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5 G causes COVID and other reasons to turn off the Internet

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5 G causes COVID and other reasons to turn off the Internet
By Jack Heart, Phil, An Nwn & Orage

With the advent of the COVID virus and the West’s assisted suicide at the hands of the World Health Organization and political leadership epitomized by the nightly Donald Trump Show much ado is being made about the implementation of 5 G in America. The bulk of it if not all of it, at least in America,  traces back to former vodaphone employee Joe Imbriano; a man who professes to believe “god created the earth and the heavens in seven days...” (2)

It only gets worse after that, one could call it junk science or pseudoscience but that would be giving it more validity than it’s worth. Science has nothing to do with it. This is an exercise in bible thumping being applied to the root of empirical science. 

The reality of the world we live in begins with aMathematical Theory of Communication, a two-part article by Bell mathematician Claude Shannon appearing in the 1948 July and October issues of the Bell System Technical Journal. Shannon begins by saying:  “The fundamental problem of communication is that of reproducing at one point, either exactly or approximately, a message selected at another point.” (3)

Shannon’s paper would become the foundation of Information Theory; a variation of John von Neumann’s Game Theory. Information Theory deals with the quantification, storage, and communication of information. Information Theory is used in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, neuroscience, electrical engineering and black hole calculations…

Sciences most efficient way to solve Shannon’s “fundamental problem” is through wireless communication, using frequencies to broadcast information.

The mathematical calculations required for understanding the interaction of frequencies are beyond the education of most laymen. But that does not excuse ignoring what is right in front of you. It’s spring and in every backyard in America birds chatter enthusiastically as they go about their business breeding and building nests. They are not falling out of the air dead as Dr. Frankenstein orders Igor to power up his fiendish 5 G system. 
 5 G causes COVID and other reasons to turn off the Internet Jesus%2Bfire%2Bbreathing

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American Fundamentalist Christians live in a bizarre comic book world which does not lend itself to Holographic paradigms, Fourier transforms and Biological warfare. They insist 5 G will interfere with the absorption of oxygen by their blood and as evidence they site fifteen year old experiments done with 60 GHz forming oxygen absorption bands in free floating atmospheric molecules. 

Hemoglobin, blood, an entirely different story, is never mentioned once in the fourteen page paper intended for industry scientists working in the field of “earth atmosphere remote sensing, microwave wireless communication and industrial applications...” (4)

Big business has been expressing interest in communication systems operating at 60Ghz for at least twenty years now. Licensing by the FCC can be less regulated, costly local auctions for limited airwaves avoided, interference minimized and speedy dispersal of information maximized. “Theoretically, 100,000 systems operating at 60 GHz can be co-located in a ten square kilometer area without interference problems.” (5) 

Information is the most valuable commodity there is. It always has been. As the old Jewish proverb goes “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The trade in information is highly competitive and because it has already implemented 5 G China now has a tremendous advantage in its economic war with America.

Globalist corporations are seeking technological parity with China, they are not looking to despoil and corrupt the precious bodily fluids of “god faring” Christians, there’s no money in it. Having said that this is by no means an endorsement of 5 G technology, millions of networks broadcasting on frequencies at best loosely licensed and regulated by the FCC could lead to all kinds of nefarious activity.

Phil, not his real name, is an intelligence specialist with over a quarter century experience in military applications for wireless communications. I’m a layman when comes to understanding frequencies. Phil is a professional, and he has been good enough in his time off to write this short essay telling you exactly what 5 G can and cannot do. I have emphasized in bold some of the most pertinent passages. You will see why when you read the last part.    

“I have done quite a bit of searching and analysis of the recent radio engineering and medical studies and treatises regarding 5G. In the world today there are a lot of empirically measured resonant frequencies at the atomic, molecular and cellular levels although most requires a bit of unit conversion from the measurements used in the documents to a common form of wavelength or resonant frequency measurement.

Bottom Line: 5G is not really so different from all the previous cellular digital communications systems in terms of the frequency ranges it operates in, the carrier power and means by which communications is carried out. The major difference on the surface is that the 5G systems have the ability to change antennas on the same tower to make sure that the receiver, whether cell phone, watch, automobile or human gets the signal at the strongest strength. 

This is how the engineers have dealt with the issue of signal losses over distance. A quick note here, the strength of an electromagnetic wave drops by the inverse of the square of the distance to receiver.

Can the electromagnetic radiation from digital cellular communication systems cause damage to living cells? Yes, so can any EM radiation regardless of source. You can get sun burned right?

Are the new 5 G systems designed to do so from the outset? I don’t think so. Not at the developer or manufacturer level. 

Could the carrier or signal be manipulated so as to affect individuals, individual types of cells, or a particular population? Yes, the nefarious could design a transmission (again regardless of the type of signal AM, FM, 3G, 4G or 5G) that can increase the odds of the signal having the desired effect upon an organism or atom.
We are all familiar with what a wave is. One thing we must remember about waves is that by definition waves, either like those you can see on the surface of water or electromagnetic, repeat themselves over time. The time it takes for a wave to repeat itself is called wavelength. 

The other side of this and what we often hear is frequency. This is another measure of the wave’s form; it is the number of times a wave repeats itself in a given amount of time, and usually measured waves or cycles per second, called a hertz. 

Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light and they follow well proven classical physics principles thus they are measurable. The measurement of energy in a wave is called amplitude. And for the last of the definitions; the instantaneous measure of where the wave is in its cycle is called the phase.  

Qualifier: For this discussion we will not get into the quantum physics calculations or theories which would confuse the dialogue. Just bear in mind that at the quantum or sub atomic level it has been shown that influencing a free electron which has been separated from an atom somewhere else in the universe can be influenced instantaneously by an action upon, or a resonant frequency shift in, a paired electron somewhere else in the universe.

When 5G waves interact with human DNA or other parts of miniscule cells there is attenuation or absorption of a tiny amount of energy from the 5G wave. This interaction results in the release of energy from the travelling wave to that which it “hits”. In the case of cells or parts of cells ie: a DNA strand, that energy into the system or cell must necessarily be dissipated in some way so the affected waveform can return to its normal state of equilibrium and operation. In DNA it has been shown that absorbed electromagnetic energy results in a minute amount of UV energy radiation out from the DNA strand. 

The amount of interaction/attenuation of the travelling wave is affected by the instantaneous magnetic dipolar field of an electron or in other words the electron’s position relative to the nucleus when the interaction with outside wave occurs. The phase of an electron, where it is in the orbit, around a nucleus, is one of the major determinants of the outside wave effect on the electron and the atom. This same applies when you start getting into combined waveforms that we call the molecules of the DNA strand or individual DNA proteins.

Where and how long the outside wave interacts with the complex wave of a DNA strand will determine how much of an effect the wave has on DNA. Outside wave energy is often so small by the time it makes it through the filtering or dampening of "tissue" or even the air that there is then little energy to impart inside a cell.

There is much going on in this field. The Rife machines of yesteryear are now modern spectrometers and electron microscopes. 

The thing that people have a hard time grasping is that the shorter the wavelength, or higher the carrier frequency. The wave travelling at the speed of light, with a very minute wavelength, takes very little to be knocked off course or the energy of the wave absorbed or transferred to another waveform, such as an oxygen molecule while travelling through the space between the transmitter and receiver. 

Repetition and error detection/correction must be built in to the systems to aid in getting the message transmitted correctly.

When we are talking 5G some of the carrier wave frequencies are way up there, meaning minuscule wavelengths, almost in the visible light range.  With this being the case it doesn’t take much interaction with other waves, solids, gases, etc. to eat up the energy of the travelling wave; a collision with a carbon dioxide molecule can and does have an effect on the travelling wave. 

That being said the wavelengths of the particles, atoms, DNA strands, cells, components (bones, organs etc) all are going to have different combined complex electromagnetic waveforms of their own. The larger the conglomerationthe lower the resonant frequency of the whole. 

This is why very low frequency waves were, and are, used in Rife and other resonant or sound based healing. Studies show the human body has a resonance between 5 and 10 hertz. The planet itself has a resonant frequency, or in other words the planet vibrates continuously at 7.42 cycles per second. This is known as the Schumann Resonance. The lower frequencies are heard and felt and affect a larger number of cells by bringing them into sympathetic resonance with the frequency of the influencing wave.

Although the 5G signal does impart some energy into the body it will be in very few cells at any given time. Does that mean it won’t cause cancer? No, it could and might cause damage but the odds are low due to received transferred energy being low. If there is damage it will either manifest as a latent problem in a few cells the body will take care of, or will cause cell death in a few cells, and again the body will take care of it. 

The recently posted video Out of Shadowsat 1:17 says the use of Very Low Frequency waves piggybacking on carrier waves is a form of mind control. This statement may be correct and goes into my next consideration about 5G and radio transmissions in general. 

Basically any electromagnetic wave of energy can have an effect on any other electromagnetic body. And of course electromagnetic waveforms are what make up the entire universe we find ourselves in. For an electromagnetic wave to have effect on a living being the transmitted wave must be near the resonance frequency of the body to be influenced, or of significantly high energy.  

Communications transmitted over electromagnetic signals do not often match up cleanly with resonance of human cellular functions. Therefore if one wished to influence something’s resonant frequency then the signal from the antenna must be “shaped”. 

A demonstration of resonance might be in order here. Place two tuning forks within a foot of one another. Strike one and the other will feel the wave and begin to vibrate too. If the note, or natural frequency, of the tuning forks are too far apart on the scale the passive will have little inclination to begin to resonate at the frequency of the one struck.

The “shaping” of a wave is so that when the signal is received there are other signals within the transmitted waveform which are perceived at the receiver as close enough to the natural frequency to cause the receiver to resonate with the new received signal.  

This shaping can be done through the use of repetitive patterns influencing (modulating) the carrier which then produces harmonics, which are positive or negative waves at integer multiples of the wavelength (cycle) of the packet of energy influencing the carrier wave. By changing the packet length one can change the harmonics and move them on the scale so that the harmonics are the desired frequency to more likely induce resonance.

For humans it was shown many years ago that the best, most penetrating carrier wave to penetrate the human body is in the 5 megahertz range. This is a 1000 times larger wavelength than the 3G, 4G or 5G carriers. Although the wave that kills a "virus" or bacterium is more likely to be in the 2 to 10 hertz range. 

This is not to say that DNA cannot be receiving signals and be influenced by waves in the nano-meter wavelength. A full uncoiled human DNA strand of roughly 2 meters in length and has a resonant frequency range similar to the current wireless device’s operating frequency range. 

The issue that is the elephant in the room is not will 5G kill but how to program the "wave", any wave, to interact with a given "living" organism without being caught. Those with money to hire an eclectic group of scientists likely could do it. Is it intentional on the part of the manufacturers wanting to sell bigger, better, faster....perhaps but not likely because any legitimate public funding would dry up.

I’ve been considering the issue since the first time I went to work around a microwave (GHz range) communications system. I heard about birds flying in front of antennas and being struck down, dead in flight. My first thought was that since it was a microwave system the bird got zapped like a piece of chicken in the microwave oven.  

Using this analogy I believe one can better explain how microwaves have their affect. It is not that the high power electromagnetic signal influences programming within the cells so much as the closer to the source of transmission the more the exposure to energy of the transmitted wave. 

This electromagnetic energy imparts HEAT when the wave encounters something. The wave sets whatever it encounters to vibrating and the vibration causes heat. That is why microwave food gets hot. Or how DARPA used HAARP to heat the ionosphere. The waves impart energy upon the object, in this example a bird or atoms in the sky. The heat is what kills, not the wave’s frequency or wavelength.

The electronic systems manufacturer’s technical aspects and mathematics do not rule out unintended damage to humans. The use of electromagnetic waves to influence a human in some way from 5G or other communications systems using electromagnetic energy (radio, TV, computers, auto engines, etc) is another consideration. The near instantaneous transmission of electromagnetic signals from one synapse to another in the brain can certainly be influenced by outside sources.  

An example is how difficult it is to think after having eaten a high carbohydrate meal. The brain wave measurements indicate that the operating state has changed.  Biologists say it is due to the chemistry changing, a physicist will explain that the ingested food contains billions of particles each operating at its own frequency. 

If the wave form from an ingested food molecule is at or near the resonant frequency of the operating frequency of a brain cell it can shift the operating frequency of the brain. The same occurs with the sense of hearing or sight. When one finds themselves in a temple with low frequency bells or gongs struck repetitively the repetition rate of the striking of the gong and the repetition rate of the sound wave both have an influence on the body and the brainwave measurements. 

For another example think about influences from a concert or large gathering, hand clapping and music at a particular rate (frequency) is shown to cause euphoria or nausea. This is another case of influencing the natural resonant state of the being. 

Flashing lights can also have influence on brain waves. This condition of changing an operating frequency to another through outside influence is called entrainment. 

Back to 5G or the 5thgeneration cellular communications question. Does the complex waveform influence people? Out of the box it is likely to have an influence in similar ways as the sun, the wind, the sea, and the universe’s complex waveforms. 
Can the complex waveform of a created and transmitted electromagnetic waveform cause people to hear voices or experience odd thoughts, sickness, euphoria, depression, suicidal thoughts? 

Potentially; through the specific construction of a transmitted complex wave’s housekeeping and test signals the cells and electrical functions of a body, brain, DNA molecule, virus or bacterium can be caused to change state. This is also greatly influenced by the signals strength. Too much everything burns up, too little it cannot overcome the receivers own energy fields.

Does the 5G have a greater ability to cause effects? In the system’s narrowing of the transmission to a 15 degree beam from the antenna it ensures that the greatest signal strength is always being received at the cell phone, watch, or other “connected” device. Thus we see the amount of energy available for data transfer as greater in this system. 

This is the main factor and difference in the new generation of electromagnetic data transmission; higher power at the receiver for greater clarity and speed of communication. The complex electromagnetic waveform is everywhere within the 15 degree beam of energy being transmitted from the antenna, if you are in the beam you receive the signal the same as your phone.

Here is my tin foil hat conclusion. Given the GPS location data built in to cellular communications system and the knowledge that a target is likely attached to a particular device at a particular location a bad actor could, with enough resources, devise a complex electromagnetic signal for transmission to the location of the targeted network connected device that could cause some form of an effect on anything that is within the influence of the transmitted signal. This of course is unknown to the individual holding the cell phone.

Here is the engineer’s conclusion. The system is designed as all forms of communications.  It is designed to build a two way link between two stations giving the transmitter the ability to share data, observations and comments with the receiver with minimal errors and maximum reproduction of the transmitted thought, idea, or datum. 

The significant difference in this system is that instead of shouting to the world in all directions the transmitter is shouting through a narrower 15 degree slice created by the antenna. It is like using a bullhorn to make sure those who need to hear do so.

The final thoughts: The military industrial complex has the resources to make every man, woman and child a puppet on a string through manipulation and transmission of electromagnetic energy into complex waves. This has been the case since the first radio advertisement went out over “wireless” in the 19thcentury. 

They have increased the ability in the last several years. Did that same bunch of scientists use complex electromagnetic wave forms to open portals in the EM fabric of the universe or do they overwrite the waveforms of reality? It likely is theoretically feasible...” - Phil

Affiliating western corporate fanaticism, motivated entirely by greed, for 5 G technology with the apocalyptic scenario the media has painted COVID with is almost understandable. The price of oil has crashed and by the time this medical madness runs its course so will most people’s budgets for survival in the next twenty years. Strange days have found us and we find ourselves wearing masks in public and going about in a state of paranoid psychosis of all we come in contact with. 

A Lovecraftian scenario arises that is ‘unspeakably’ diabolical with the late January arrest of “Dr. Charles Lieber, 60, Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University.”  Over the course of the last twelve years Lieber has been the recipient of “$15,000,000 in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense (DOD). (6)With the bulk of it coming from the DOD...

A little over nine years ago “Lieber became a “Strategic Scientist” at Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in China and was a contractual participant in China’s Thousand Talents Plan from in or about 2012 to 2017.  China’s Thousand Talents Plan is one of the most prominent Chinese Talent recruit plans that are designed to attract, recruit, and cultivate high-level scientific talent in furtherance of China’s scientific development, economic prosperity and national security.” (7)

Under the terms of Lieber’s three-year Thousand Talents contract, WUT paid Lieber $50,000 USD per month, living expenses of up to 1,000,000 Chinese Yuan (approximately $158,000 USD at the time) and awarded him more than $1.5 million to establish a research lab at WUT.  In return, Lieber was obligated to work for WUT “not less than nine months a year...” (8)

Apparently Lieber neglected to inform the DOD of his torrid and lucrative affair with WUT and subsequently lied about it to them. That is what he has been charged with. The New York Times covered the incident with an article titled with a poor excuse for a word pun: “U.S. Accuses Harvard Scientist of Concealing Chinese Funding.” The January 28 article was written with an audacious spin, now particularly reprehensible in light the ‘Wuhan Flu,’ that “scientistswill be scrutinized over legitimate sources of international funding.” (9)

One must wonder about the New York Times. Perhaps their chutzpah in defending him is motivated by the fact that Lieber as a Jew and the winner of theWolf Prize in Chemistry in 2015 is tied at the hip to Israel, their sponsor. Dr. Charles Lieber is not just any old chairman at Harvard. He very well may be the most brilliant experimental scientist America has ever produced. 

Lieber is known for “making it happen in his laboratory.” Over twenty years ago he revolutionized nanotechnology by inventing a method using alcohol solutions to manufacture “wires only three nanometers [“A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, or one hundred-thousandth the width of a human hair”] across that can be produced relatively cheaply on a bench top with a few thousand dollars' worth of equipment” (10)

At the beginning of a 2001 Harvard Magazine article lauding Lieber’s achievement, titled Liquid Computing, the author asks the reader to “imagine a computer, suspended ina flask of liquid, which assembles itself when the liquid is poured onto a desktop.”(11)

At the time it was estimated, with the methods being used, the wall would be hit for miniaturizing transistors in the middle of the second decade of the twenty-first century. But instead of shaving down larger pieces to make smaller ones as was being done Lieber, essentially using 3-D printing or additive manufacturing, used smaller pieces to assemble what he wanted. This enabled nanotechnology to produce sensors that were the size of a Virion, and eventually self contained machines measured in nanometers. The article claimed Lieber had already “produced a transistor just 10 atoms across.” (12)

 5 G causes COVID and other reasons to turn off the Internet Harvard%2Blieber%2Bvirus%2Btransmittor
Hyman professor of chemistry Charles Lieber has created a transistor so small it can be used to penetrate cell membranes and probe their interiors, without disrupting function. The transistor (yellow) sits near the bend in a hairpin-shaped, lipid-coated silicon nanowire. Its scale is similar to that of intra-cellular structures such as organelles (pink and blue orbs) and actin filaments (pink strand). 

B.Tian and C.M. Lieber, Harvard University https://harvardmagazine.com/2011/01/virus-sized-transistors

A decade later Lieber had figured out how, by using nanowires bent at a hundred and twenty degree angle, to insert a Virion sized transistor into a cell without killing it. This he admits had been his objective from the start but the procedure was tricky. 

“Merely piercing the cell was not enough, because transistors need a source wire from which electrons flow and a drain wire through which they are discharged.” (13)

In early attempts the damage caused by insertion “killed the cell “pretty quickly.” But when his team coated the hairpin nanowire with a fatty lipid layer (the same substance cell membranes are made of), the device was easily pulled into the cell via membrane fusion, a process related to the one cells use to engulf viruses and bacteria. This innovation is important, Lieber explains, because it indicates that when a man-made structure is as small as a virus or bacteria, it can behave the way biological structures do...” (14)  

A quick look at Leiber’s web site shows before his arrest he and his monkeys were working on “neuralnetwork-like mesh electronics and a noninvasive delivery method into targeted distinct brain regions via syringe-injection,” essentially a tool to make humans into biological robots. They had already had success injecting it into the brains of mice in 2015. His sponsors include “The Office of Naval Research,” the “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA]” and the “Air Force Office of Scientific Research.”(15)

In spite of Lieber being also sponsored by the “National Institute of Health” and his pretensions of being the second coming of Jonas Salk, the bulk of his sponsors are in the business of killing people. They have no interest in medicine or anything else that cannot be weaponized and you can bet the farm that China wasn’t paying him all that money for “powerful new approaches for treatment of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases...” (16)

Of course most Americans have never even heard of Dr. Charles Lieber and think Morgan Freeman is America’s greatest living scientist. But other scientists and medical professionals, educated people should find Leiber’s connection to Wuhan more than a bit troubling...    

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Originally appeared on http://jackheart2014.blogspot.com. Please be advised we will not be able to reply to your comments on other sites. 

Illustrations & quotes for educational purposes. :copyright: Jack Heart 2020


Thanks to: https://jackheart2014.blogspot.com






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