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Light On The Mystery of UFOs

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1Light On The Mystery of UFOs Empty Light On The Mystery of UFOs Sun Oct 24, 2021 9:53 am



Light On The Mystery of UFOs

Light On The Mystery of UFOs James-p.-kowall_avatar-26x26byJames P. Kowall, PhDandLight On The Mystery of UFOs Pradeep-b.-deshpande_avatar-26x26byPradeep B. Deshpande, PhD
October 19, 2021

Light On The Mystery of UFOs 115621879_m-800x500

The report by the Director of National Intelligence submitted to the US Congress on June 25, 2021 stated that most of the UFOs (vernacular for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) probably do
represent physical objects given that a majority of UAP were registered across multiple sensors, to include radar, infrared, electro-optical, weapon seekers, and visual observation.
There is a consensus in the physics community that the energy phase of the big bang event, incredibly small, unbelievably hot and immensely dense, created this vast universe some 13.8 billion years ago. On one side of the energy phase is this ever expanding universe, but on the other side, there is absolutely nothing, a void.
Ancient cultures deduced that creation as well as human life evolved from five principal elements present in the energy phase, albeit, in unmanifest form. Modern physics discovered that energy and matter are different manifestations of the same thing.
Transformation of energy into matter and matter into energy is governed by Albert Einstein’s famous equation e = mc 2 . Ancient cultures have possessed the knowhow of how to convert m into e and e into m for millennia, but have revealed it to a select few from one generation to the next. Intelligent life elsewhere too would have had to evolve from the principal elements present in the energy phase of the big bang event, although we do not know how many and which ones.
The extraordinary capabilities exhibited by the UFOs may well involve cleverer manipulations of energy and matter. Developing an in-depth understanding of how seers from ancient lands transform energy into matter and matter into energy may facilitate a better understanding of the UFO phenomena.
Given that the UFOs are not known to have caused any harm anywhere on Earth, is it possible that they are here to caution Earthlings that they are on the wrong path, and that the path they are on is a path to ruin? UFO researcher Robert Hastings certainly thought so.
According to CNN, the $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief and government funding bill signed into law by President Trump in December 2020 required US intelligence agencies to tell congress what they know about UFOs within 180 days. The report has now been released.
Not long ago, the US Department of Defense released official footage of an unidentified object flying at great speed. The navy pilots spoke with an awe that the UFO was rotating against the wind-speed of 120 knots. The New York Times reported that the former Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, was pleased that the US military had decided to release the footage. The renewed attention recently prompted The New Yorker, Newsweek, India Today and the Washington Post to write on UFOs.
President Biden and former Presidents Trump, Obama, Clinton, and Bush have given television interviews on UFOs and CBS aired a 60-minute segment on UFOs not long ago. My friend Tony Belak, an attorney and former ombudsman at the University of Louisville (2010-2016), was kind
enough to share his first-hand account of a UFO-sighting in the late summer of 1964 with his three brothers. At the time, they were living in the village of Bunola, population 600, about 20 miles from Pittsburgh in Southwest Pennsylvania, where they lived at the end of town.
While playing basketball at dusk, Tony went to retrieve the ball that had rolled away, and he was stopped in his tracks by the large silver-colored saucer-shaped object which hovered above about 100 meters and away about 200-300 meters over the Monongahela River. It was quiet, and he says he may not have noticed it but for running after the basketball. The UFO rotated in its hovering with visible windows and multi-colored-lights beneath. It was about 50 meters in diameter and held a strong but soundless presence for a minute or two, while they watched silently. Then, taking a 45-degree turn, it shot over the horizon and was gone in an instant.
Tony remembers being impressed with the object’s departure speed. Tony says, he and his brothers have not spoken of this event often, and when they do, it is always factually similar to their recollection.
The extraordinary capabilities exhibited by UFOs should serve as a strong impetus to investigate the extraordinary capabilities of some humans here on Earth. That understanding may help us come to terms with the subtleties and capabilities of intelligent extraterrestrial life.
Not long ago, physicists unraveled the mystery of the universe, finding that the universe came into existence pursuant to a big bang event, some 13.8 billion years ago when it was an incredibly small (about 10 -33 cm in diameter), unbelievably hot and immensely dense energy phase, and it has been expanding ever since. Physicists concluded that on one side of the energy phase is the ever-expanding universe but on the other side there is absolutely nothing, a void.
That energy phase eventually led to the creation of all matter in the universe; galaxies, stars and planets. According to NASA, the observable universe today is comprised of 5% matter, 27% dark matter, such as black holes, and 68% energy.
Physics has no understanding for how nothing can create something, the energy phase of the big bang. The only logical explanation is that consciousness created it.
Only undifferentiated consciousness can create something (universe) from nothing; the rest just manipulate energy.
There may be billions and billions of galaxies, trillions of stars and many trillions of planets. It is awfully presumptuous to think that ours is the only planet that supports intelligent life.
The periodic table is believed to be complete. All that is present in the universe today was already there in the energy phase of the big bang, albeit in unmanifest form. The unmanifest goes by the name Principal Elements.
The intelligent extraterrestrial life, too, must evolve from a set of principal elements present in the energy phase of the big bang. We have no basis to speculate which ones and how many.
Ancient seers suggest that a living human being is made of five principal elements. They gave the principal elements a name: Panch Maha Bhoot, Sanskrit for five principal elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space-energy). The Taiittiriya Upanishad discusses the five principal elements.
There are temples dedicated to each of the five principal elements in South India (four in Tamil Nadu and one in neighboring Andhra Pradesh). If intelligent life elsewhere took hold just a thousand years before it did here on Earth, then, the extraterrestrials would be leaps and bounds beyond where we are on Earth today.
In physics, transformations of energy into matter and matter into energy are governed by Albert Einstein’s famous equation, e = mc 2 . Ancient seers have preserved the knowhow of how to transform energy into matter and matter into energy for millennia. In Sanskrit, such transformations are called Siddhis.
What exactly are Siddhas converting when they convert e into m or m into e? It must be the five principal elements in the energy phase in unmanifest form. And the transformation requires a mantra or Yantra (gadget) together with a process, which has been kept a secret for millennia.
Much of the world has no understanding of siddhis. Learning about siddhis from Indian masters should be far easier than learning the secrets of UFOs from aliens. Developing an understanding of siddhis could facilitate the unraveling of some of the mysteries and the capabilities of UFOs.
A few examples of siddhis from reputable sources are listed here.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the Five Principal Elements. On May 5, 2021, His Holiness and several Russian neuroscientists had a virtual interaction on the phenomena of “Thukdam”. Wikipedia defines the Tibetan word, thukdam as a meditative practice in which a Buddhist master is absorbed in the process of inner dissolution of the five principal elements and consciousness back into the Primordial Light (after clinical death).
His Holiness explained, when an ordinary person dies, there is a dissolution of the five principal elements (at the moment of clinical death). He said, his senior tutor, Ling Rinpoché, remained in thukdam for 13 days. Recently, a monk at Kirti Monastery remained in this state for 37 days. Since the body of a person going through this process can remain warm, it may be that the earth, water and fire elements remained (even after clinical death), he said.
Russian scientists reported that they examined 104 monks in meditation, and they observed a monk in thukdam for 37 days at the Gyutö Monastery. A forensic physician examined the physical body at various stages after death. The scientists said that the body of a person in thukdam was in a quite different state from the body of someone undergoing the ordinary process of death. They said this was the first scientific evidence of the phenomena.
In recent days, a short video clip has surfaced on YouTube which appears to show a Thai Buddhist master preparing to enter thukdam. It has not yet been possible to authenticate the source of the video.
His Holiness received the Nobel Prize in Peace in 1989 for advocating peaceful solutions based upon tolerance and mutual respect.
Yogis with Multiple Bodies. In his hugely popular book, Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda Paramahansa (1893 – 1952) narrates the firsthand account of his interaction with a yogi with two bodies. Autobiography of a Yogi was reported to be the only book on Apple Cofounder Steve Jobs’ IPad. So influenced was Jobs by Yogananda’s book that he made arrangements to give a gift-wrapped copy of the book to everyone who was invited to his funeral service in 2011.
My friend Sanjeev Aroskar has had firsthand interaction with yogis with multiple bodies. His guru explained the phenomena thus: The sages create their subtle bodies (no mass) at the destination where they wish to be and then attract the five principal elements there to create one or more of themselves, and once the task is finished, do the reverse to dissolve the subtle bodies.
Aroskar obtained a B. Tech. in Electronics and Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. His company has completed several software projects for Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam when the latter was project director with the Indian Army. Dr. Kalam later served as President of India.
Flying. See this fascinating YouTube video clip of a yogi flying away like a rocket. The video clip was shot with a first- generation cell-phone camera and it was fairly dark. It was aired as part of a newscast on Jaya TV in Chennai many years ago.
Saint Disappears at Death. Swami Ramalingam Vallalar (1823 – 1874) was a revered saint in Tamil Nadu. On October 22, 1873, he gave a lecture on spiritual progress and the nature of powers that lie beyond us and move us. On January 30, 1874, Ramalingam entered his room, locked himself from inside and told his followers not to open it. This story spurred many rumors and the Government of Madras finally forced open the doors in May. The room was empty with no clues. Records of his disappearance were published in the South Arcot District’s Madras District Gazetteers in 1906. This is a dramatic example of m to e transformation.
Why Are They Here?
The home of extraterrestrials must be light years from Earth, and, so, a question arises, why they keep come back. Their reported defensive capabilities are years beyond anything the best of the best militaries have in their possession. One can only guess how far advanced their offensive capabilities might be.
In all of these years the UFOs have been cited, there does not appear to be any indication of an intent to cause harm.
So, why are they here? The various siddhis mentioned occur to a siddha in the pursuit of self-realization through internal excellence. Self- realized souls caution that siddhis are a mere distraction; the real goal should be self-realization.
Is self-realization a universal phenomenon, not limited to earthlings?
Is it possible that the extraterrestrials are trying to convey to humanity that it is on the wrong track, and if unchecked,it is a path to ruin? Relatedly, UFO researcher Robert Hastings gathered a group of retired air force personnel connected with nuclear missiles for a National Press Club Conference in 2010 to discuss their experience with UFOs. The entire conference is
available at this YouTube link.
In this five-minute segment taken from it, Mr. Hastings appeared to echo our feelings.
If this is the case, interactions with Indian masters, and then hopefully with the extraterrestrials, could prove to be quite useful to humanity.
H. H. Gurumahan Responds.
Raja Atmamayan kindly conveyed Gurumahan’s views of the UFOs. Gurumahan stated,that there will be good prospects for extraterrestrial intelligent life anywhere in the universe if water molecules are present.
Human knowledge is inadequate to understand aliens at this time. Communicating with aliens requires a different level of consciousness. UFO’s may well be visiting Earth out of inquisitiveness.

H. H. Gurumahan is founder of Universal Peace Foundation (UPF) based in Thirumurthi Hills, Tamil Nadu, India.
Gurumahan has been conferred the award of Ambassador of Peace in Malaysia. The State of Nebraska designated 11 – 11 – 2011 as Global Peace Day in recognition of Gurumahan’s tireless efforts aimed at world peace. UPF conducts yoga programs for inmates and officers in the prisons of Tamil Nadu and in Omaha, Nebraska. Gurumahan has been going into three weeks of meditation annually with no food for world peace for the last thirty-one years.
Pradeep B. Deshpande is Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering and a former Chair of that Department at the University of Louisville and President of Six Sigma and Advanced Controls, Inc.
James P. Kowall is an independent researcher based in suburban Eugene, Oregon. He is a triple board certified physician (Neurology, Internal Medicine, and Sleep-Disorder Medicine) and he holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics.

Thanks to: https://thepulse.one

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