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The Aha Moment

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The Aha Moment

August 1, 2017 Ines Radman 

I didn’t plan on writing today but since we’ve had a heat wave the last few days, I had time to sit at the computer and listen to about 10 hours of Billy Meier tapes. With the A/C going on and not able to do any work either in the clinic or outside, what better time than to use it for this post today.
Yes, I had an Aha moment yesterday on tape #10 of the Billy Meier case. I won’t leave any links, if you’re interested or have already done the work that’s your choice.
The AHA moment for me was while I was sitting on the toilet thinking about the last tape I just listened to. Although the mindset has been living as a Soul/Spirit occupying this body; the how’s and why’s weren’t always clear to me.
I know that I chose to incarnate into this reality but why and how has been not clear to me. Here are several thoughts of mine as to why we incarnate here:

  1. We choose to incarnate into this reality to have different experiences.
  2. We incarnate to choose specific lessons
  3. We come to experience all that is
  4. Our spiritual journey/experience is in a linear fashion so that each life teaches us something
  5. The Soul has a definitive mission in it’s own evolutionary process in order to BE All That IS
  6. We re-incarnate with a Soul Group and choose specific roles within each Soul Family
  7. Each reincarnation is determined upon the previous life where we have to clear our Karma
  8. Each life chosen is based on a natural progression that here in this reality we are unable to understand
  9. From the moment of conception of Soul; we are destined to experience everything that exists for the Soul to evolve or return back to Source once complete

There are many more possibilities and combination and I really can’t pinpoint which one is the true one though after listening to the Billy Meier material and his communications with various entities, I felt the truth within my being. In Tape #10 which is all about the Spirit and our spiritual evolution, there are 7 stages we must go through and it really resonated within my frequency as truth. This confirmation of what I believed to be true was so powerful that I have been literally feeling weightless today.
This feeling for me has been like I have lost 50 lbs and got out of bed this morning NOT feeling sore and stiff as I usually do. I kept going to the bathroom to look into the mirror because I really felt like I had lost so much weight.
This Aha moment is when I actually ‘feel’ myself as Soul/Spirit and have shed the physicality of my human body. It’s an incredible state of mind ‘knowing’ I AM Soul/Spirit and being able to separate myself as Soul from my body. Although, all these years I have known theoretically that I am not my body, today, I actually felt that. It’s an incredible feeling of ultimate power knowing this reality I chose to enter into was to have a new experience. Our goal or purpose incarnating here on this planet and in this Universe is to learn or through thousands of incarnations figure out our true nature.
Imagine being born or having your first experience? You’ve come into this world with NO memories, no experiences. The entities communicating with Meiers explained that our first experiences don’t last very long. We can just be born and not yet know we have to breath; or we walk past a tiger and be eaten because we haven’t yet had an experience with a tiger or danger. The next lifetime we will have remembered to avoid tigers or be more careful when walking in areas where there are tigers.
If this is true, one must ask: “Is there an end to this journey? Is each experience just winging it or do we have specific things that we want to learn?” If the goal is to achieve self awareness then it shouldn’t be or needn’t be planned out. This is where I get stuck.
I know that my goal is to experience all that is created or ALL that IS, in other words my goal is to become a Creator. Not just in theory or thought but literally be able to create consciously or experience all that I need to become a higher dimensional being.
We enter into our first life with an empty memory bank, the only thing we know is LOVE. Some body functions are automatic and instinctual in order for the body to stay alive such as breathing, swallowing, eating and elimination of body waste. Just to become fully developed adults takes approx. 18 years. Our Spirit is endless and when it leaves the body it takes the memories with it so we accumulate experiences. It may take hundreds of lifetimes to learn of our intuitive abilities; thousands of years to learn we’re Souls having a human experience. Buddhism teaches us that we must never judge another Soul because each one of us are in different stages of our evolution.
This is why, and I have written about this many times that the Cabal/Controllers have put out a very intricate and well thought out agenda to keep us separated, divided and blinded so that we don’t figure out who we are. They can never stop us, but they have slowed us down. There is nothing, not even AI technology that can prevent us from our journey. From this viewpoint, physical death is a blessing because we leave, re-group and return to continue with our journey.
This leads back to what I have also written about many times and that is that this reality and all other ones we incarnate into are just movie sets that we join as actors. Once we’re done experiencing this Universe, we move on to others. I think Michael Horn said this process last around 230 trillion years until we complete the journey.
I have always known I was an Old Soul, I also knew that life in this reality didn’t happen just once but time can get confusing when you’re talking about trillions of years though this is just a figure to give us an idea of how many experiences we can have, literally endless/timeless. We’re the only species that is in a Matrix and controlled by time.
Billy’s friends often told him that they couldn’t interfere with humanity and were not able to answer some questions because it could change the outcome of a possible event or future and this is what I write about in the early years of this blog when exposing the Channelers and biblical prophets.
Help could have arrived a long time ago when the Matrix was formed, but the natural laws of non-intervention had to be honored so all those channelers were either contacted by government mind control agencies or entities that don’t want us to succeed.
Every Soul creation is experiencing at different levels, realities, timelines, dimensions and it’s all happening simultaneously. I am all Universes, I am ALL that IS; but this human mind is only designed for this body and reality. As we evolve and connect with our higher selves, learn to connect with the Akashic records or can travel out of body like I do during sleep; we can then get better insight and knowledge of our true existence.
The challenge for me is that I can’t stay connected with higher self because I’m here in this physical reality that is based on time, I can focus and enter that world but can’t cook or take care of my clients while connected, so I’m bouncing back and forth getting glimpses of the true me but can’t fully appreciate it in such short intervals.
This dichotomy is challenging because the human me wants to complete its lessons while the Spirit me wants to leave this crappy place and go home. The Aha moment don’t last long because I have to exist in this reality but as I find more pieces to the puzzle, I get excited because I know I’m reaching my full potential.
I do believe that Billy did and still does maintain contact with his friends, but one must ask: How many lives has he changed by sharing his journey and an incredible one it has been for him.
But I’m the Skeptic at heart and although I believe what Billy shares is his truth, how do we know these entities have good intentions? Their information/predictions and insights into possible futures have been spot on and it’s not the information I question. I question the motives of these entities and what their agenda is. I’m not saying they mean harm, but I don’t see many people on this planet who have bought into the story.
There visits started going back to the 60’s and that’s over 60 years ago, yet very few of humanity have used their information to evolve.
In essence, you’re here to experience with no specific goals and when you leave the body you take with you all the memories of this lifetime and it goes with you to your next experience. Your goal is to complete your evolution of all knowing and all being. To finally know and become that what your true and innate nature is.
It doesn’t get any simpler than that. The changes we make on this planet all come from us. As we grow spiritually we change our paradigm and the mass consciousness shifts towards what we want and think. We’re such powerful beings and creators but don’t know this, don’t know how to use it so our state of mind is such that most of humanity has stopped thinking for themselves and are allowing the Matrix to feed us a false relaity which we manifest. As written many times before, they provide us with the script and we act it out for them to create their reality.
If you believe that Russia is going to attack you, and enough people believe this; we will manifest this.
I would love to leave this body and get out of here but I have to come back and take over from where I left off so it’s in my best interest to stay, learn as much as possible about myself so that I can return even more enlightened.
My biggest challenge and lesson has been to stop reacting to the events around me. For most of my adult life I carried with me rage and frustration at the injustice in his world thinking I could save it by stopping the injustice.
I now observe without any emotional attachments because I have learned that we are what we create. I can live in this chaos that others have created and still be happy, feel joy and live this life to it’s fullest. My reality is so beautiful, so rich and filled with abundance and this is what I came here to do. I didn’t come here to save the world.
I no longer believe in the “We are ONE” statement, I don’t believe this anymore, I think it’s just another religious dogma to keep us from manifesting. By believing we are ONE, most of us are leaving it to someone else to change something. We may have the same Creator and have the same purpose of figuring out who we are but we’re all really Yin and Yangs. We’re independent of each other, on separate journeys but we rely on each other to play in this movie called Earth. We can’t do this alone so we’re dependent upon each other but truth is you travel on your own road at your own pace. You and I my friend are just another face.
You’re driving South while I pass you going North. We’re not competing because there is no prize to be given out at the finish line but we can’t pull out either because it’s just how things are. At the end of the road you will know you’ve completed your journey because a sign will read LOVE. From Love we were created, to experience Love and depend on it to get us back home.
It’s a humanistic view of our journey but I know there’s much more that we have yet to discover on our own terms and free will.
We may have friends all over different realities and across millions of Universes but they won’t come to help us because even if they were allowed to, we’re too dangerous, we haven’t evolved enough. We’re a danger to our own species, imagine them landing and wanting to be friends?
But our realities have happened millions of times because we’re probably at that stage of evolution that we are not yet aware of who we are and why we are here. Our lessons are difficult or maybe we’ve evolved so much that we can handle violence and death; but  I believe we’re old Souls and are able to have the most difficult challenges to experience.
When you no longer believe in death, it’s a sign you’re close but if you still think or believe someone or some thing will save you, then you have a lot more lifetimes to experience.
You can live in this madness if you know who you are, I keep looking for Nibiru or some huge Space craft because every once in a while I wonder if I have it all wrong. Damn ego, likes to mess with me every once in a while.
Next time you have that Aha moment, cherish it because I can tell you from experience, that light weight feeling doesn’t last very long, we’re having a human experience and we have to coordinate our higher selves with this physical body.  I know you can do it and my way is not your way.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com




Too much info. I was raised in the leave it to Beaver era. June and Ward didn't even sleep in the same bed!

    The Aha Moment Beaver10

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