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A Fable of Modern Medicine

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1A Fable of Modern Medicine Empty A Fable of Modern Medicine Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:52 am



A Fable of Modern Medicine Jon_Rappoport14

A Fable of Modern Medicine

Apr17  by Jon Rappoport  

by Jon Rappoport
April 17, 2019
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Note: This is a fictional look at what, in a half-sane world, would come to pass. The Starfield review, which I cite, is quite real.
Today, on July 4, in celebration of the founding of this country, a mass of medical doctors has suddenly stepped forward to make a stunning statement. This group numbers in the hundreds, if not thousands (the final tally is not yet in). Here are some of the highlights of their joint communication, which is intended for every citizen of the United States—
“The pricing of medical drugs is a shameful fact of life. Companies are routinely placing profits over saving lives. This practice must cease.”
“Many hundreds of these drugs are both unnecessary and harmful. We cite, among other studies and analyses, a review, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on July 26, 2000, authored by the late Dr. Barbara Starfield, who, at the time, was a revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Dr. Starfield concluded that, each year in the US, medical drugs kill 106,000 people. The medical system as a whole kills 225,000 Americans per year. This latter figure extrapolates to 2.25 million deaths per decade, laid at the door of modern medical practice. No systematic attempt has been made to remedy this ongoing tragedy or establish culpability.”
“Thousands of unnecessary surgeries take place every year. This practice must cease. It is not only intrusive; it causes great harm.”
“Driven by sheer profits, a massive propaganda campaign has been blanketing the country. The goal of the campaign is to cover up the fact that building the immune system of every individual is the prime mission of medical help—and that effort is not medical at all. It involves clean nutritious food, clean air and water, exercise, and other basics of living.”
“We regret to inform the public that immunization through vaccines is a severely flawed program, involving the injection of toxic chemicals and a variety of germs. Not only does this not produce immunity from disease and illness, it gravely harms the body. It must be stopped. This will take a massive re-education program. We are prepared to help.”
“Why are we, as a group, stepping forward? Because we have reached the boiling point. Because we are guilty. Because we have violated our sacred oaths. Because we have awakened from the trance produced by our education and training. When we follow correct guidelines, we can produce much good in the area of crisis/trauma care. But in our day to day work, we deal with many other factors, and here we are woefully deficient. Supported and backed by medical boards and governments, we have become excessively prideful and dishonest. What is a return to honesty doing for us? Already, law enforcement officials are hunting our group down and attempting to prosecute us for speaking out. But this will not work. We are too many. We are resolute. We refuse to do more harm. This refusal is not criminal or insane; it is necessary…”
Following the issuance of this statement, state and federal attorneys general have denounced these doctors and promised to “bring them to justice.” Medical authorities have begun an internal hunt to root out “radicals.” But this huge group of doctors have signed their statement. They are out in the open. What they ask for is the help of the public in avoiding drastic consequences.
In another section of their statement, the dissenting physicians demand this: “Executives and scientists who work for pharmaceutical companies must share the blame; they must be charged with crimes and tried in courts before juries…”
Perhaps most shocking—this group of defecting medical doctors is growing larger. Buoyed by the presence of colleagues who are exposing the truth, new physicians are coming on board. They are demanding the rejection of state laws aimed at forcing vaccinations on young schoolchildren…

A Fable of Modern Medicine Matrix-exit1
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