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Solar Revolution

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1Solar Revolution  Empty Solar Revolution Sat Dec 01, 2012 1:30 am


Solar Revolution
Posted By: Steve [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 30-Nov-2012 14:32:35

Guests were invited to watch a special sneak preview of the film SOLAR REVOLUTION and also to meet with the filmmakers, for a ‘behind-the-scenes’ discussion about the making of the movie and see Dieter Broers LIVE via web transmission from Vienna, Austria!! The movie asks the questions – does the sun have the power to transform humankind? World famous German biophysicist, Dieter Broers, makes a compelling case, pointing to a wealth of scientific evidence including NASA research that shows a remarkable correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities.

We are in the midst of a dramatic rise in solar disturbances, which have the capability of disrupting the Earth’s geomagnetic field and, as a result, our global ecology. Broers, however, sees this not as an impending apocalypse but as the dawn of a new age!
Drawing on cutting edge research from a variety of disciplines, he shows how erupting solar activity carries the potential to boost brain capacity and expand the mind in ways humanity has never imagined possible. Abilities now seen as extraordinary or supernatural—telepathy, extrasensory perception, and off-the-charts intelligence quotients—may soon become ordinary and natural and could very well help us solve the mounting global crises we are facing.

“Humankind is going through an evolutionary leap”, says Broers, and the process has already begun!! Be the first to hear Broers stunning conclusions in this amazing new movie SOLAR REVOLUTION! Secure your seat – Click above to Book Now!!
Dieter Broers’ film is all the suggestion we need to realize that we have come to the end of our infatuation with the straight line, and are awakening to a virgin appreciation of all it means to be human. I gladly recommend it. ~ Barnet Bain, Producer of What Dreams May Come, and The Celestine Prophecy. ;

Dieter Broers
“I’m convinced that a change will come about in 2012. The question is: ‘When is 2012?…’”
Dieter Broers is a renowned bio-physicist and best-selling author, whose worldview is one which fuses spirit and matter, two subjects which are currently viewed by the scientific world as being separate. He uses advanced science to describe a holistic existence.
Dieter Broers studied physics and electrical engineering in Hamburg and Kiel. Since 1980, he has conducted research in the field of frequency medicine and regulation therapy. Broers holds over 100 patents worldwide in 85 countries.

The core of his inventions include the effects of geomagnetic and electro-weak fields on biological organisms. His scientific efforts led him to consciousness science and the effects of these EM fields on biological systems and states of consciousness.
With the release of his book, ‘The Matrix Code’, he began his career as a bestselling author. Besides ‘Solar Revolution’, his popular works include ‘Checklist 2012 – Seven Strategies on how to turn the crisis into opportunity’, ‘Thoughts Create Reality’ and ‘(R)Evolution 2012’. His books and films had a significant impact in the German speaking countries and Russia. The author lives and works in Austria and Greece.
Its here now... http://philosophers-stone.co.uk/wordpress/solar-revolution/

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