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Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness

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1Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Empty Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Sun May 22, 2022 12:16 pm



Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Monkeypox-1320x743

Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness
by Kit Knightly, OffGuardian
May 21, 2022
Monkeypox – it’s the hip new disease sweeping the globe. Allegedly appearing almost simultaneously in over a dozen different countries on four different continents.
As we wrote in the early days of the Covid “pandemic”, the only thing spreading faster than the disease is fear.
The media reported the first UK case of monkeypox on the 7th of May. Less than two weeks later, we’re seeing some very familiar headlines. Just like that…Pandemic 2: Monkey Pox!! begins playing at all your favorite fear porn outlets.
Sky News tells us that UK Monkeypox “cases” have “doubled(!)”…from 10 to 20.
The BBC went real subtle with it, blaring: “Monkeypox: Doctors concerned over impact on sexual health”
The New Scientist has actually used the P-word, asking “Can Monkeypox become a new pandemic?”, before answering, essentially, “probably no, but also maybe yes!”. Keeping their options open.
Science warns that “Monkeypox outbreak questions intensify as cases soar”
The Mirror has gone full paranoid already, headlining:
Russia looked into using monkeypox as biological weapon, claims ex soviet scientist
So that’s one direction the story might go.
To be clear, “monkeypox” (whatever that even means in this context), is NOT a Russian bio-weapon. It’s not a Western bio-weapon either. Or Chinese bio-weapon. It’s just another scare story. And a rushed, half-hearted one at that.
One of the signs that marked the Covid “pandemic” as a psy-op from an early stage was the sheer speed with which the hysteria spread. Far from learning from their mistakes, the powers-that-be have decided to go even faster this time.
Despite “cases” numbering barely in the dozens, the World Health Organization has called an emergency meeting, a strange thing to do when their annual Assembly starts literally tomorrow. But I guess when your launching a new product you need to do everything you can to get the hype going.
Despite just two “cases” in the entire United States (and indeed the fact they still don’t work), New York is bringing back mask recommendations.
Nobody has said “lockdown”…yet. But Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe, is “concerned” that transmission could accelerate if people attend mass gatherings:
as we enter the summer season … with mass gatherings, festivals and parties, I am concerned that transmission could accelerate”.
(As inflation soars and the cost of living crisis only gets worse, it’s probably handy for them to have a new “public health” reason to ban protests or clampdown on civil unrest. Just a thought.)
There’s some good news though…for vaccine manufacturers, anyway. As Whitney Webb reports, two struggling pharmaceutical companies have already seen a big stock boost from the “outbreak”:
Regardless of how the monkeypox situation plays out, two companies are already cashing in. As concern over monkeypox has risen, so too have the shares of Emergent Biosolutions and SIGA Technologies. Both companies essentially have monopolies in the US market, and other markets as well, on smallpox vaccines and treatments. Their main smallpox-focused products are, conveniently, also used to protect against or treat monkeypox as well. As a result, the shares of Emergent Biosolutions climbed 12% on Thursday, while those of SIGA soared 17.1%.
Just as with Covid, and despite rumours they would be leaving the World Health Organization, Russia appears to be lining up with the WHO agenda. Already they are “tightening border quarantine” rules, vaccinating healthcare workers and supplying quick bedside tests internationally.
Looks like we might be in for an epic summer of scare-mongering, panic-buying & bucketloads of cringe.
Are the new jabs already prepped & ready to go?
Are the “our hospitals are overwhelmed videos” being filmed as we speak, complete with “monkey pox” moulage and crying nurses who turn out to have IMDB pages & multiple acting credits?
Are the sleepy masses going to be fooled yet again?
Watch this space…

Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Bob-moran-fauci-monkeypox-800x593-1Image credit: Bob Moran (via twiiter)
Thanks to: https://truthcomestolight.com


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Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Df2


3Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Empty Re: Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Sun May 22, 2022 12:19 pm



THE NEXT MANUFACTURED PANDEMIC: Monkeypox patients could be infectious for up to FOUR WEEKS after symptoms appear
Date: May 20, 2022Author: Nwo Report  

Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Image-686
Posted BY: Jasmine S
Monkeypox patients could pass on the disease for up to four weeks after symptoms appear, experts tell DailyMail.com as the virus spreads to eleven nations. 
Dr. Amesh Adalja, an emerging infectious diseases expert at John Hopkins University, made the warning in an interview today.
People who catch the virus initially suffer a fever before rashes and skin lesions appear on the face and body. The virus can then be passed on through touching the affected areas or via droplets expelled in coughs and sneezes.
Trending: CDC Now Investigating 180 Cases of Children With Hepatitis of “Unknown Cause”
The month-long infectious period raises the likelihood that the virus could be passed on by infected patients to others. 
America is bracing for more monkeypox cases to be detected in the coming days, but experts are not expecting cases on a par with the Covid pandemic.
Health chiefs confirmed their first case this year in a man from Massachusetts on Wednesday, while another patient has been hospitalized with a suspected case in New York City — and six people are being monitored after sitting within three rows of an infected individual on a flight.
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Most cases being detected are not linked to travel in west Africa — where the virus is endemic — suggesting it is spreading in western nations. 
Canada yesterday joined the growing list of countries detecting their first-ever cases, saying two individuals in Quebec were infected. It is probing another 17.
Many cases have been detected in gay and bisexual men, with scientists saying it is possible the virus was passed on sexually.
In Spain — which has detected 30 cases, the most out of any nation — infections are being linked to a single un-named ‘sauna’ and are among young gay and bisexual men. In the country, the sauna is slang for a place where men who have sex with other men meet for sex, rather than a bathhouse. 
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a smallpox drug to treat monkeypox patients Friday, while the World Health Organization revealed it will hold daily meetings as the situation unfolds.
Read More



4Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Empty Re: Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Sun May 22, 2022 12:21 pm



BIO-WARFARE: ‘UN Whistleblower’, Monkeypox Is A Bio-Weapon – By Sean Adl-Tabatabai


Source – newspunch.com
  • “…In 2002, a United Nations whistleblower revealed that monkeypox would be engineered for use as a bioweapon in a war between the United States and Russia…According to former United Nations weapons inspectors, Russia has been working with the monkeypox virus in their bioweapons program since the 1980’s”

UN Whistleblower: “Monkeypox Is a Bioweapon” – By Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Pandemic 2: Monkeypox Madness Image-45

In 2002, a United Nations whistleblower revealed that monkeypox would be engineered for use as a bioweapon in a war between the United States and Russia.
According to former United Nations weapons inspectors, Russia has been working with the monkeypox virus in their bioweapons program since the 1980’s.
The Soviets decided they did not want to work with smallpox by the late 1980’s “and there was significant discussion of the possible use of monkeypox as a biological weapon instead of smallpox,” Ken Alibek, who was former deputy chief of the Soviet biological weapons program told UPI.
com reports: Monkeypox, which causes symptoms similar to smallpox, can be fatal, but only in the minority of cases, said James LeDuc, director of the division of viral and rickettsial diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. He said he is “not aware of any cases outside” Africa.
The World Health Organization attributes the increase in monkeypox cases in Africa to the fact that smallpox vaccines, which can protect against monkeypox, are no longer administered.
LeDuc said it is uncertain whether the disease is on the increase, but he noted there appears to have been an outbreak of the disease in Africa about 6 months ago.
The “real fear is that (monkeypox) might be engineered as a bioweapon,” said Jonathan Tucker, a former weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission who is now with the think tank Monterey Institute in Washington.
Monkeypox is not as contagious as smallpox, but whether it could be or has been modified to be more virulent is unknown. The Soviets were not concerned with contagiousness, Alibek said, because they planned to produce “tons and tons” of the virus — enough to infect “hundred of thousands of people or even more.”
Tucker noted the smallpox vaccine will protect against both monkeypox and camelpox, but Americans do not have access to this vaccine. The CDC, which holds a stockpile of the smallpox vaccine, is currently reconsidering its vaccination strategy and whether to vaccinate everyone or wait until there is an outbreak and try to vaccinate only those exposed.
There are concerns that Russia’s smallpox may have been leaked to terrorists, and whether something similar happened with monkeypox is uncertain. Another former U.N. weapons inspector, who requested anonymity, told UPI “There’s no confirmation that (monkeypox) leaked out, but the potential exists.”
Alibek said he had no idea whether monkeypox had ever been leaked out of the Soviet program. But he noted that from the 1970s until the 1990s, “it was not a problem to get any of the orthopox viruses (smallpox, camelpox and monkeypox),” and many countries had access to them if they wanted them.
Iraq is one of the rogue states that may have obtained access to monkeypox. “We’ve never ever gotten to the bottom of their involvement with camelpox, whether they were really trying to weaponize it or it was a façade for working with smallpox or monkeypox,” said the former U.N. inspector, who was a member of the team that went into Iraq.
There is a lot of suspicion that Iraq had access to smallpox, but “there’s no such indirect evidence for monkeypox,” the inspector said. Asked if monkeypox was less of a concern than smallpox, the inspector replied, “I wouldn’t say it’s of less concern … The fact that we haven’t come across evidence from the United Nations doesn’t mean it’s not there.”
No U.N. weapons inspectors have been in Iraq since 1998, so unless the government acknowledges working with a particular biological agent it is difficult to know for certain whether they ever worked with it. No one has any idea what types of agents they have worked with in the past three years, the inspector said.
Iraq is “likely to work with any nasty that comes along” and the government has shown an interest “in all the orthopox viruses,” so “it’s a strong possibility that they were” working with monkeypox, the inspector said.
The good news is that monkeypox does not appear to be transmissible from person to person and the smallpox vaccine protects against it. Asked whether monkeypox could be modified so that the vaccine is not effective against it, the former weapons inspector said, “I would say that verges on the impossible.”
Alibek noted, “There was no such work in getting it resistant to vaccine. I cannot say anything for sure about what they are doing now.” Alibek said he left the program more than 10 years ago.
“Making it elusive to the vaccine would be a challenge,” CDC’s LeDuc said. “The position that we’ve always held is that it would be very difficult to overcome the vaccine by genetic engineering.”
However, Alibek added, “Existent vaccines are not 100 percent effective” against smallpox. They only offer approximately 70 percent protection. “Against monkeypox, the protection could be even lower,” he said. “So even if everybody is vaccinated against smallpox, it doesn’t mean everybody is protected.”

Thanks to: https://rielpolitik.com


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