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Quantum Physics & Multi-Dimensionality

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1Quantum Physics & Multi-Dimensionality  Empty Quantum Physics & Multi-Dimensionality Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:31 pm



Quantum Physics & Multi-Dimensionality

Published October 6, 2012

All Articles 2012 , Dimensions , Multi-Dimensionality , Quantum Physics

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Tags: 2012, 3D, Dimensions, Hyper-Dimensional Physics, Multi-Dimensionality, Quantum Physics, string theory

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In 1985, a high school kid is accidentally transported in a Time
machine, back to the year 1955. But the actions he takes while he is
there create a paradox in the Space-Time
continuum. When he returns to the 1985 reality from which he was
originally transported, he discovers that the paradox has altered it.
This forces him to travel back to the 1955 reality once again in an
attempt to rectify the actions of his own Self. He now has two Selves
traveling on the same 1955 Timeline, only one of which is aware of the
other. None of the people who live in these two realities are aware of
anything that is taking place because they’re just characters in a

There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the Field and Matter, for the Field is the only Reality. Albert Einstein
In traditional physics, the dimensions of a system are referred to as its ‘degrees of freedom’.
We perceive material objects to be solid because they vibrate very
slowly at the atomic level. So solid, three-dimensional matter doesn’t
have a lot of freedom. But, the fact of the matter is – there is no matter.
The material Universe is nothing more than a very dense form of energy.
Everything that exists in this universe, from the most subtle, refined
realms of energetic structures, to the densest realms of matter, is
aligned in one field of energy.

Quantum Physics & Multi-Dimensionality  Wireframe

String theory is a developing branch of physics that combines Quantum
Physics and General Relativity into a theory of gravity. This theory
attempts to describe the natural forces of gravity, matter,
electro-magnetics, and weak and strong interactions, all in a
mathematically complete system.

Some physicists believe that this theory is the correct fundamental
description of nature. They believe that the building blocks of the
Universe are not sub-atomic particles, but rather, they are a more
fundamental layer of infinitesimally small filaments of vibrating
energy. And these ‘strings of energy’ vibrate at different frequencies.
According to this theory, we are living in a universe that has eleven
dimensions, with parallel dimensions, such as sub-Space and hyper-Space,
which exist alongside it.

Whether or not String theory is the correct theory of everything, the
fact remains that the mathematics involved in this theory point to the
existence of dimensions of reality, or consciousness, which are beyond our familiar world.

[i]Our true role is to create endlessly from the infinite storehouse of possibilities located at the virtual level. Deepak Chopra
In Quantum Physics, material objects are possibilities from which
consciousness can choose. But we can only experience those dimensions of
which we are aware. We can only perceive of the ‘music’ that’s playing
on the ‘station’ to which we attune ourselves. And we have been trained
to focus on only a very small bandwidth of frequencies.

The higher dimensions are outside of our range of perception. So expanding our consciousness is the way by which we will become multi-dimensional beings. God does not exist in only one place. And neither do you.

Quantum Physics & Multi-Dimensionality  Back-to-the-future1

On December 21 of this year, a new Earth grid will be launched. This new grid is based on an entirely new frequency range, one that allows the filtration of God’s holy energy to be absorbed evenly around the world. And, when the Earth acquires a new cosmic position during the current galactic alignment, our brains will automatically open up to this new range of frequencies.

Space and Time are illusions of the third and fourth dimensions. We need only remove the veil to see the reality. But we must also believe that the reality is here to be seen.

When everyone awakens to the understanding that they have been playing a character in a movie, humanity will experience the fifth-dimensional
reality in which we are all now living. When the collective human
consciousness acknowledges and tunes in to the higher dimensional
frequencies of this reality, we will all tune in to the new channel.

Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. Ephesians 5:14

Thanks to: http://hiddenlighthouse.wordpress.com


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