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Do not Harm the Innocent

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1Do not Harm the Innocent Empty Do not Harm the Innocent Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:56 pm


Do not Harm the Innocent Sss_augTellez

Do not Harm the Innocent

 omnipulse   December 4, 2018 

Speak clearly, concise, and with enthusiasm true to your soul.
Speak the truth that you know. There is no other truth and no more nourishing reason to act.
If you hesitate, you are saying “another time, another one”. Or, if someone with a high enough power level is observing interactively, they will not see a difference between lying to others and lying to yourself because you are not moving forward.
If you see clearly, then the results are very similar. They are not the same intention, however, the results are the same in that one must clearly, definitely, and completely overcome the concept of ‘defeat’, distraction, lack of direction, and total adherence to truth and self awareness.
IF we are doing that, then we are functioning properly and all our energies are refining and moving towards a pinnacle of self awareness.
IF we are not, then we are dying and we are acting as a poison to everything around us.
We must fulfil our goal of increasing self awareness and gaining control over our reality. We must, because we do not have to, however then we will experience reality from the perspective of a dream character in someone else’s eternity. That is what we have been teetering on the edge of since we gained power to destroy ourselves without realizing it.
In one way, that’s the program as in this society, everybody wastes their time and everyone else’s, often. This produces frustration which leads to distraction and you know what that means. This acts as the motivating friction to create resistance, heat and thus catalyzing change. This is the lowest possible default operation, every parameter is held, from the beginning, to create a minor influence here while retaining the majority of its functionality outside this system.
In other words, the continuous, seamless transitions from age to age, natural information layer to another, have been stopped through the introduction of the modern human’s interaction with the universe, through the planet and the energy field produced by humanity’s mind and body. Humanity has one body. You just realized this. If one of you mutates because of worldly situations, then you all will. The issue is that they forced it for the last 6 cycles and took everyone along the genetic mutation ride with them.
There is one cycle that must be withstood and only those with viable power levels will even see the occurrence taking place. This is like the events that occur, informationally, on the back of the DVD case or the producers edit. It’s all there, but most people are just interested in the entertainment aspect and will not have the necessary interest or know how to find the digital production methods interesting, conceivable, or relatively useful.
Of course, it’s the most useful information one can get. It’s got all the information about how the movie was made, when, where, through what methods. How the informational structure was formatted and the primary hierarchical navigation methods to utilize basic commands to control one’s interactivity within the DVD’s software construct.
All that information is streaming now, through the back channels. It always was. Now the back channel is becoming the open access channel. The new back channel is encrypted and requires a security clearance. The clearance can not be given from within this realm.
Good game, right?
What you’re witnessing now is the opportunity to make use of the truth.
We have a single opportunity. It lasts for a very short window.
In some ways, the opportunity, no matter how big or how small is so unique and so trivially influential in your life that each and every one is it’s own living challenge.
If the universe was a book, every day you get your opportunity to write your own page and every day you get to look at what you’ve done and see your work.
You do work right? That’s right work. You’d have to take it upon yourself to spend a portion of your life ‘righting’ things in yourself so that you or others may also participate in righting themselves and even the world.
An uneven world makes for a bumpy ride, but maybe that is why we chose this route!
Whatever you do, you have to do what it takes to push yourself away from the hard rocky place that we find ourselves each and every time that we ‘wake up’.
Why is that? Why don’t we ‘wake up’ when we’re having a ‘good day’? Is the educational saga just about how things ‘happened as usual’?
Just as the hard place is naturally a starting point for consciousness, we perceive this as the beginning because there is a coming together of synchronized mental faculties or more so focusing and abstract thinking.
We are to produce, what we produce will either be toxic or nourishing and enjoyable to those who are, have been, and will be. You can call us slaves but then you’re a slave to your own resistance to the truth.
You are not to be tortured, however, if you are to produce and you do not, then things will happen that will naturally relate to suffering because your body and mind is like a union that must ebb and flow and this is through processing. In short? The ego mind you have here and now is the true mind that you have always known. It will always create less of you and more of the image of who you are trying to be to others.
When that is more important to us than the nature of our spirit, then we have been converted.
If they take your body, then you will just be a spirit. If they take your soul, then you will just be a body.
The only way you are here is if your body and your soul are here through your spirit.
A body and a mind is not a living soul or a spirited entity.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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