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To Be a Cell

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1To Be a Cell Empty To Be a Cell Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:23 pm


To Be a Cell

January 13, 2018 Ines Radman 

The title may sound really strange or it might have gotten your attention. I was a cell, in other words, I became aware of my cellness. The last few days I have been really focused on getting rid of my sinus blockage. It’s been since August and none of the nasal sprays I got work. In essence, I wake up and for an hour or two discharge a lot of material.
Since we are in a flu season, this virus is the pneumococci  that attacks the lungs, I have kept my partner indoors and limited my exposure time outside as well. Even those that don’t have lung problems are thrown off their feet and land in bed for 10 days or more.
I’m trying to find the right entrance into describing me being aware of my cellness. It comes with constant thoughts about our Immune System. My partner was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder where his joints swell up and become very painful to the touch, never mind trying to move around. Although for years it was diagnosed as Gout; a hospital stay last year prompted his pulmonologist to have someone look at his swollen elbow. He was told he had a rare autoimmune disorder.
So, last night while really high on Cannabis Medicine, I focused on the Immune system in my body and while meditating on it, found myself traveling through a thick dark substance. From here, I can’t explain to you the details, it was out of body experience and when I came to this morning, I was able to understand how the cells work and the Immune System.
Picture the Immune System as an Army. We have a land army, airborne army and water army and an administrative army.. Our immune system is divided in a similar way. We have several Immune Systems that protect our body from external enemies and internal where we may produce too much or too little of something.
The immune system is pre-programmed to kill. In other words, the Army that protects us from external invaders is programmed to kill bacteria, viruses etc; it recognizes the bad from the good. It knows nothing else, other than to protect and kill enemies. What happens is for several reasons, the Immune System is compromised and when it reaches a certain point, it doesn’t know how to stop. I saw the Immune System attack a dying cell, it was really just speeding up it’s demise. But, it didn’t stop at the death of that cell. It kept killing everything around it. This is what an Autoimmune disorder is about. It automatically overkill’s or over produces antibodies causing Lupus, and other autoimmune disorders.
Often, it can correct itself after the baby is born if the mother gives it breast milk and if that milk contains the immune food. Often, mothers don’t eat right or abuse their bodies so whatever they did, goes directly to the baby through the milk. But if everything went well, the baby received the best milk solution, the immune system can repair itself. Problem is, it doesn’t last long. In countries where babies are given multiple vaccines, these babies lose whatever benefits they received from the breast milk and now have to focus on fighting invaders, viruses, and other toxic substances. 90% of the time, their immune systems fail and cannot deal with the enemy. Combine that now with another 2 years of receiving vaccines and the baby’s body is totally damaged. I have yet to see a healthy 4 year old. I have seen one child whose parents chose not to vaccinate despite the laws but they will be doing home schooling so they are not worried about being accepted in school. This 6 year old has never had a cold, never a running nose and every few months it has a fever for a few hours. They know it’s the immune system just doing a test run and they don’t try to lower the temperatures.
Our bodies are so carefully designed and programmed that we have yet to understand it. You can’t see blood traveling through the arteries and veins in real life, but I traveled them last night and witnessed the incredible chaos that happens in just the blood moving throughout the body. The arteries become translucent and I can see outside where I am going, just incredible, I can’t describe what I saw but I recognized each organ and connective material.
What I can now say, after that experience is that we are every part of us. We are the cell, we are the artery, we are the immune system, we have this awareness that we are ALL parts of this body, and that we can if we choose to, control the health of it.
Science doesn’t yet have the technology to see how the body actually works in a real life scenario. Did you know it takes roughly 45 minutes for the blood to leave the heart and return to it? Yes, we have instruments such as endoscopic and laparoscopic type, but they only see a very small piece or portion of the area they are viewing. They don’t see the micro size of a blood cell. Each cell is a different color/energy, as I was moving with the blood or being the blood, I was immersed in a rainbow of colored  substance, kind of like this: You take a white paint, pour it on the floor and then dump a few colors on top, take a spoon or sharp object and you create swirls. This is what the blood looks like traveling through it.
We think blood is real because that’s what we believe it to be, but BEING a cell, there is no consistent or constant color, it’s changing as energy moves. Everything is energy.
Here is another experience that relates to energy. I only take my Cannabis Medicine a few hours before going to sleep. So far, I have not taken it during the day because I’m a caregiver and the Cannabis makes me really sleepy, I wouldn’t be able to function. Once I start feeling the Cannabis, I go to bed. I actually look forward to this part of the day because in my fully aware condition I am able to focus on anything and manifest it into what I want. This night, I went to bed, everything was normal and just as I positioned myself I started to get stomach cramps. Let me tell you, pain is very intense when  you’re high and although the pain was familiar to me as ‘bloating’ pain, I still had my doubts. That little Ego pops up and questions me: “Why are you doing this? What do you get out of this experience? Are you really feeling what you think you feel?” But each experience I manage to shut the Ego down faster, so after my mental hit over the Ego head, I continued to BE the bloating experience while thinking to myself: “Thank you for this experience and now that I have experienced it, I am good, I feel good”. I could feel the pain subsiding but it started to move down my legs and into my toes and then GONE.
Pain is energy. Energy doesn’t disappear, it transforms it’s polarity but it’s in a constant flow, so the pain energy basically left my body. So, the question is: If I didn’t know this, if I didn’t try this, what would happen to that pain energy? Will it transform into something else, will it stay in the body, will it shift polarity? I don’t know, but I know what I feel and experienced.
How can I write about events in the world when I am having such incredible experiences? How do I define these experiences to someone who has no concept of them let alone experiencing them. What I am learning is that I AM in and out. I am the cell, I am the energy, I am the stomach, I am the pain, I am the blood. I AM ALL THAT IS; I’m creator within the creator, I am Ines within her and beyond her. I am up and down, left and right, I am ALL that is. Although I’m learning how to use this newly found discovery, I’m looking forward to more experiences but for now, my life on the outside is changing as well. It seems that my internal being is more conducive to having fun then externally. Is this what we are to learn? That everything outside of us is a projection of our thoughts and that we are complete inside, but manifest these experiences because we want to physically experience pain, suffering, illness, joy, happiness, jealousy etc.?
I’m starting to shift to that theory that we create everything, perhaps this is the higher self sending us messages to pay attention to these things or to explore further. Nothing is a coincidence, everything has purpose and although we may not understand that purpose at the moment of making that decision, most often, we do understand later as something happens that only confirms our intuitive self knew all along and that we should listen to it ALL the time.
From now on, you are going to read out of this world posts from me because the external world is no longer part of my reality. I have said what I had to say, so far, everything I have written about has manifested so let others continue the journey of the Prison Planet, but for me, I think I just made the discovery that we came to discover here. Our inner world, inner reality which is actually our external reality projected outwards. Fascinating!

Thanks to: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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