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Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018

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1Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 Empty Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:03 pm



Florence tracker: latest maps show hurricane path and rainfall
Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina, with gusts near 90mph recorded

  • Hurricane Florence – live updates

Niko Kommenda,  Daniel Levitt and  Pablo Gutiérrez
Fri 14 Sep 2018 03.10 EDT   First published on Tue 11 Sep 2018 12.15 EDT  

Hurricane Florence made landfall near Wilmington, North Carolina on Friday. The speed of Florence has slowed down dramatically, meaning life-threatening amounts of rainfall will continue to flood large parts of North Carolina and South Carolina.


Friday 10amFriday 10amlocal timelocal timeN CarolinaN CarolinaS CarolinaS CarolinaVirginiaVirginiaWilmingtonWilmingtonCharlotteCharlotteRichmondRichmondRaleighRaleighColumbiaColumbiaCharlestonCharlestonAtlantic Ocean

Cumulative rainfall

Source: NOAA | Updated an hour ago

Parts of North and South Carolina are expected to get up to 40 inches of rain, with dangerous levels of flooding already causing large areas to lose power.
Florence is now due to track inland, before heading further up the US east coast.

Hurricane severity
The grey cone shows the likely path of the centre of the hurricane. It does not indicate the size of the storm

8pm Fri
8pm Sat
8am Mon
Forecast storm path & severity
8am Wed

All times in Eastern Daylight Time | Source: US National Hurricane Center | Last updated: 14 September, 12:24pm

The NHC track forecast cone, or “cone of uncertainty”, is the probable path of the centre of a tropical cyclone. The cone increases in size over time to indicate the greater areas of uncertainty about its path.
The majority of flooding from a storm surge is caused by a phenomenon known as the Coriolis effect. The Earth’s rotation causes storms in the northern hemisphere to rotate anticlockwise, meaning a hurricane’s winds are deflected toward the right of the storm’s centre. Storms in the southern hemisphere behave the opposite way.

The path across the Atlantic

The 300 mile-wide storm was seen from space as it moved over the Atlantic Ocean. Florence has taken an unusual path from Africa to North Carolina over the course of 16 days.

Thanks to: https://www.theguardian.com


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Hurricane Florence achieves DIRECT HIT on Brunswick nuclear power plant in Southport, NC… pray for our safety
Friday, September 14, 2018 by: Mike Adams

Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 Hurricane-Florence-landfall-NC

(Natural News) Hurricane Florence, which achieved landfall early Friday morning, has achieved a direct hit on the Brunswick nuclear power facility in Southport, NC. The eye of the hurricane — where the winds are the most severe — is right now swirling directly over the nuclear power containment buildings, battering them with 100+ MPH winds.
As Natural News reported earlier, there are at least twelve active nuclear power plants in the direct path of Hurricane Florence. Many Americans are concerned about whether these nuclear power facilities are prepared to survive a worst-case scenario of a direct hit.
Now, we know that direct hit has taken place. Thankfully, hurricane winds dropped from 140 MPH to around 100 MPH over the last 48 hours. This may be the saving grace that prevents these nuclear power plants from being severely damaged or destroyed by the storm.
As the map shows, below, the Brunswick power plant is located just South of Wilmington, North Carolina. This is precisely where the eye of the hurricane made landfall:
Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 Brunswick-power-plant-map
This is precisely where the eye of Hurricane Florence made landfall:
Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 Hurricane-Florence-direct-hit-Brunswick-nuclear-575x403
Here’s the National Hurricane Center’s animation and warning text:
North Carolina officials are currently reporting that nearly half a million customers have lost power.

Media lies to the public about the shutting down of nuclear power plants

The Brunswick nuclear power plant is one of several that have been reportedly “shut down” before the storm’s arrival. But the media, not surprisingly, has been systematically lying to the public about these shut downs.
Nuclear power plants require weeks of cooling pumps to function for an effective shutdown. They can’t simply be switched off in an instant like a light switch. If the cooling pumps fail at any time during the weeks-long shutdown procedure, the nuclear fuel rods can boil off the coolant water and rise in temperature until a nuclear meltdown occurs.
None of this is being reported to the public by the lying media, which routinely whitewashes the risks of nuclear power.
At this point, all we can do is hope and pray the Brunswick nuclear facilities withstand the winds and floods of the storm. Even if something goes wrong with one or more of these facilities, rest assured the media will lie and cover it up even while radiation is released into the atmosphere, just like they all did during the Fukushima catastrophe.
Stay informed. Read Nuclear.news and check for storm update videos on REAL.video.

Thanks to: https://www.naturalnews.com


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Dramatic Footage Of Florence Devastation; 600K Without Power; Fatalities Reported

Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 Picture-5

by Tyler Durden
Fri, 09/14/2018 - 16:45

Shocking footage of devastation has begun rolling in after Hurricane Florence made landfall in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina on Friday at approximately 7:30 a.m. as a category 1 storm. Two fatalities have been reported after a tree fell on a house in Wilmington, North Carolina, killing a mother and an infant, according to Reuters. The child's father was taken to the hospital. 
Another woman died after suffering a small heart attack and paramedics were unable to reach her due to blocked roads, according to authorities. 
According to CNN, over 620,000 residents of North and South Carolina are now without power. 

  • 557,793 power outages statewide in North Carolina   
  • 64,813 power outages statewide in South Carolina
  • 622,606 total customers without power in both states

Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 DnEYeiAWsAALkIx

It's like a bomb went off" said New Bern resident George Zaytoun. "Everything around us is underwater.
Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 180913210837-04-hurricane-florence-0913-exlarge-169
Meanwhile, the Cajun Navy has begun rescuing stranded residents of New Bern, North Carolina. Organizer Clyde Cain told CNN that they have received over 500 calls for assistance. 
Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 6fba4ab2-2290-4118-84fa-17bbb2ff30af
The weather channel illustrates how bad things could get: 
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Powered By Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 1 Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 Dslogo_sm
Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 Treehouse
Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 Boating
[url=https://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/inline-images/doggo saved.jpg?itok=bg5FCuE2]Florence UPDATES - 9/14/2018 Doggo%20saved [/url]
CNN's ever-disposable Derek Van Dam had to flee 95 mph winds: 

MORE HERE: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-14/shocking-footage-florence-devastation-600k-without-power-its-bomb-has-gone

Thanks to: https://www.zerohedge.com


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