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Not Without Our Consent

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1Not Without Our Consent Empty Not Without Our Consent Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:39 pm


Not Without Our Consent


Tuesday, December 4th, 2012. Filed under: Consciousness The Awakening

Not Without Our Consent Illuminati_pyramid_organization-559x640

by Zen Gardner

Nothing happens without our permission. In one way or another,
consciously and/or subconsciously, we give our approval or disapproval
by our actions, words and intentions.

Over time our accountability increases.

A mad world swirls around us in this manifestation with our inherent
agreement. Without our complicit cooperation in support of this insane
system none of this would be happening. No worldwide massacres without
soldiers; no economic rape without bankers and merchants; and no social
degradation and control without willing teachers, administrators and

It takes the cooperation of the people. We cooperate with them, they succeed.

We don’t, they don’t.

Not Without Our Consent Wences03


Because waking up to the true reality around us is too much work, and
way too uncomfortable for most of the entranced masses. If you
acknowledge things are as seriously wrong as they are and their true
devastating effects on human life, you might have to change and do
something about it.

Most people have developed coping devices that have become a way of
life. The most effective is outright denial that it’s all that bad or
even happening at all. You’ll see that everywhere if you’re an awake and
aware soul, and it can be disheartening at times.

It’s somewhat simplistic but denial is a pretty good catch all.

Won’t face the Truth. Period. For a plethora of reasons.

The Belief Bamboozle

The subtle yet stronger partner of denial ironically enough is
belief. Playing on your dreams and hopes, beliefs, as opposed to true
spiritual knowledge, effectively co-opt your subconscious aspirations
and ability to take fully conscious and effective action. After all, you
“believe” the answer is coming, everything will be OK all by itself, or
an outside power will save you.

That’s how many have chosen to cope. And there’s a massive support
system for that…not without a whole lotta help from the manipulators who
have identified and scientifically used this human weakness to their

The thing is, belief systems and schools of thought, even drippy new
age wishful constructs, they’re such a convenient escape for all the
accumulated undigested junk stuffed into that over-populated ‘state of
denial’ in the mind of humanity. But heck, why not go there for refuge?
It’s comfy. And there are so many others there, just look at all the
churches and religious institutions..must be a lotta truth to it. Yada

The overall result? No true conscious rationale for behavior, no
clear right and wrong or loving or unloving boundaries, just mindless
acceptance of the status quo–with some anesthetized escape system
waiting around the corner.

Not Without Our Consent Suspended-Animation2

Suspended Animation

Hanging on to false hopes can’t be a more inhibiting phenomenon.
That’s why religions are so effective. Trapped in little “hives of
hope”, so called faithful believers of every persuasion are co-enabling
each other on massive scales world wide, hoping and praying for
deliverance and salvation from a world they themselves help to build and
support on a daily basis!

See anything strange there?

After all , Christians justify by “scripture” that the “powers that
be are ordained by God”. Argue with that if you’re in the belief camp.
An off the charts blanket assessment, and yet it’s applied in a
timeless, unconscious across-the-board fashion that makes your head
spin. Same with unquestioned loyalty and support to the murderous
Zionist state of Israel.

And so few can see it for what it is.

Response is Neutered

What’s revealing is when you realize the amazing extent of this false
hope escape/denial system. It’s massive. The inaction and lack of
response it spawns is the perfect disarmament tool for these dastardly
controllers and social engineers.

This is all over not just religions, but intellectual circles,
scientific explain-aways, dumbed-down education, the new age movement,
media mantras, and on and on.

I don’t want to do a blanket diss of anything, I just want people to
be cautious and most of all conscious. As soon as you give away your
autonomy to group-think, you’re gonna have energy depletion problems and
a loss of conscious Truth.


On Guard

It’s way too easy to co-opt and twist, which they effectively do.

A lot of issues are at work, and basically people should continually
be on guard. There are plenty of entangling belief systems ready to suck
people in. Some are outright, some are very subtle.

Challenge and question everything!

Stay fully conscious and you’ll be fine.

Not Without Our Consent Image-manipulation

The Spiritual Abuse Sting

The thing about belief systems is the subtle yet powerful spiritual
and mental abuse involved. Much of this is because people are basically
debilitated from birth in today’s world and they don’t catch the nuances
of deceit in the societal fabric until they wake up…or it’s too late.

Just look–when there’s a fad or perceived social shift, the masses sway like seaweed in the social tidal flow.

They see no choice; it’s apparently right because it seems it is. And
the medium–the social swirl about us–not truth–is pressuring them to

It’s a serious social disorder, and belief systems are a logical and
perpetual byproduct as well as major perpetuator of this fabricated

And remember, there are plenty of parasitic forces ready to pounce on
the naive new “believer” when they reach out for something more.
Plenty. Many sincerely thinking they’re “carrying out the program” so it
can be hard to spot.

Beware. Be aware.

Not Without Our Consent Wind-Of-Change-Hd_99-640x533


This short treatise is in response to many comments and articles I’ve seen of late that smack of wrong dependency.

It’s so endemic in our less than conscious world. It’s entrained in
us via education at all levels, the media, and any possible avenue. We
must recognize these influences and see them for what they are and stay
free and above them.


It’s not hard. Get above it first.

Be the observer you truly are.

It clarifies everything.

Much love,


And remember, it’s just a ride:

Thanks to Zen at: http://www.zengardner.com


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