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‘Informed Dissent’ on Vaccine Refusal

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‘Informed Dissent’ on Vaccine Refusal
Published on June 23, 2021
Written by John O'Sullivan

‘Informed Dissent’ on Vaccine Refusal Xx-2

Most people are unaware that many international treaties protect the rights of individuals to refuse any invasive medical procedure on their bodies. This is especially so when the procedure involves an experimental ‘vaccine’ not yet cleared by rigorous safety trials.

It is not the position of Principia Scientific International to give specific medical advice nor to denigrate all vaccines out of hand. However, we do maintain the absolute adherence to the traditional scientific method whereby any claims made in science should be borne out by testing, openness and proof of a theory (including that a medical procedure will do no harm).
This video presents the point of view of a vaccine dissenter applying reason and knowledge to form a rational view against accepting any dangerous or unproven COVID19 jab or series of jabs. Well worth watching:
Video source: www.bitchute.com
At Principia Scientific International we have a dedicated team of volunteers devoted to our non-profit mission to expose the truth behind junk science. Also, many thousands of honest scientists, medical professionals and researchers worldwide are assisting teams of top international lawyers to end the mass genocide perpetrated via Big Pharma’s fake vaccines.
In Germany 1,000 medical doctors are united under ‘Doctors for Information’, which is supported by more than 7,000 professionals including attorneys, scientists, teachers etc. They made a shocking statement during a national press conference:  The Corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. A Swindle. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.’ 
As with climate change and government lies about ‘man-made global warming’ our scientists and researchers are seeing massive fraud behind the COVID19 ‘deadly’ pandemic. We have supported freedom of information (FOIA) requests to leading western governments, which have admitted they do NOT possess any gold standard isolate of the virus. Moreover, mortality rates around the globe have remained steady or below average, thus affirming COVID19 exists only in the minds of corrupt politicians, vaccine peddlers and biased media hacks.
We have been lied to in a massive international conspiracy among eugenicists and the global elite. A corrupt and psychopathic billionaire class has infiltrated leading science institutions, our education systems, corporations and media with a shared purpose of mass de-population, destroying small/medium sized businesses and the middle classes – all for wealth re-distribution and tamely permitted by the brainwashed masses who are pliant and scientifically illiterate.
Together we must resist this war on humanity and defend our inherent natural right to self-determination and freedom from tyranny.
Support our work and make use of the many thousands of free-to-access articles on our website to become better informed of all sides of the arguments.
Pay special heed to the following facets:

  • Conflicts of interest issues in this Pandemic
  • How the Pandemic exposed problems at the very top of the public health system
  • The malign influence of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Vaccine development
  • The hidden agenda of the mainstream media and social media and their part in COVID skeptic censorship.

About John O’Sullivan John is CEO and co-founder (with Dr Tim Ball) of Principia Scientific International (PSI).  John is a seasoned science writer and legal analyst who assisted Dr Ball in defeating world leading climate expert, Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann in the ‘science trial of the century‘. O’Sullivan is credited as the visionary who formed the original ‘Slayers’ group of scientists in 2010 who then collaborated in creating the world’s first full-volume debunk of the greenhouse gas theory plus their new follow-up book.


Thanks to: https://principia-scientific.com


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