasses.
A lot of strange stuff continues and I feel that She is helping and guiding me through dealing with Her passing.



William that is AWESOME!

Spirit Signs - Top 4 Signs From Spirits  1678225693



Thanks Purps. You and your site are incredible! Susie is/was incredible! I just want to get across that sure there is some bad major shit: reptilians, politics, religion, etc. There is bad shit to try to defeat us. They haven't seemed to get the job done, depending on your time line either since Weishaupp 1776 or the archons thousands or millions of years ago. They are not accomplishing their goals. They have no LOVE , technology yes, incredible stuff, but no LOVE. I lost the love of my life a week ago and She continues to reach out to me. No  incredible technology, just the Love in Her sweet heart. And i see Her getting better at it. blinking lights, all kinds of electrical interference, finding stuff that i need tomorrow that was lost all of last week in plane f-ing view but it wasn't here yesterday. She might be in the spiritual gym now. Her contact is getting stronger. Does this resonate with anyone?


I had an incredible experience today with a shamanic type person my daughter recommended to me a while back. If anyone is interested I can post her site here with Purps permission. I don't know the rules about posting a site's address.
I learned a lot about how to connect with my guides. I was also in contact with my Susie and my deceased brother Joey. 
I know what I experienced to be true because Shoshanna (the shaman) said some things that only Susie and I would know.
I start every day by kissing a piece of Susie's clothing that I keep under my pillow and saying "Te amo me Diosa". The first thing Susie said to me through Shoshanna was "Te amo me amore".
She discussed what She was going through toward the end of Her life. Shoshanna said She has a very strong presence. This is a lady who went 9 days without food or water at the end because She could no longer swallow. She was about 60 pounds, hard to imagine.
The night Susie passed the realtor showed up unannounced. The next day I butt dialed the realtor. Usually you butt dial a person that you just called or a number that you call frequently. I have called the realtor maybe twice in the past few years the most recent being about 6 months ago. The next day I was trying to reach a friend of Susie's to let her know but the number I had was the realtor's. 
Shoshanna said Susie wants me to move to a smaller place with a garden and I will do as She wishes.
There were many more things we discussed and i learned but the bottom line is She is safe now and if we are service to others, which Susie was, there are no worries.
We need to cherish whatever and whoever is in our lives. You never know. But also those we lose are in a safe place.


I just wanted to add this: I'm getting so may messages and support and lessons through all of this. It will make me a better person.
There's a guy I see in my neighborhood who always looks disheveled or drunk or something. He was taking to a woman about his brother's death. I stopped to talk to them. His brother died 7/28 the same day as my Susana but 3 years ago. He died in the woman's arms, much like my Angel. She had a peace, calmness and wisdom about her, but he was still in grief like I am now. I understand that I need to get through the process like the woman did and grow and not stay in this terrible darkness like he is dealing with. Now when I see him I will ask him how he's doing and if I can help. 
Thanks you Purps and other's here who post some beautiful and informative things.



You are most welcome William.
Hang in there




Just trying to keep this post alive because the Love of My life is no longer here. 
So many things have happened. She is reaching out to me in many ways.
Have others experienced this?

I read and follow the RV/Nesear/Niburu and the moronic zapp stuff but after a while it get's old. Who really cares and is this a distraction? If you get a gazillion $ tomorrow will it still fill the hole inside?
For 6 years i have been following this monkey business, working and primarily tending to my Goddess Susana. Now that She has made the transition not much of this makes any fucking sense to me. 
IMO in 6 years anna von whatever, benny fulford, zap, larabee and the rest will still be saying nothing. Thy need to survive as do wee, and they have chosen the way they do with their weekly or daily posts with little more than promises of nonsense.
We need to look into our own hearts and see the reality of the situation. 

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