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Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture

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Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture Part 3
Posted on March 27, 2013 by ENDING THE TRUTH EMBARGO
This piece is chock full of the true history of and how the secret space program came to be:

Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture Part 3 by Elizabeth Trutwin, March 26, 2013
Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture Part I by Eliz…

Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture Part 2 by Eliz…

On April 15, 2010, President Obama gave a speech at the Kennedy Space Center at NASA. He disclosed a vital piece of the puzzle for the Secret Space Program but no one noticed. He said:

“That’s the story of NASA. And it’s a story that started a little more than half a century ago, far from the Space Coast, in a remote and desolate region of what is now called Kazakhstan. Because it was from there that the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth, which was little more than a few pieces of metal with a transmitter and a battery strapped to the top of a missile. But the world was stunned. Americans were dumbfounded. The Soviets, it was perceived, had taken the lead in a race for which we were not yet fully prepared.”

The Secret Space Program effectively began on July 7, 1947 when they changed the story of the Zeta Reticulan Ship being run off course when we messed with the radar waves which made their instrumentation veer off course and crash their craft. Jesse Marcel Sr. said the debris they picked up was metal no thicker than the foil from a cigarette packet but if you put a sledge hammer to it, it did not bend. He was in charge then in the United States and the Pacific for the Army of all Air Terrain Radar Mapping Systems and he said that metal was not of this World.

When Sputnik was launched members of the United States Military and Intelligence and their counterparts in the Soviet Union who were both under contract with the negative extraterrestrials at the time, fabricated a cover story together. How else were they going to siphon money off their national budgets undetected for the next 65 years? Sometimes they worked together and do to this day on the multiple International Space Stations going out to deep space bringing back payloads which would blow your mind.

Back in 1960 when Sputnik circled the Earth Americans were dumbfounded. An artificial cold relationship was crafted by the governments of the United States and Russia who were Allies in WWII. They felt if they threw together a few pieces of metal with a battery strapped to the top of a missile and a transmitter to show us its route while in flight it would effectively cause a competition between the two countries. It worked. It has worked for 65 years. How much longer will you be lied to? How much longer will you allow money to be spent on something you do not know a thing about?

In 1961 President Kennedy made his famous speech asking for Americans to prepare to travel to the Moon. President Obama said at NASA in 2010: “The Soviets, it was perceived, had taken the lead in a race for which we were not yet fully prepared.”
In 1961 the United States National Security Agency (NSA) which had been born out of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) landed on the Moon with NSA Astronauts. President Kennedy was well aware of this. When he decided to whistle blow then he did not make it. NASA was a cover story. NASA was a Civilian Agency. NSA was under the Department of Defense (DOD). NASA received its funding and that money was put into technologies put into place by reverse engineers and the private contractors working for DOD. Reverse Engineers took the Space Crafts shot down by the U.S. Military and reverse-engineered anti-gravity devices and more. Lockheed Martin is one example where a company builds bombs to launder money from war into the Secret Space Program while at Skunk Works is building Secret Technologies for the Secret Space Program and making money hand over fist on both ends. Do you think all of these private contractors like Boeing want you to have Full Galactic Disclosure and end their honey pot? Zero Point Energy which the Keshe Foundation is equipped to release to the world would end all war. These Military, Intelligence, Government and Private Contractors would have all their excessive income go away as well as likely see jail sentences for breaking their oaths of office. And more.

Since 1961 NSA has been running flights to the Moon and Mars sometimes weekly. Large payloads were taken to the Moon from the Space Elevators in Diego Garcia and Sri Lanka. You can easily see them from Google Earth, take a look. This is how they built the structures on the Moon and Mars. The New York Times wrote three articles on the National Space Council between 1989 and 1991 about how ex-NASA Chief Richard Truly was going to blow the whistle on the Bush Administration about the Billion Dollar Budget being spent on the Moon and Mars. Bush Sr. fired him and closed the National Space Council and sealed the records. How much longer will you allow money to be spent on something you do not know a thing about? Why do you think the United States mints all the extra dollars they need? To pay off the private contractors and others working for the Secret Space Program.

The Disclosure and Advocacy Movement of Exopolitics has been holding meetings for years exposing these and other truths but no one is listening. On May 9, 2001 Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project Sirius.Neverendinglight.com held a meeting at The National Press Club in Washington D.C. where many witnesses who had been to the biggest events in “UFO history” came forward and explained to the World about the ongoing Truth Embargo. Less than two months later President George W. Bush left for Texas where he spent 91 days at his ranch, instead of in the White House. George Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney with Donald Rumsfeld and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers – with several others – planned 911. They worked all summer and on the morning when Alan Greenspan was at The World Trade Center, the financial headquarters of the United States, to publicly begin to Announce provisions of NESARA Law Dick Cheney, working from fifty stories below the White House with NSA Operatives worked the joy stick flying the Missiles into the Towers and the Pentagon. It was so much worse than duping people with the first Missile called Sputnik. It set NESARA Law enactment back 11 years and counting. Do you think you can connect the dots between Disclosure, Announcements, NESARA? They say hindsight is 20/20 Vision. How much longer are you going to allow money to be spent on something you know nothing about? You wonder why Congress refuses to make things better.

On April 29th – May 3rd, 2013 there will be a Citizen Hearing held for the first time in 45 years concerning extraterrestrials at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. two blocks from The White House and twelve blocks from the Capitol. Some forty or fifty witnesses will give testimony to former Congress Members and it will be filmed for a Documentary called The Truth Embargo. This is being produced by the Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group http://ParadigmResearchGroup.org Stephen Bassett. There will be a live stream available for a nominal fee all week. It is important that together we witness this Disclosure of the Secret Space Program from the whistle blowers, witnesses and researchers who have dedicated their lives to telling the truth. To arrange live streaming of the event visit http://CitizenHearing.orgArchives of the event will be free to all with no suppression of the information. Later The Truth Embargo Documentary will be available in theaters around the nation.

As Earth Citizens it is our responsibility that we participate in Action Politics and ask our elected officials to come clean. President Obama just may be prepared to do this. It is possible he has been preparing for lifetimes to do just this. President Obama will be the Disclosure President. This will pave the way for Announcements and the Enactment of NESARA Law. First We The People must ask him to. You may help by simply signing a Petition. Can you spare two or three minutes to sign a Petition? If you are over thirteen years old and a Citizen of Earth in any country you are eligible to sign. We need 100,000 signatures. Can I count on you to spread the word in social media? There are millions of people all over the World who have been contactees and or abductees and they know for certain that extraterrestrials are real. Millions. Can we get 100,000 signatures? Please sign the Petition here http://Wh.Gov/Hqqe Until Earth Citizens acknowledge between themselves and their elected officials that there has been engagement between ET and their governments they will not decloak and land on Earth. Why would they?

There are superficial issues which relate to NASA flights and deeper questions which deal with NSA flights which were occurring eight years before the first NASA Astronauts did arrive on the Moon. NSA craft & ET crafts were parked on the Moon when NASA arrived. So, there were both fake and real flights. Only the NSA flights, with the help of negative ETs, were allowed to continue. NASA was thrown off the moon by both negative ETs and NSA and told not to come back. That is why NASA never went back to the Moon. The covert operations within the Moon Structures were not to benefit We The People but only a few haughty Souls who today do not mind watching you starve and lose your homes. The bankers and the mortgage underwriters. Enter NESARA Law. The Secret Space Program uses an academy across the highway, inside a mountain, from the Air Force Academy. The ‘real, NSA astronauts’ fly the ultra top secret TR3B, Aurora and other anti-gravity equipped craft–like the Shark helicopter designed by reverse engineers.

Today there is not one International Space Station (ISS) there are MANY. The Civilian Agency NASA uses two power units on the ISS. The typical rocket thrusters of the typical launch. Secretly they have another puzzle to display: Another booster, the second booster that cuts in far above prying eyes, their using a propulsion technology that effectively transforms a mega ton platform into one weighing only a few pounds and sends them onto many strange places–far from their supposed objectives. This is how they service many Secret Space platforms: we have MANY of these so called ISS platforms. They can launch one of these and get to where they can RDVU with their target days ahead of conventional craft and in silence. That’s a pretty closely kept secret. How much longer are you going to allow money to be spent on something you know nothing about?

On the ISS Off-Planet Scientists and Astronauts work together with Earth Astronauts on joint Missions. A few of the ‘other’ major players have been involved from the beginning include the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Antares, Andromedans, Procyon, Lrya-Vega, Virgo, Orion Constellations with planets which reach across quite a polarity spectrum; Dracos, Ursa Major (Bear) Ursa Minor, Leo, Sag, Zeti, inner planets Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter; outer planets, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, Niburu and 100 million/billion galaxies and the Great Central Sun; this is a planetary Ascension that involves all these and many more for which we do not remember or know the names. Some of you have vague memories of coming from these places. President Obama has the technology to link through video from Camp David to these Missions in Space communicating with these Astronauts. Twin Brothers and both of them Commanders of the ISS – Mark and Scott Kelly helped Gabrielle Giffords who was on The House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology recover from a gunshot wound to the brain in a Black Ops attempt to take her life. Gabby is married to Mark Kelly and he is now retired from the Space Program. He had logged more miles to the ISS from the Space Shuttle than any other before he retired. It is time to end the Truth Embargo.

In the post-NESARA world transportation which now is all polluting and petroleum based will go away. Zero Point devices and energies will be non-polluting, inexpensive and complementary to our development. Most factories and power plants and highways will no longer be appropriate. We will be using anti-gravity lifting devices of many types that require no such support systems.

Since every particle of matter and spirit is upgrading, even our present homes will upgrade with us until we are ready and desiring to move to the crystal cities and restore the old areas to pristine natural areas. Tabletop 3D copiers, Replicators and Organic gardens with new seeds and new technologies are the two most important aspects of our new living arrangements.

We will want everything in our homes and everything we eat and wear to be non-toxic to us and others. I can tell you that the ships replicators can make anything you can imagine exactly the way you most desire it to look and taste and yet be completely healthy and supportive of our new crystalline structures. New ways to communicate in many modes will replace our current commercial systems.

I will be at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure April 29th – May 3rd because I feel it is one of the most important events we will ever witness in our lifetimes. I invite you, I implore you, I beseech you to be there too asking for the Change which you Desire To See either live or live stream. We will do this Together and We will do this with Love. Please sign the Petition right now. Please share it so we obtain quickly the 100,000 signatures it deserves. http://Wh.gov/Hqqe © Elizabeth Trutwin http://GalacticRoundTable.org Please follow this link ~ I invite you to become a Member of Galactic roundtable ~ Sign Up Here. Also go there for daily email updates.

A Note From Beth: Hi Everybody~ I have a special request, well two. I have added a We The People Petition to the White House website. I know that what is written into the Petition is taking place. It is what everybody else is afraid to say. These Ones cannot hurt me. I say it because the We The People website has a lot of traffic. It is a dare. The Petitionsʻ purpose is to ask the media to do their job and report on the Citizensʻ Hearing. I know some from foreign countries feel it is very difficult to register on that site. Please be patient and try again. I am receiving many emails from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in Chinese and they manage with little English, If you sign I would like to send you a thank you in the form of an Ebook. Just send me an email the number you signed and I will get your book of choice to you in ebook form. See http://GalacticRoundTable.org for more details. Ram Berkowitz and Mark Huber have both already signed. Letʻs do this one last time as a family together, please. Its a very good vibration for change and unity. PLEASE SIGN HERE and please ASK YOUR FRIENDS SIGN ~ALSO in April I have to travel three times to bring the Light Codes in. I will be attending a spiritual retreat with Sri Svami Purna to ground the energies before Disclosure. I have posted about it in Events at http://GalacticRoundTable.org That will take place April 12-15 Next I will be attending the Sirius Movie Premiere in LA on April 22 A week later I will fly to The Citizen Hearing April 29 and I will be there all week. In all cases my flights and registrations are paid for as donations from friends. I still have expenses for this pilgrimage. I really could use your help to see me through April. Please donate if you can. Any small amount will help. It is my duty to carry my energy to these places to see Disclosure through. It is My Mission. I still need help with transfers once I land. Taxis. Trains. I need parking fees at the airport three times or transport there which is 2 hours one direction to get there. I will need an occasional meal. I do not at the moment have money for these things. You may donate as you feel inspired to lift some of this burden from my shoulders HERE. If you would like to mail a check, please email me etrutwin@gmail.com With My Deepest Gratitude, ~beth I am doing all in my power to be a good example and help in every way possible. Thank you for all you do. Namaste! http://GalacticRoundTable.org,http://Garuda.co, http://ElizabethTrutwin.org
An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visithttp://ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara

Thanks to: http://risingsol144.wordpress.com




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