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The Male Species is in Trouble

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1The Male Species is in Trouble Empty The Male Species is in Trouble Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:46 pm


The Male Species is in Trouble Photo

The Male Species is in Trouble

June 2, 2018 Ines Radman

The Era of women being the victims is over. Men have been victims for a long time but it seems that nobody wants to talk about it. It’s more politically correct to make the ‘weaker’ sex play the victim role.
Truth is, men have been duped from the very beginning of creation.
The onset of Feminism started a fast downward spiral for men. While women rose in power, men were falling at the same rate. This Feminist movement, or 2nd Wave movement that started in the late 60’s was a series of political campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, woman’s suffrage, sexual harassment and sexual violence.
As women get stronger, men get weaker, the Macho Man is a thing of the past. I was still a young girl when this movement came around, so I don’t remember it and as I got older, it didn’t interest me. I never bought into this feminist movement, it didn’t feel right. I was raised in an Eastern European culture where Dad was the head of the house and nobody spoke unless he allowed it. My upbringing actually had nothing to do with it because I ran away from home at the age of 16; I wanted to be free of tyranny and abuse.
I believe we ALL should have equal rights. We don’t need to fragment humanity (which was the goal to keep us apart) into male/female, gay/lesbian, black/white, religious/atheist etc., we should all have the same rights.
But women cannot all be physically strong as most men. Not all  men are built strong and muscular and not all women are designed to be fire-women or construction workers, but if a woman wants a man to open doors for her, she doesn’t have to insist on her current partner to do that for her, she should go out and find a guy that does it. Just because a guy doesn’t open a door for a lady doesn’t make him any less of a man.
Today, I’m considered old fashioned because I take care of my partner, do all the house work, ensure he has all his meals prepared, wash his clothes etc. I consider that to be my duty and I feel it’s my place to make our home warm and comfortable. I do it out of love, it gives me pleasure to make my partner happy. I’m being the natural woman that I was designed to be.
A book I read years ago, perhaps way back into the 80’s called either “Mortal Man” or “Immortal Man”, it’s a must read for all you women but it wouldn’t hurt if both sexes read it. In a nutshell, the book defines the male biologically from a scientific point of view. Man wasn’t created to pick one woman or love one woman and be loyal to her forever. Men were designed to procreate and care for their wives/partners and children. Even in biblical times, men had many wives and children, but was only allowed to have as much as he could take care of.
Where did this idea come from that we can only love one woman or one man at a time? As if men have an internal switch and turn it ON to love a woman while at the same time feeling the need to procreate.
We don’t control the feeling of Love. Love is not an emotion, it is a feeling. Those that see Love as an emotion, struggle in relationships because they feel that Love must be the foundation of everything, they attach to that anger, disappointments and frustrations and other emotions with it. We can control our emotions. I can control my anger, I can shut it off. Love can’t be controlled therefore it’s a feeling. Feelings come and go, love comes and goes, we have no control over it.
So, the male today is struggling with his biologically driven instincts and our societal dogma or politically correct RULES of social behavior keep him in an unnatural state.
I’m not saying it’s alright for a man to have more than one woman at a time or as many as he wants, I’m merely saying that he’s being castigated.  If two people are ok with having more than one partner, that’s their business. If I was sick and could not provide my partner with his needs, I would have no problem with him finding a woman to fulfill his needs. He’s been ill for a few years now but I don’t feel that need, I’m complete within myself and as we get older, we don’t have the same desires.
Don’t you often hear or read the reason why a man had an affair, after getting caught or confessing: “I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened, she means nothings to me, I love you”? He was being honest. He didn’t wake up that morning and decide to go out and have an affair. He let his guard down, men are always on their guard, always fighting and struggling with their natural instincts and he unconsciously allowed himself to act on his biological instincts. Sex often has nothing to do with Love. Love is a feeling we don’t choose, it just comes. Sex is an urge that comes with many other feelings, but one have nothing to do with the other. Think about it.
So, I see men as being the greater victim of the Feminist Movement which was designed to wreak havoc and destroy the family.
Where are we now? We have gone to the opposite extremes. Though women still don’t have complete equal rights, men have NO rights. We’re so powerful now that we can accuse a man of behaving inappropriately 40 years later and destroy his life. We can call the police and tell them we were slapped or verbally abused, without evidence, they are taken to jail. We’re so powerful now that those pioneer feminists are living alone, Gloria Steinman now says she’s regretting it because she’s old, alone and has no kids.
My daughter who will be 39 next month will say to me: “Mom, times have changed, you’re now considered old fashioned”. NO. Things haven’t changed, my body is the same, my genetics are the same, my biological clock is the same. I was designed to create life, carry it for nine months, care for the home and family, to nurture and provide warmth and security. Men are still designed to procreate, to feed and protect their family.
Just as we can’t change the nature of nature such as dandelion coming out of the soil, flowering and dropping its seeds to procreate, dependent on weather it will or won’t. But regardless of what happens in it’s external world, it will continue to sprout, grow, flower and drop seeds. The dandelion will either survive and manage to release its seeds or it will die.
Our physical bodies have not changed. Both male and female are living an artificial life as neither are no longer living the way our genes were designed to live. Women are waiting too long to have babies and if they are lucky enough to get pregnant after the age of 30 as a woman’s fertility peaks at the age of 28 give or take a few years. Men can’t be real men, they are now expected to do the moms work of changing diapers or washing dishes. The only difference between a man and woman now is their sex organs.
Men live in fear, especially the still single ones. They don’t know how to approach a woman. They can’t touch her, tickle her, compliment her ass, whistle, shit they can’t do anything to show a woman they are interested in her, while the female is looking for the perfect guy but has little options because many men are AWOL and going gay. I’m sorry if I have insulted anyone, but I am writing this from my heart and it doesn’t mean I’m right, it’s what I feel.
I sympathize with all men alive today especially those that touched some booty or boobs in the 70’s when it was cool and socially acceptable and 40 years later their career and entire life is destroyed. Did the media ever cover this fact? That 20 or 30 or 40 years ago, things we don’t find acceptable today were acceptable then. If they were acceptable then, why are we destroying careers now?
Women that wait even 1 day to report abuse need therapy, some kind of counselling. Women that waited 20 years or 2 years or 6 months should have her career destroyed because it’s obvious at the time this happened to her, IF it really happened , her career or job was more important.
I’m not saying it’s alright to do something to a woman without her consent but I’m against recognition of an event that happened years ago, a time when things were different, when men didn’t worry about brushing a stray hair from a woman’s face in a bar or club, whistle at her while she passed by. We can’t bring our past culture into the present and then punish for it, it’s not right. Things do change, but lady you waited 40 years to destroy a man’s career because at the time for whatever reason, you didn’t have the courage or money was more important?
Man wasn’t designed nor were women for that matter to love one person at a time because we don’t choose love. Look around you, we fall in love with losers, abusers, partners that simply don’t fit into our lifestyle, but we have been taught to believe that if you love them, you can overcome anything. But I didn’t choose love, it happened, so how can I love one person at a time if in time, I love more than one man?
You can’t make someone love you or be faithful for that matter because LOVE isn’t a choice, it’s not something we invite. You can have an understanding with your partner that you want a monogamous relationship, but when he comes home and tells you that he doesn’t know what happened and that he loves only you, you need to listen to him.
Women are faithful and stay with one man so long as: They love their man and their needs are being fulfilled. #1 on the list of needs for most women is “Security”. A woman has to feel safe and secure with her partner, secure in knowing that he’s going to take care of her. The woman needs to feel appreciated and recognized for her work in taking care of the family and home. We don’t ask for much but it’s more about emotional needs than it is financial.
Men don’t need to feel love to sleep with a woman. They’re driven by instinct to procreate. Women on the other hand feel something and envision that long life together with the man they love.
Ladies, you really need to know your man from a biological perspective so that you can understand him better. I’m not saying you should go out and allow him to do what he wants. I’m saying, with the knowledge of the way he is designed, you then make a pact between each other and set your limits. There are men out there that can and will be faithful, but it’s often happened where a couple can be married for 60 years and in the 61st year he’s had an affair or vice versa.
Love is a feeling, marriage is an institution and one has nothing to do with the other. Love we don’t choose, it comes. Marriage is a choice and we make the rules. Just as you can’t control love, men struggle to control their biological needs and if you ask me, men have it much more difficult today and always have because they have been struggling with their biological instincts against the rules/laws of those that rule over us.
I am a powerful woman, but my man is powerful in a masculine way and I allow him to live naturally. I have never forbid him or threatened to leave should he have an affair. I simply let him know that should he ever make that decision, that he should be honest with me and we will work it out should it happen.
Ladies, I can tell you one thing though: I know that my man will come home every night and that he’s here because he loves me and because his needs are met. I’m too powerful to have to manipulate him into loving me or staying with me against his will. He’s a free man and I’m a free woman because I understand men biologically. If you’re not creating children in this honest and natural love, your kids will have challenges in life no matter how well you think you raised them because the energy at conception is what keeps the soul intact until it leaves the body.
We’re living in very confusing times, don’t do what they tell you to do, do what feels right for you, what feels natural for you.
Sex is an act designed to make babies, but we were designed to sensory and sensually enjoy it otherwise it would be another task like washing dishes. We were designed to procreate, what you feel is love for your partner is actually a NEED. You need attention, you need a child, you need appreciation and you NEED help to raise that family. If Love is something we don’t have control over, than what does it have to do with sex? I’m not sure, but it’s something to contemplate isn’t it?
I believe that the gods in Revelation, after Eve was caught eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge and before being thrown out of the laboratory, the gods warned her that she would give birth to children in great pain. I understand that as before that, there was no pain in childbirth? Again, I leave that up to you to contemplate.
Men are in trouble, we need to take back what we have done to them, it has not served us in any way, it has only served the LORDS to break up the family, to break up any sense of community and they sure did a good job of that didn’t they? They ensured that you ignore your natural instincts, and to follow the rules. Hope I didn’t offend anyone, it’s just my thoughts on this subject!

Thanks to: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


2The Male Species is in Trouble Empty Re: The Male Species is in Trouble Sun Jun 03, 2018 12:31 pm


Well said and for sure so very long overdue... music to my ears and eyes, to finally see simple sense of what I know many men struggle with. Without understanding and with guilt. It really should be of no surprise that it's all just more of the 'division plot'.  Unfortunately as with many articles and posts that reveal great insights of truth and reality to contemplate, there is nothing offered to contemplate in regards to correcting the problem. Not just the male dilemma, but the bigger issue of separation, division and labeling... 
 'Divided we all fail' which of course is the plan.    bat boy

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

3The Male Species is in Trouble Empty Re: The Male Species is in Trouble Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:48 pm


Marty, as usual you are spot on.   Divide and conquer they say. Between the education system with its agenda, and the massive unknowing (to most) input of female hormones into male bodies through tainted foods,  I would say the feminization of the male species is on its way to success. When the time comes to fight, the men will cower down and follow all orders.
And the womens movement....It was designed to get the women in the workplace to create more revenue and get kids into the school systems at an earlier age, not to mention put more pressure on families. Ahhhh, those guys dont miss much....And Planned Parenthood.....Not enough time for that...Margaret Sanger..

                                            Woman and the New Race,” 1920 Margaret Sanger
"By all means, there should be no children when either mother or father suffers from such diseases as tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis, cancer, epilepsy, insanity, drunkenness and mental disorders. In the case of the mother, heart disease, kidney trouble and pelvic deformities are also a serious bar to childbearing No more children should be born when the parents, though healthy themselves, find that their children are physically or mentally defective.” (“Woman and the New Race,” 1920, Chapter 7).

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