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August 24, 2015 Ines Radman Uncategorized

We are like a retarded race of children running around this planet refusing to accept distance and gravity. We’re walking off the edge of cliffs, jumping out of windows of buildings and saying”There is no such thing as gravity, it won’t affect me” and then receiving the harsh consequences of that total level of ignorance that they are existing in on a daily basis.
Until we understand how Natural Law works, how Moral Law or God’s law works in this Universe, expect more enslavement; because there is an overarching law, I call it the Law of Freedom as morality in a society in the aggregate, not of one person or a handful of people. The morality taken as a whole, the entire body of people. As the morality of a body of people increases, their freedom increases. As the morality of a body or a whole society of people declines and becomes more immoral each generation, that society becomes more enslaved.
Freedom and morality are directly connected to each other just as immorality and enslavement are directly proportional to each other and if people don’t grasp that they know nothing about what is going on in this world.
And so, all you have to do is look at the result that we are getting. You can reason backwards in this instance. You can look at the result, understand how the law works and apply the knowledge of that law to the result, to understand what must be true about our society.
If we are going deeper into bondage and enslavement which we most certainly are, and you understand the law of the Natural Law of how human freedom or enslavement works; as morality increases – freedom increases, as morality declines-freedom declines and you see that there is a total loss of freedom happening in our world, then the inescapable result must mean that people are immoral and are making overall, in the aggregate , completely immoral decisions regarding their behaviors that they’re choosing.
Many of you out there reading will insist that you know what morality is, you know the difference between right and wrong behavior.
When people hear what the actual difference between right and wrong behavior is, they often get upset because they think that morality has to do with “preferences”. They think morality has to do with their likes or dislikes or that it’s relative.
See, this is the biggest part of the problem. Dark occultism, satanism which is another thing people don’t understand or know what it is.
People insist that Satanism is about worshipping a devil christian deity, a christian created devil god. Satanism is about moral relativism, it’s about putting the self first above everything else, including what is right. It’s about me, me, me me. That’s what Satanism is.
Do you want to know what Satanism really is? It’s pure, unbridled, hedonistic, immoral, relativistic ideology. There is no such thing as right and wrong, these are just constructs invented by people. Right is what’s good for me, wrong is what’s bad for me. That is Satanism.
How many people think that way in this world, especially Europe and the USSR? The vast overwhelming majority of the people of this world are Satanic. They are Satanists and don’t even understand that they are.
People think they have to join a cult to be Satanist and believe me there are Satanist cult members walking around that never joined anything. They’ve just given their mind over to this evil. They’ve just given their mind over to relativism and to a total satanic ideology of me, me, me all day, everyday, 24/7.
There are so many satanists walking around that have no idea what Satanism is at all. Your average person just walking down the street thinking about nothing else but their lives, never thinking about anything else but their comfort and how they’re going to prosper or profit or use other people. That’s a Satanist, and that’s a vast majority of this culture and then we wonder why we are going deeper into slavery?
The Occultists who run this world, they have people the religions, they invented those religions, they invented the New Cage Movement to keep people dumb, to keep people ignorant how this body of scientific laws operates. They don’t want people to know about themselves. They don’t want people to know how the mind works. They don’t want anyone to know anything about deep psychology. They don’t want people to know about how mind control and manipulation works. They don’t want people to know about how the Law of Morality work and govern whether society is free or enslaved.
They want you dumb, ignorant cattle who believe in something and think “belief” is going to change anything about this world. It doesn’t work that way folks. You can get as angry as you want about it, you can quote as many so-called sacred texts from whatever religion you subscribe to. Dark occultists invented your religion and I don’t care which one it is. They invented it to keep you stupid.
Most people enjoy staying that way. They love slavery. If people didn’t love slavery, slavery wouldn’t exist on this planet and, again, get offended as you want at that statement.
I tell that to religious people and they get all angry. Get as angry as you want but you can never make that statement untrue. The world would not be in a state of slavery if people didn’t enjoy slavery and preferred it to freedom. It’s an inescapable conclusion and Law that is operating. That’s how the “real” laws of attraction and manifestation work. As people think, that is the way they are going to exist in the world. It will manifest in their society so it’s an inescapable fact and conclusion that if the world is enslaved, the vast majority of the people must love enslavement.
When I look at the people of this country, there’s no question they love enslavement, because they have totally ill formed opinions about everything but they have no knowledge. They are moral relativists and they are know-nothings who don’t want to put in the time to do research. They don’t want to do their homework. They want to have an ill-informed opinion about everything.
Then you have religionists, these fake christians who don’t know one thing about what the real dynamics of true christianity was every originally intended to be about. That was about knowing truth and being free as a result of knowing. Isn’t it Jesus who said: “The truth shall set you free and  Ask and you shall receive?”
The idea that so called real christians want to accept this doctrine of salvationism, who want to just that belief is all that is required. Forget right action, forget good works, you’re believing in a religion that was invented by Satanists, by dark occultists to get people to stand down and not resist tyranny and enslavement. That’s all it ultimately comes down to folks, it’s cowardness. Do you want to talk about more coward New Age movement people? Pure cowards. They think they will meditate their way out of enslavement. Well good luck with that.
It’s not how it works people. You don’t understand a thing about real spirituality. You have been given fake spirituality and fake religions. True spirituality is about inspiring true courage to act and actually change things in the physical domain. Forget about the hereafter or some other dimensions. Forget about other planets, timelines-whatever.
Here and now in the physical domain is where change needs to be manifested and if you don’t understand how the laws of morality work, that’s impossible. Going back to what I consider fake christians: People who say it’s all just about a belief you have believe in this or that, you have to accept what the church tells you to do. How many christians out there support government? How many so-called christians support the military? How many so-called christians support the police? How many so-called christians are hard core believers in money which is essentially their god and their religion? They’re a joke. That’s their real god, the dollar bill.
You want to talk about the biggest cult members of these sick psychopathic satanic cult overlords who are running this world right now through their mind control programs and their think tanks and their international banking cartel system?
The biggest cult members are the military and the police. People who work for the enslavement system and please don’t give me this crap how they are good military and would never attack it’s own citizens. Where are they?
Cult members also work in government institutions and half of these people would consider themselves followers of a religion, they would say: “I’m a christian or I’m a Jew or I’m a Muslim “. In name only. It’s just a label that they call themselves. They are members of a satanic cult, what I call the cult of supreme evil, it’s the cult of coercion, the cult of violence, the cult of slavery and government.
These fake christians would dare to say governments are ordained  by god. By what god? The god of ultimate evil. No god of creation that I will accept as any power, force or divinity or higher power would want enslavement or tyranny that government inevitably brings. The god I’ll accept as a creative force in the Universe is about truth and love and freedom not ignorance and coercion, enslavement and tyranny. The two are mutually exclusive accepting truth and morality and believing in government.
You can’t serve two masters. Order following as a virtue, imagine that a christian would believe that that’s some form of valid virtue? Order followers are destroyers of freedom and always have been, everywhere and at every time period in the entire history of humanity. I’m tired of hearing there is such a thing as good police or good soldiers, there is not and never has been because they must follow orders.
A soldier is an order follower who is told to fight. A warrior is someone who goes to war when he knows he must because he knows its right. He’s not following anybody’s orders.
When do the people in the military and police turn into warriors? They don’t have any courage, or don’t have any intelligence to do that. They certainly don’t have any real heart. They are order followers and are the real destroyers of freedom.
What is  a Police State? When a totalitarian regime takes over in any geographical location or nation. Why is it called a Police state? Because when totalitarian regimes take over, how did it get accomplished? It’s done by the police of that society. It’s done by the order followers of that society, the military and the police. The cult members who follow these sick, twisted psychopaths of the dark occultist bidding. That’s who is running those institutions. They are satanic institutions.
Belief is not worth a damn thing. That’s why belief has to be shed and knowledge has to be gained. People have to stop having such respect for belief systems and start having respect for real knowledge. Care for truth and the truth is there has never been a good order follower. People have to get out of this mind control notion that there is such a thing as a good order follower. There is not and never has been.
The human ego that is under mind control hates blanket statements such as the one I just made. Ego hates anything that is absolute.
This is another thing that fake spirituality wants to tell people that there is no such thing as absolutes. Absolute BS! This is where all this relativism comes into place. There is no such thing as absolute right or wrong. There is no such thing as absolute truth.
Mind controllers want to tell you there is no such thing as an absolute, especially in the New Age Movement and religion. The ego wants to find an out and a justification for immoral behavior and excuses for immoral behavior. It always wants to find a way out.
All order followers are bad people. That doesn’t mean tht they’re not capable of doing kind things or great thing. I didn’t say that. I said in the overall sense there is no such thing as an order follower who is truly a good person, a moral being. The two things are mutually exclusive.
It’s like saying this object is 100% white and 100% black all the time. It can’t be that. A cannot be B at the same time. An order follower and a good person are a mutually exclusive thing and people have to accept that.
It all comes down to if you’re following orders, you are not exercising conscience. The exercise of conscience is about wilfully choosing right action over wrong action; and if you’re an order follower; what you have done is that you have attempted to advocate your personal responsibility to choose right behavior over wrong behavior for yourself.
Is there such a definitive difference between right and wrong? Yes there is and it’s very simple.
If a behavior is resulting in harm to another human being, it’s a wrongdoing period! That means if you are taking something that you have no right to take from another being: life, rights or property that does not belong to you, then you have committed a transgression against moral law and that is a wrongdoing.
Any action that does not cause harm to another by taking life, rights or property that does not belong to that person who is taking that action is reserved as a right or free will/free choice.
If someone is telling someone they have a right to tell them what to do, they have ownership of their body and what is ownership of another body called? It’s called slavery.
Any christian out there, people who call themselves religious who say that they are moral people that can’t understand that prohibition is coercion and it’s slavery. They will say: ” We must have permits and licences for this and for that behavior”. You can’t drive without a drivers license, you can’t build your own home on your own property without a builders permit, you need a licence to carry a firearm. We have so many rules that tell you what you can and can’t do. You are a slave, the END.
If you’re not harming anyone as a result of that behavior then it was your right to that behavior, and if you are then you need to be held responsible. Look into your wallets, how many numbers do you carry around with you for various permissions?
In this physical world there is a difference between ‘mans’ law and natural law. Natural law obviates mans law and makes it completely unnecessary and irrelevant because if man’s law that he scribbles down on a piece of paper and then enacts it through violence from the police and military. If it’s compliance with natural law, it doesn’t need to be written down. If it’s not in harmony with natural law, then it’s a wrong that no one has to inflict upon anybody else.
This is what people can’t get through their heads that there is no such thing as “bow to authority”, that authority is a religion. Government is a religion, a dark religion controlled by a dark priest class.
This is the level of awakening into the occult that the people who only accept that the control system is about changing politics or changing finance refused to accept.
Your world is run by a dark priest class folks. Yet, so called Christians out there will say “I don’t need to know anything about dark occultism operating in the world or I don’t accept that or “the second coming is coming”so I don’t need to take any action, god will punish those.”
While millions of children are being raped and murdered?
Christianity in the modern world is a joke because people don’t think it’s about right action in the here and now. They think it’s about a belief and some other realm that they don’t even know if it exists or not, just because some book written by a human being tells them so.
Order followers are bad people. They don’t follow conscience, they don’t care about the difference between right and wrong and they use the excuse they had to follow orders. They have no moral authority, can’t act morally and will rather hurt another human than disobey orders and risk losing their positions. I don’t give a damn what you think about this, but whatever your reason is, you just keep lying to yourselves.
We created millions of refugees now climbing walls and fences into Europe and there poor people are now being bombed and shot at for wanting a better life.
The puppet institution of EU working for the US cabal is now taking the brunt of consequences for destroying the Middle East. What better way to destroy Europe than to unleash millions of refugees who are angry at the whole world for killing their children, destroying their homes, bombing their country for the sake of democracy.
If you are a soldier or police person and follow orders, than you are no better than the criminals creating wars. You have no excuse for harming another human and nothing you say will change my mind. You have always had the choice and you’re not that stupid to not know the difference between right and wrong actions.
Following orders or just doing your job does not excuse you from doing evil. As an order follower, you are the one taking the action, you bring the physical harm to another human being. YOU are the destroyer of freedom.
All of you could make peace happen in an instant if you just put down your weapons and walk away. How difficult is that? Who gives you the moral authority to hurt another human? Your god? We create terrorists because we invade their countries and not because they hate our freedom. They want freedom too.
Educate your children at an early age that order following is not a virtue, it’s a path to evil, death, annihilation and slavery. There is no such thing as an intelligent order follower because they don’t understand what it is they are doing or why, they don’t question therefore are willfully ignorant. They can be great at math, engineering but they’re not holistically intelligent. They don’t have integral intelligence that comes from both the left and right brain.
So, before we continue blaming our leaders and governments and the cabal and the elite and the mind controllers for causing all the violence in this world, think about the order followers. They are the ones that hold the power and can disobey and walk away. We must hold them even more responsible for the wrong actions they take. Who gets charged with war crimes? It’s the soldiers and their commanders. Have you ever heard of a government being charged with war crimes? Of course not. Those that acted out the evil are held responsible.
PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS,  you have the power to bring peace to this planet, it’s not too late to change and become a morally responsible human.
Just put down the weapons, disobey orders, walk away and I will forgive you for all past transgression.

Thanks to Ines at:



Interesting and very much on point....but as we all know, the sheeples are not likely to do a damn thing.
We can all sit back and watch as the planet moves towards a new world order, and it will.....with a lot fewer people.....

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