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As the Rats Run

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1As the Rats Run Empty As the Rats Run Tue Jan 31, 2023 11:35 am



As the Rats Run Gatekeepers200

As the Rats Run

January 30, 2023 Decker 

Riding yet another incredible wave of false hope that they’ll outwit Father Time and by-pass their personal judgement, the rats who have been banging on for 2+ years of the benefits of injecting experimental chemical goo to stave off the mighty cornholio and all it’s offspring are now seeing their scam fall to pieces right before their vermin eyes.
But jumping the sinking ship, though troublesome for these hairy shit-eaters, can still be profitable.  
Behold the bounty of their shitfuckery:
Bill Gates – After Reaping Huge Profits Selling BioNTech Shares – Trashes Effectiveness of Covid Vaccines – via childrenshealthdefense.org
Speaking at Australia’s Lowy Institute as part of a talk entitled “Preparing for Global Challenges: In Conversation with Bill Gates,” the Microsoft founder made the following admission:
“We also need to fix the three problems of [COVID-19] vaccines. The current vaccines are not infection-blocking. They’re not broad, so when new variants come up you lose protection, and they have very short duration, particularly in the people who matter, which are old people.”
This creature is slime.
the article continues:
Speaking Jan. 25 on The Hill TV’s “Rising,” co-hosts Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave addressed Gates’ statements. Soave initially agreed at face value with Gates’ criticism of current mRNA vaccines, saying:
“He really nails it on the issues that we’re having: the short duration of protection, not a significant discernable impact on the transmission of cases … not a massive benefit for a lot of otherwise healthy and younger people.”
However, Soave — who on Jan. 19 revealed “Facebook files” indicating the CDC significantly influenced content moderation and censorship on the platform pertaining to COVID-19 vaccines — then pointed out Gates’ prior investments that contributed to the development of mRNA vaccine technology.
Soave said, “Bill Gates was a major proponent of mRNA technology … he was an investor in BioNTech, which developed the mRNA vaccine for Pfizer.”
“We were just doing some digging,” continued Soave, “[and] we saw that he sold a lot of those shares at … how much profit was that?”
“10x,” replied Gray. “He invested $55 million in BioNTech back in 2019 and it’s now worth north of $550 million. He sold some stock … at the end of last year, I believe it was, with the share price over $300, which represented a huge gain for him over when he invested.”
Soave then unleashed critical comments directed at Gates:
“Let’s follow that trajectory: [Gates] invests heavily in BioNTech, ‘mRNA vaccines are great, this is the future,’ he talks about the vaccine timeline and how we can develop it faster, ‘we might have to cut some corners on safety’ … All in … sells it … makes a huge amount of money … but now it’s ‘yeah, it’s okay, it could be better, but what we really need is this breath spray.’”
Soave was referring to a statement Gates made during his recent talk in Australia, immediately prior to his remarks regarding the mRNA vaccines, where he said:
“We think we can also have, very early in an epidemic, a thing that you can inhale that will mean that you can’t be infected, a blocker, an inhaled blocker.”  (full article)
If only what needs to be shouted from all corners of the world, would be…
3 minutes providing more evidence, as if any more is needed, that the ‘people’ who have promoted and are still promoting the intake of this toxic shit are, well…you fill in the blank.

As the Rats Run BeBM6fXl_normal


Dear @elonmusk, Sadly @communitynotes got this story VERY wrong. They linked articles saying her vaccine injuries had been “debunked” but the “journalists” never contacted the person at the center of it. Her medical records validate her claims.

As the Rats Run Rm9RNn-lx5odSygH
9:32 AM · Jan 29, 2023

As the Rats Run BeBM6fXl_normal

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The rats can run but can’t hide forever, for Father Time is, and will forever remain, undefeated.
As the Rats Run Xlarge
As the Rats Run Xlarge

THANKS TO: https://dispatchesfromtheasylum.com/2023/01/30/as-the-rats-run/


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