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Awakening to Remembering

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1Awakening to Remembering Empty Awakening to Remembering Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:47 pm



Awakening to Remembering ~ Feb. 4, 2018

Posted on February 4, 2018 by cindyloucbp  

Awakening to Remembering Shutterstock-740119147_orig-1
Where Did January Go? Template Re-Writes, New HUmanity Codes, Your NEW LightBody, These Eclipses & February: It’s about Deeper Emotions…

Awakening to Remembering

As a Gatekeeper and Gridkeeper, our realities, priorities and “duties” are different than what the typical human reality is. Our focus is on anchoring immense codes into Gaia’s Galactic Crystalline Plasma Gridding System as well as our own. These intricate and complex Geometric (and mathematical) Quantum Light Codes activated for embodiment/integration continue to be more immense, more intricate, more everything, therefore the amount of “time” (energy) it takes to accomplish this massive re-coding process is equally as immense (intense for the human aspect/reality). Dedicating to a process that does not conform to old human anything, it takes everything that we ARE to complete full integration within our own cellular body templates, while maintaining/accomplishing a multitude of physical realities/roles through these processes, as well as implementing all new higher timeline Galactic Soul Purposes, Missions,  Roles too. We have to “learn” how “do” everything in different ways, holding all realities in full alignment while managing/Mastering an infinite number of physical realities through Quantum Existence and physically working in every way too…
I have not yet returned to publicly writing/doing videos for all. Our Stargate Systems began synchronizing a few days ago, yet this process is taking “every day” to reach a full synchronization point.
We just went through an entire Re-Gridding Process that did a Template Wipe/Re-coding that worked through each system, each body part, each reality, each everything and re-aligned all to a whole new BASELINE for where we all function from, which shall be/is MUCH higher vibrationally/consciously than before. The syncing up of these codes, Stargate Systems, our physical bodies/systems, our physical Earth (Systems & Realities), is an immense process where ALL is being re-aligned for/by each one of us.
Many experiencing different phases of their “new” LightBody, Crystalline Structures and StarGate Systems activating, having to “learn” how to function with a “new body” that doesn’t “work” like the human body did. This “new” LightBody has a different “manual”, one that is Energetic and doesn’t operate like before. All new “rules” apply. Where the ego aspect is allowed to run rampant or try to fix/control, then the human aspect will run around trying to “do” something by way of the “old” unconscious mentalities, trying to “make the body back” to what it was “before”. Human comprehension does not understand that DNA ACTIVATIONS mean that actual DNA is being re-written/re-coded and that the entire human body goes through an immense process that will not fall under any human guidelines. The LIGHT Body (Energy Body/Soul Body) overwrites the human one. Linear constructs once held on a cellular level “break down”, so that these new Geometric Codes can re-write REALity… The human body constantly goes offline for this, while the LightBody heats up/cools down, expands, contracts, activating Crystals to begin an intricate purification process, activating Plasma Energy, which begins an entirely new process as a Galactic here. The “manual” becomes available as each actually EXPERIENCES this. Those of us who have already gone through these processes (and continue to), we share the information/intel(ligence)/knowledge to assist others as they come into these phases too. “Life” as a multi-dimensional will not fit into any box/reality that is linear/fixed. This is a vibrational and energetic existence that shifts one from linear to Quantum, with every “offline/online” experience.
The physical body doesn’t perform like it did before. Sitting up, physically accomplishing, sleeping, the organs, brain and everything is different. It will perform much differently, and without higher consciousness knowledge/honoring/allowing/assisting, all will “seem” to go haywire (Quantum), as separation/duality are “purged”/cleansed from the body template/systems until all return to full UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS as a way of Existing in every moment.
When your physical body is being re-coded, breaking down on a cellular level and working to re-structure your Genetics/DNA, your body won’t be able to sit up straight or even stand up straight. Laying down and a relaxed spine is necessary, often horizontal or perpendicular, without exerting any energy honors the breakdown/rebuild phase. When your body has completed this process, you’ll be able to sit, stand and physically work and process linearly again. Your spine will be able to be erect for you to process an immense amount of light intelligence through you, so that you can accomplish at a ridiculous Quantum Rate. The moment all of that energy is “gone”, your LightBody will collapse/go offline to start the re-constructing phase again. Your LightBody will carry you through all realities that are in alignment, sustaining the current reality through inspiration/how it processes Light for power/energy, then it will “go offline” for your human body to re-code again. This continual process means that you have to take greater care in “how” you USE your own energy/what you allow in your own Field, as this Life Force Energy is alive, electromagnetic and transmits/receives and is GENERATED from inside of you. Where you allow yourself to be depleted (there’s a difference in the depletion necessary to “break your ego/linear constructs down” and a weakened system where your body is trying to integrate/process a ridiculous amount of Photonic Intelligent Light), you will not have the energy to breathe/do/be anything, until the entire process is complete. The more you/your body LIVES ON LIGHT, the more you come to RESPECT your own energy in a whole new way. This is your Life Force, it’s what breathes Life into your own Realities here. It CREATES your realities, sustains them and supports the realities you are CHOOSING.
Your Soul Aligned realities are easy, inspire and assist with the Generation of Light. Your body constantly in re-generation mode, you need more “you time” with your LightBody to BUILD YOUR ENERGY, so that you can sustain. When you get in your head, your energy will deplete. You will notice that if you subject yourself/surround yourself to others who are functioning from a linear space too, that you will deplete as well, and this gets stronger as you shift from a human body to a LightBody. Your heart produces electromagnetic energy that sends out signals to your body to create MORE LIGHT ENERGY, so that you can function easier. Synchronizing your heart (higher heart) and mind (higher mind) to work/function in UNISON will take all of your energy for awhile. Your Body becomes a whole living breathing organism, so that processing is no longer limited to your head. It takes your whole body to do this, which means you must slow down in order to PROCESS thoughts and emotions differently now.
As you become a Quantum Computer Processor, you need more “time” (space) to sit/be, to observe, to process at a different “speed” than you did before. This “new way of processing” will bring your new Quantum Body more online each time, while taking your old linear body offline for a “switch-over” process to occur. Eventually you will process infinite realities all simultaneously with great ease, yet every time new codes “come through”/activate, your new body will start this re-coding/re-calibrating/re-everything process all over again. Learning how to flow/function with all new bodies (LightBody/Crystalline/Plasma/Etheric) is a continual role we accomplish constantly here. At times you can slam awesomeness and then all of a sudden, kaput. All of your Light is “gone” (depleted) and your NEW HUman body doesn’t have enough Light to function/process/produce/do. You’ve processed and transmitted all that you can and your body is “done”. Your LightBody “Brain” is vastly different and this continually evolves as we each evolve into higher consciousness existence here. We have to “learn” how to BE a NEW Earth HUman, functioning from a PURE State of Consciousness in every inner-action, every moment, every experience as Unity-Love and Soverein Powerful BEings intentionally consciously creating realities through Divine Alchemy here.
Your activating Crystals (Crystalline Structure), which link up to the Crystalline Grid of NEW Earth, are formed gradually and continually through an immense heating up and cooling down process, where your Crystals are developed to “mature” with each activation. Your Star Particles activating through this process also, activate your Plasma Body, which works through your bones, muscles teeth as well, yet on a much deeper cellular level than before. Heating up (SOULar Expansion of your Consciousness activates and tunes your crystals while cooling down (freezing on a bone/flesh level) accomplishes a different part of this process each time. The “changing” of physical matter forms within your body is immense. At first our human does not have access to all of this. The realities are way too physical still, where human emotions must be processed out of the body, where all was suppressed, hidden and dormant to return to a fully deeply connected feeling reality that no longer holds the old unconscious emotions that created the barrier/separation from this pristine higher consciousness love that we are.
All of January was anchoring, stabilization and re-balancing harmonics from within our whole body-field, this Powerful Super Full Lunar Eclipse Blood Blue Moon opened many gateways taking each into DEEP emotional energy for clearing. This 3/31 eclipse completed a phase activated with the 8/21 eclipse, which opened a gateway activating emotions deeper than ever before. Now we move through/into a NEW Moon SOULar Eclipse (Aquarius = Water = Emotions = Flow) for an extra heaping of cleansing templates/grids (Gaia’s and ours), with February focused on fluidity and E-Motions.
Multi-Dimensionals experience, process and clear differently, possessing the ability to clear energetically from the body template while mastering/managing many realities simultaneously and accomplishing/producing at a ridiculous rate (Quantum). We only slow down when we need to regenerate and build new systems, so that we can function/process more Quantum Light Data even easier/faster than before. Transcending the entire human experience to embody our highest selves, living a life of service through Unity and Love, as NEW Earth HUmans our physical realities return a vibrational match to what we ARE. This is true for all of us, yet our human aspect did not possess (claim/hold) the ability to Master the Physical as Love.
As each focuses on their own bodies vibration, continually detoxing, eating clean, removing chemicals, drinking clean and paying attention everything they subject their bodies to, the physical body will activate Light, which starts to “move” more inside and linking each up with higher/alternate dimensions, while clearing the old unconscious programming housed within the physical body. Everything we ingest, cook with, wash with, breathe, surround ourselves with… affects the physical body’s vibration. Feelings and thoughts are vibrational and act as a “weight” that keeps the body anchored in an unconscious dimension. As the vibration of Earth continues to rise exponentially to accelerate Physical Body Ascension for all to return to Multi-Dimensional Living, those unconscious (lower vibration) feelings and thoughts are activated to purify/cleanse from the body template, so that the body can physically ascend “out of” the 3rd/4th Dimensions for good and exist in the 5th Dimension, which opens the Gateways to all other higher dimensions achieved through expansion of consciousness and the embodiment of higher dimensional Light.
When the 5th Dimension first becomes available as an actual experience (rather than a dream/sleep state experience), it’s amazing, a miracle, magical and wow! The skies, the joy, the playfulness is beyond! Yet this is just the beginning for each into Multi-Dimensionality, which is a whole different ballgame for all. Mastering every dimension, a multitude of realities and constantly anchoring higher/highest timelines/new realities to LIVE IN/EXPERIENCE is done ENERGETICALLY and through Quantum Connection with all as Love, As ONE. Living without the separation of and Ego existence is a very PURE Existence returned. Our bodies held everything though and the immensity of this process only becomes visible as each truly delves deep inside and STAYS there all of the time and LIVES from this place of Purity in ALL moments, every inner-action, every exchange.
The “hugest” part of this process is the ROLE that our bodies play and the roles that we play too. As humans we try to control this process instead of listening/seeing/connecting and honoring a process that does not conform to anything linear at all. The answers won’t fit into the old boxes as DNA REWRITES ITSELF continually. Human ego will seek to activate DNA, without comprehension of what this actually means. Through observing the human listening to DNA activations, then the body starts to re-code, restructure, breakdown old programs, the human aspect immediately going to “old beliefs” to try to ‘fix the body’ or stop it or control a process it has absolutely no understanding of. I’ve had to say to many lately “What do you THINK DNA RECODING means? Actually “think about it”. What do you “think” your body is going to do as your DNA MUTATES you into a multi-dimensional. Let this sink in…..
WE REPRESENT Multi-Dimensionality. That’s like a huge deal. We are the Examples, the proof. We have to hold the highest regard at all times. We do not get to play in ego (or desire to) or put anyone above/below another. We are here to work together, to unite as love and to anchor the highest dimensional realms into this physical one here. We are here to Show the Way (WayShowers) and to EXIST as PURITY in every way. We are here to Unite HUmanity through Love. We have to BE LOVE to do this. There is no other way.
We are here to make a difference, to share, to support and to function from a place of openness, caring, kindness, while standing in our FULL POWER, while each does this their own selves too. We can share the information, teach those who want to learn, guide those who are open, yet the only way to EXPERIENCE the highest dimensions is for each to LIVE THIS with every breath.
This is a whole new Existence….
January’s Template re-write/over-write/recoding did many things. I will be writing on several as we go, yet for now, it established a whole new BASELINE for where we all function from now. It moved those ready out of all Twin Experiences into much Higher Consciousness Partner(ship) Relationships (Business is included in this), clearing huge timelines instantly. The strength of the Twin clearings (on an energetic level) has been strong. The 1/1 opened a new gateway for this, with the 1/31 accelerating the evolutionary process of our relationships here. The 2222 Code has been a massive one to anchor/integrate/embody, which weaved through every cell and breath, as it carries the (SOURCE) Breath of Life/Breath of Creation (in a whole new way), as well as all new HUMANITY (HUmanitarian) Codes to be implemented too.
How we come together now shifts to a much higher dimensional timeline as well. No longer coming together out of unconscious/karmic clearing timelines, each comes together as fully Sovereign, fully investing and as full partners to combine forces in order to powerfully AFFECT realities in even more ways than before. The stage has been “flipped”, as each SHOWS UP ready to share what they have to offer/contribute, instead of the other way around (human/karmic timelines where there are agendas and wanting something). These “died” with the 12/31 close out. Now our Purity brings us together. Anything less is often unable to align, unless each agree to commit to evolving a higher consciousness relationship/realities together.
The acceleration of Quantum Light Codes continue to substantially increase, which means the entire re-working of what is perceived as REALities for each. Accelerating DNA re-writes, accelerating physical re-structuring (both of the Earth and Each’s Earthly Bodies), accelerating dissolution of all that was of separation/unconsciousness for birthing all anew through love, the acceleration of merging timelines and merging galactic atmospheres and more. The increase of photonic light activating cosmic rays, crystalline content and plasma gas introduced within our bodies and through the air that we breathe too, our physical bodies constantly having to adapt, acclimate and re-configure themselves to live in higher dimensions “affects” the physical body in ways that the limit human mind does not want to comprehend. The old “treatments” of suppression/control will cease to “work” as the body awakens to return to full consciousness too. Becoming self-sustaining, self producing and achieving the ability to “process” multiple dimensions physically/energetically means the whole body must be de-constructed and reconstructed through a continual process of re-building itself with all new parameters for “how to function”.
Multi-Dimensionality will not only “touch” every part of your life, your whole life will evolve to become multi-dimensional on every level and in every way. Your work, job, business, friends, family, relationships, partners, physical things, physical abundance, body… every aspect of your existence will be brought into full alignment and online with the Gridwork of NEW Earth, however you as a SOUL (not your human) chose for your journey/experience to play out for you. Everything you need to learn/remember, will play out in your experiences on a daily basis until you awaken fully to remember fully again. Every part of your entire world/reality will fully align with Highest Dimensional Consciousness, at all times, as you become an integral part of contributing to our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL HUMANITY here. Your physical reality will constantly evolve and shift, which our human aspect doesn’t do well with in the beginning, because it can’t “control” this. Learning how to experience this with ease is a part of our own Ascended State of Consciousness descended into our physical bodies and anchored/integrated fully (Embodiment) and continually as each new code activates (24/7 here).
Radiating pure love consciousness out to accompany you in every moment,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Thanks to: https://roserambles.org


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