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QAnon Warns Patriots about False Expectations — The Storm Will Happen When It’s the Right Time

April 13, 2020 by frappy25

Source: Justin Deschamps
 QAnon recently posted a warning about false expectations, highlighting the fact that the storm will happen when the time is right, not when analysts claim or predictors say. This statement is actually quite refreshing, as there have been rumors for years of mass arrests, and as such, a steady stream of disappointment as dates come and go. But the good news is, never before have things looked so good for the reboot of civilization and the final end of the cabal.
by Justin Deschamps, April 10th, 2020
In a post made today, Q addressed the explosion of rumors and predictions being made about when the big move will finally take place.

This is the drop.
Patriots Making Date Predictions Are Harming the Movement and Arming the MSM
10 Apr 2020 – 12:42:54 PM
Patriots: be cautious in your interpretations of info posted. False expectations [& push] based on ‘speculation’ will only weaponize those who attack us [MSM].
Why does [MSM] expend resources [daily] attempting to discredit?
Do you provide the playbook to the enemy w: specific dates?
Logical thinking.
FISA INDICTMENTS = START (public_justice)
Future proves past [events unlock].
Think CEO departures.
Think FBI departures.
Think DOJ departures.
Think State departures.
Think WH departures.
Think DIA departures.
Think Pentagon departures.
Think Senate departures.
Think House departures.
Think Amb departures.
Think IG departures.
Think Judge install.
Think SC install.
Think WH install.
Think FBI install.
Think C_A install.
Think DOJ install.
Think US ATT install.
Game theory.
If you look you can see.
Q is spot on.
If you have been watching the MSM, they use a standard playbook. Find the worst and most irrational examples of Q followers, write articles about them, and make the entire movement seem like a bunch of crazy tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists.
I’ve been meaning to speak about this for a few weeks now. As a long time researcher into the idea of an alliance to stop the cabal, I’ve seen my fair share of false starts and bitter disappointment.
Back in 2011, we were hearing about mass arrests from a guy named Drake. And wouldn’t you know it, nothing happened.
Then it was all about 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar. And again, we were left wondering if it was all a hoax.
Well, now there’s Q.
Now there’s the Storm and veterans of the truth movement are a bit less open to yet another promise of change looming on the horizon.
I have regular discussions with other researchers, QAnons, and anti-Q people. And a good portion of them have what we might call hope-trauma. This is when you get your hopes up about something, you really invest your emotions and even reputation in it, and then nothing happens. For a lot of folks, the emotional fall out is so intense, they’ll be very leery to give another shot at hope a chance.
In this way, there are legions of doom-sayers out there that take a very pessimistic attitude toward any sign of good change, because, they don’t want to get disappointed again.
Frankly, who can blame them.
I’m not immune to this problem either. I’ve seen at least a dozen seemingly groundbreaking developments come about that didn’t end up having the big effect that was promised.
But I think the guide for whether or not something is true has to be logical and rational.
Related 4 Key Steps of Discernment – Advanced Truth-Seeking Tools
Just because something sounds too good to be true doesn’t mean it’s fake. And in this regard, I see a lot of really smart people rejecting signs of good change using really bad irrational arguments and justifications.
Here’s one you might have heard before.
“Oh, mass arrests will never happen. They were talking about that years ago, and it didn’t happen then. So it won’t happen now.”

Yes, crying wolf, when there is no wolf, is damaging. But that guy who cried wolf might have just got his dates wrong. Maybe there is a wolf and we should be careful not to blow him off.
Here, the fact a prediction didn’t hold true is not proof or evidence that it might not happen in the future. This is not logical thinking, it’s emotional thinking. It’s the sacrifice of intellectual honesty for emotional comfort.
Now on the other end of the pole, we have the reverse. Folks who seem to take the smallest shred of evidence and spin it into a glorified proof that this or that will definitely happen.
The so-called 10 days of darkness is the latest Q prediction. Here, the claim was that on the first of April, the internet will go down for 10 days, the deep state actors will be arrested, and the emergency broadcast system will play 8-hour documentaries showing all the crimes of the cabal.
Book QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening
Well, here we are on the 10th, and no internet shutdown has taken place. And, wouldn’t you know it, swaths of Q followers are all bitter and disappointed.
Yesterday, I had a conversation with a local Q’er, who said he and a lot of his Q friends are starting to think they’re being deceived. Why? Because the mass arrests haven’t happened yet.
OK. Let me be perfectly blunt here.
The cabal is a multi-generational global criminal network that has infiltrated almost every sector of society we can imagine.
Related Exposing the Cabal’s Global Child Abuse Network — Who or What is the Whore of Babylon
They are arguably the most well organized, protected, funded and technologically advanced network of criminals on earth, possibly that has ever existed. Do you really think that the takedown operation is going to be broadcast to the world with specific dates and times?
Do you think that maybe the Q team won’t post dates because it would blow the operation?
Do you think that maybe we’re are missing some of the facts and things are proceeding as fast as they can?
For me, I know for a fact that we have way more signs of change than we’ve ever had before.
The shear number of Q proofs that are solid and have never been debunked shows that there is definitely an alliance against the deep state. The coronavirus pandemic is creating a perfect environment for dismantling this criminal network. The Fed was just taken over by the Trump team. And dozens of other good signs are there to help us stay hopeful.
I think the objective and method of this operation is something we might need to review.
Book Revolution Q [Understanding the QAnon Operation to Takedown the Deep State]
In my understanding, the Q operation has the goal of restoring the rule of law and ending the criminality once and for all. At the same time, the operation has to clearly and unquestionably reveal to the public who the bad guys are and what they’ve been doing. 
If they arrested everyone tomorrow, and Trump told the world in an epic press conference, how many people would believe it?
I think the vast majority of people would assume Trump effected a coup and he was actually the criminal, not the cabal.
Why? Because the media has been polluting the minds of the people for so long, most people wouldn’t know real freedom if it smacked them in the face.
Most people are so hopelessly dependent on the cabal and their celebrity spokesman, most would assume Trump is actually the bad guy, and the Q team is just a military takeover force of its own.
“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

Morpheus, The Matrix”
This means, arresting the bad guys isn’t the ultimate goal. It’s just one part of the puzzle. The real goal is to let the deep state reveal themselves in such glaring detail, no one can argue against what the truth is.
Book A User’s Guide to The Great Awakening: How citizens worldwide can help guide their societies to long-term peace and prosperity
Think of it like this.
Your working at a job with a boss who loves to grope women. These women want to get this jerk fired, but management has protected this guy for decades. If they go to H.R. and tell their story, they might be believed. But there’s a good chance they will be disbelieved. What would prove to management that this boss is the abuser the women know he is?
If these women hold an office party and invite the boss, they might be able to get him to grope one of them in front of upper management. And if they did, then it would be inarguable what this boss has been doing.
I propose this is precisely what is happening with the deep state takedown operation. 
I think a lot of the arrests and moves have already been made.
I think what we’re seeing now is theatre.
I think the alliance has cut the supply lines of the deep state, destroyed their best-laid plans, and is now letting them make fools of themselves in a very public way so that, in the end, everyone will see the evil first hand.
If I’m right, it won’t be Trump that tells the world. We’ll get to see it with our own eyes.
And once enough people finally start to accept the truth, then we’ll see the huge epic disclosures and all the evidence they’ve been gathering for years.
We’re in the middle of a huge operation.
We should be skeptical but not irrational.
And we should be careful not to push unproven ideas as proven facts, this way we don’t accidentally disappoint someone by crying wolf.
Much love,
 – Justin

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