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Embrace The Unknown…

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1Embrace The Unknown… Empty Embrace The Unknown… Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:16 am


Embrace The Unknown…

Posted on February 28, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Embrace The Unknown… Carl-sagan-indie-kids-nebula-favim-com-630117 http://www.favim.com

For me personally, what makes life so interesting and exciting is the
wonders and magic of the unknown world around us. I guess if I could be
anything in this life time I would have to label myself a pioneer. I
crave the idea of discovering the unknown, being the first to welcome in
new things. I can’t understand why people are so afraid of it. I can
understand change and the discomfort with not knowing where you will go
next or what you will do, but to fear the unknown is something we were
taught to do. Stop the fear! I thoroughly enjoy learning new things
which is why I probably embrace this whole way of thinking. Pioneer is a
good name for me in every sense of the word. We all need to be pioneers
and expand our boundaries outward to include the magic of the unknown.
Why do we find it so hard to grasp or believe new things, especially if
they come from outside our galaxy? Brainwashing. New information has
been ridiculed for so long now to keep us separated from the truth. It’s
time to turn off the television and delve into data that can expand our
minds and encourage us to evolve more quickly. It is time to get out of
the rut and take a detour into the wildness of the unknown.

There is so much going on that people do not even have a clue about,
because they only rely on the lies of main stream media for their news.
That is why they know nothing, it is not being reported! As I have
mentioned before, go into the list of website links I have posted on my
blog and start educating yourselves to the truth of what is going on.
The true world around you is not remotely similar to what you are being
told. Propaganda is running wild these days and there is a definite war
on for our minds! Don’t let them have yours. Stay aware and awake and
stay in the moment. Knowing the truth of what is going on is only
fearful when we don’t realize your own power to change your situation.

Now is the time to hone our discernment skills to their highest
ability so we can make our way through all of the disinformation put out
there to derail us and throw us off course. It is the act of becoming
more presently conscious to the world around you. What you think you
know and what you know are two very different things. When you truly
know, there is an action that takes place not only in your head but in
your body as well. When you know, you can feel its validity within your
being. You are able to take in the information without any reservations.
It is critical that we question everything! Don’t just read something
and believe it, research it, where did it originate from, how reliable
is that person reporting the information etc. Do not take things at face
value! Above all do not believe everything your Government is telling
you, they do not have your best interest at heart! Why? Start
researching and find out.

The unknown is what should bring pure excitement to our lives,
repeating the same mundane drivel everyday of our lives without
questioning is enough to drive one insane. There is no challenge or
wonderment. Let us all begin to stretch our minds beyond our comfort
zones and explore all the possibilities we were told never existed. Can
we heal ourselves? Absolutely. Does how we think create the reality in
which we live? Yes it does. Is there more to our lives than what we have
been told, do we have souls, are we really immortal? Yes, yes and yes.
Start asking yourself questions, step outside your boundary lines and
explore. Begin living a life that opens your mind and allows you to grow
and evolve. Welcome to the New World!

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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