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Anna von Reitz - Words and Terms, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 19

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Words and Terms, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 19

Anna von Reitz - Words and Terms, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 19  Anna145
By Anna Von Reitz

As we learned in Part 18, English is a descriptive rather than factual language, and yet to be meaningful, only facts count.  The rest is gibberish, or “Babel” as in Tower of Babel, subject to interpretation, context, and “terms of art” ---and can be easily confused either innocently or on purpose.  This creates a playground for con artists and lawyers.
We are all familiar with popular and common meanings of words and also familiar with the use of trade jargon and with the slang meanings of words used in English.  A “pop gun” can refer to a child’s toy or in military parlance, a small piece of artillery.  A “slider” may refer to homerun in baseball or a miniature hamburger at a diner.  A “kid” can refer to a baby goat or a child.  A “doll” may be a toy or a living woman.  A “conveyance” may be a legal document or a rickshaw or a truck.
The meaning depends on “in what sense” you are using a word, or as Bill Clinton, the Weasel, famously put it----and I paraphrase, “it depends on what your definition of “is”, is.”  
Some people actually thought that was cute. 
At the best of times, the English language is a slithering and murky stew of possible meanings that we take for granted and sort through by context and common uses; it is the perfect medium for linguistic fraud---and linguistic fraud is what we have suffered here in America on a very grand scale.
For example, back in 1935, Americans were told that Social Security was a “retirement insurance program” and everyone assumed that the flannel-mouthed FDR was talking about their retirement, as in a secure old age pension for their golden years----but instead, he was talking about the victims underwriting (insuring) the repayment (retirement) of the United States of America, Inc. debt. 
He was using purposeful semantic deceit to defraud Americans out of their constitutionally guaranteed rights and suckering them into a profoundly disadvantageous private security agreement.  Signing up for “Social Security” and thereby “volunteering” to be considered federal employees or dependents meant that people were also agreeing to stand as sureties willing to pay off the debts of a bankrupt, private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation, agreeing to pay federal income taxes, and agreeing to obey every piece of legislation issued by the “United States Congress” acting as the Board of Directors of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.
Here is the factual definition of “United States” and “States” referenced in all the various Federal Code Statutes:
The District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoa, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, Palmyra Atoll, Wake Atoll, Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Midway Atoll, North Island – JACADS, Sand Island, Kingman Reef, or Navassa Island.
The “United States” being referenced throughout Federal Code is not part of the United States of America.   Your actual state of the Union is not one of their “States” at all---and it never was.  
Throughout the Federal Code the words “United States” can mean only two things: (1) District of Columbia or (2) District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.    
This is the linguistic fraud that has been at the heart of the vast commercial fraud and racketeering scheme unleashed on the American people by the Reconstruction Acts, followed up by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration, the so-called Federal Reserve and the Bank of England.  
The only other federal “States” are not States at all, but States of States--- incorporated franchises of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation (STATE OF CALIFORNIA) and incorporated franchises of the District of Columbia (State of California). 
The state that we think of when we say the word is the California state (small “s” in Federalese) and its proper government is called the California State.
Since 1864, that thing calling itself the “United States Congress” has not acted as a national governmental body in the framework envisioned by the Founders, but has instead acted in the guise of a territorial legislative body under the loophole provided by Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2:  it has acted as the legislative body of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation---- that is, the “Congress” has acted as a Board of Directors for a private, for-profit, municipal corporation located in the District of Columbia.  They have “legislated” everything in favor of their corporation under the guise of it being public law without being detected and they have gotten away with this since 1860.
All this Babylonian Double-Speak took root in the wake of an action which was itself another act of fraud carried out against us and against our innocent nation-states: the so-called “American Civil War” which was never a war, but an illegal and immoral commercial mercenary conflict carried out on our shores. 
You can look all day and every day as long as you wish, but you will never find any proper Declaration of War and you will never find an official Peace Treaty ending the so-called “American Civil War”, which means that despite its ravages, it was no more of a “war” than the “War on Poverty” or the “War on Drugs”. 
It was a fraud game. A con. A crime.
According to Black’s Law Dictionary, First Edition, the definition of “Fraud” is: some deceitful practice or willful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of his right or in some manner to do him an injury.
Fraud vitiates everything, nullifies everything it touches, and has no statute of limitations.
All evidence suggests that the same perpetrators who staged the first “American Civil War” have been preparing to stage another such commercial mercenary conflict on our shores.  The leaders of the United States, that is, the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation, have spent billions of our dollars underwritten by our assets and our labor, to build concentration camps on our soil and buy billions of rounds of ammunition and millions of body bags and coffins.  They have armed their commercial mercenary “agencies” ---BLM, FBI, FEMA, DHS, BATF, IRS, and so on---to the teeth, ready to wage another undeclared mercenary war against their innocent, clueless hosts.
They have tried unsuccessfully for years to get something started, probing endlessly for some hot button issue that would ignite our streets and give them the excuse they need to start killing innocent Americans.  They have tried to incite racial hatred, religious hatred, and economic hatred.  It hasn’t happened, and --- gentlemen and ladies reading this --- don’t let it happen. 
The unspeakable vermin responsible for all this graft and racketeering are desperate to kill their Priority Creditors---- the American people. 
Killing one’s creditors has major advantages for thieves hiding behind the guise of respectable government: (1) you no longer have to pay back the money and interest owed; (2) you get to collect on the million dollar insurance policies you have taken out on each American; (3) you can seize all the vacated and abandoned property left by those murdered; (4) you can charge the remaining people, the sons and daughters of the victims, for the “service”.
This has been going on under the noses of the Mainstream Media and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and yes, under all our noses, too.  They have been preparing to kill us and moving their operations to the Far East and Indonesia, getting ready to spring another trap.
Circa 1900 the bankers colluded on a Hundred Year Plan to seize, confiscate, steal and otherwise control all the gold on this planet and to use fiat currencies in the meanwhile to steal more assets via the inevitable cycles of inflation and deflation that are the hallmark of all fiat currencies in history.  Finally, having ridden the fiat currencies into the ground, they intend to offer the solution to the problem they created: gold.  And they have fully intended to sell all the gold that they stole from our grandparents and great-grandparents back to us at a 5,000 to 10,000 percent profit. 
That’s what they have been planning and implementing all these years. 
It is nothing but fraud from nose to tail tip.  The money worldwide whether gold or paper is fraud---nothing but a modern day form of Babylonian idolatry, and most of the governments are being operated in fraud, too, little more than sanctimonious bands of robbers running around in uniforms pretending to hold public offices when in fact they are operating as private corporate mercenaries illegally deployed on our soil.
So what is to save us?  We can save ourselves if we stay calm and resolute and keep the peace---and let the rest of the known world know the truth and share it among ourselves.  Why will such a simple approach work?  Because everyone on Earth has been harmed by these same monsters.
From Tibet to Seattle, from Haiti to Nova Scotia, from Baton Rouge to Yorkshire, from Scotland to India, from India to China, from South Korea to Brazil ---all around the world these same vicious, self-serving, lying, cheating, worthless criminals have caused war and famine, peddled drugs and prostitution and booze, bullied and beaten and destroyed --- just as you would expect of followers of Satan and Semiramis (aka “Columbia”).  Now, they stand revealed.
The Apocalypse has come.
Despite their efforts to disguise themselves as Americans---and make the rest of the world hate us for their misdeeds, the truth is plain to see.  They aren’t Americans now and they never have been.  They are British “inhabitants” here to provide us with essential government services, just as the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, says.  The responsibility for their actions rests with the British Government and the Holy See and both are fully culpable for all that has gone on here.  It is their Breach of Trust that has brought this reckoning.
Now they have the Americans coming for them on one side and the rest of the world on the other.  We know who and what they are and in what capacity they are acting and we are no longer deceived by their verbiage.
Old Semiramis can print a hundred baskets of wheat on any gold coin she likes and there isn’t an American from Portsmouth to Seattle who will do anything but look at it and laugh, because bit by bit we are waking up again, and remembering the difference between cow patties and shoe polish.
PS: I had someone write in and complain about the titles these articles are appearing under--- the inference that people are being stupid.  The author was offended.  Too bad I am not politically correct, right? 
The fact is that this fraud and pillaging has been taking place illegally on our soil and we have been paying the rats to do it to us since 1860.  Got that?  We’ve been paying them to pillage and plunder us. Millions of Americans are still slogging along like zombie sheep, paying taxes they don’t owe and obeying “laws” that don’t pertain to them and failing to operate their own government.
If that’s not stupid, in large letters, I don’t know what is.  
So let’s all stop being stupid, stop letting these Fakirs ride us like circus ponies, stop putting up with being cheated and coerced and mischaracterized and lied about by phonies who have no granted authority to even speak to us, foreigners who have violated the only treaties and agreements allowing them to be on our shores, criminals who have pillaged and plundered and cheated the American people that they are supposed to be working for and protecting. 

Let’s put them out of business, once and for all. 
See this article and over 400 others on Anna's website

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