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One King to Rule Them All by TS Caladan

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1 One King to Rule Them All by TS Caladan on Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:05 pm


One King to Rule Them All
by TS Caladan

(author's note: I was compelled to write of a world inspired by HBO's 'Game of Thrones').

Only one question stood supreme over all others in the minds of countrymen throughout the four kingdoms: Which domain was favored by the gods? Who should rule the great island known as the Sardon Empire? Who will seize total control in the aftermath of the Red King's assassination? Will Frigea of the north, also known as the Deer Kingdom, rule with a loving hand because of their peaceful Ice Giants? Will the Lion Kingdom of many islands to the south, plentiful with gold and priests and magic, known as Auryk, rule? Will eastern kingdom scientists under the banner of the Bull "win the Keys" because of their innovations, inventions and great knowledge? Or will the military might of large numbers of "Sardonauts" in the western desert reign over the four kingdoms at the end? 

       During the course of what seemed like an eternity, no Throne of Deer, Ram, Lion or Bull, ever dominated the Sardon Empire. The old Red King never sat on any throne. Lord Blackmere, "the Eternal," eternally traveled from one kingdom to the next (always counterclockwise), under heavy guard, and inspected the territories given to his children. Now with the King's strange death, the domains and their masters saw the opportunity to wield fantastic power and Rule the World!
       The dead King's oldest son, his greatest pride and disappointment, ruled the red southern Lion lands and "Golden Islands." The embarrassment to the Empire was: Prince Dralaine, influenced by dark lords of his Priesthood [?], chose not to rule the great island after the inconceivable assassination of his father. He abdicated. His throne in the south would not become the prime throne as most countrymen believed. Handsome, heroic, brave Prince Dralaine did the unexpected and sent the Empire into pure chaos. His two twin sons, Arden and Leonardo, fought over the Throne of Auryk and the Empire.
       Next in bloodline was John Saxon who sat on the "throne" of Frigea, a large sparsely-populated northland that contained legendary Giants and Elves. Many northerners knew the kind heart and soul of their good "King" who refused to be called "Prince." John Saxon organized and led the primitive "hordes" or barbarians of ice and snow. His loyal green Deer clans with crude weapons of iron would follow the man into the fires of Hell, if he ordered. His 'princess' died upon the birth of his only heir: a daughter named "Jane Saxon," 14 years old.
       Next in lineage, the beautiful Princess Tammerlake took sole command of powerful armies in the western desert, a desert that had no name and had no Throne. The Ram was the domain's banner and seen on massive numbers of soldiers' shields and uniforms. Princess Tammerlake did not understand her hold on the military men or why she was compelled to act as she did. The gorgeous redhead saw herself as "Queen of the Sardon Empire." She understood that if she controlled the Sardonauts and if they truly obeyed her will over all, then she could possibly be the bloodline that possessed the "Keys" in the end and the one blessed by the gods.
       Fourth in bloodline was the youngest son of Lord Blackmere, Prince James, now 10 years old. The child was spirited to the eastern forests, hills and rivers. The child sat on the Bull Throne of the scientists at Blue Castle, also called the "Order of the Grail." Prince James was at the mercy of his knowledgeable and very old council of advisors in these desperate times between science and magic. 

       In the Lion's Kingdom, inside Auryk's red Throne Room of Dralaine Castle, a double-throne was crafted for the royal twins. Arden sat on the west side and Leonardo sat on the east side. The teenage boys argued as they had done all their pampered lives. The argument was always "Who came first? And now: Who'd rule the Lion and the Golden Islands in place of their absent father?"
       The opulent, smallest kingdom with the largest population and highest standard of living for its city subjects, was dramatically divided. Prince Dralaine was hated and considered a traitor by countrymen of the entire Sardon Empire. His offspring were identical. Each wanted to be next inline for their father's unwanted Throne. Presently, there was a chance to win the Keys to everything! One twin was good and would make the perfect Ruler of the Realm. The other was a 'devil' and would be the most vile of Kings.
       Auryk's Priesthood of bald magicians argued as chaos ran rampant through wild city streets. Big questions of mystics and seers were: What truly killed the King, Lord Blackmere? Why did the rightful heir to the four kingdoms abdicate? What is the magical power that Princess Tammerlake has over armies of Sardonauts and even their navies with mighty ships along the coast? And most importantly: Will there be a Great War at the climax?

       Blue Castle of the Bull Kingdom stood atop the highest hill, amid the most fabulous, lush forestlands. Villages were scattered among lowlands and valleys that contained rivers and a few clean lakes. Like the white sands in the west, dense eastern forests were also an unnamed territory, only designated by the color blue and banner of the Bull. Countrymen knew it was not the Throne on top of the highest hill that was in charge of this kingdom, it was the elder scientists in the lowlands. "Councilmen of the Grail" circled royal Castle Hill with scientific workshops and the prestigious "Academy." The Academy ruled the Throne and replaced any type of Priesthood.  
       Good Prince James had been tutored daily by the most brilliant of Academy men of Science at Blue Castle's high court. Council of scientists first thought that a royal marriage could be brokered between James and Jane Saxon. The bond between kingdoms could avert a major War. The four kingdoms geared for the inevitable battle because peace might not be possible in future.
       During one of his lessons, the boy of 10 years, who would have become the perfect King and ruled wisely and compassionately, was savagely murdered by a blade in the heart! An assassin, a face-changer, had killed his way into the blue court and posed as the elder teacher. He was eventually killed by royal guards with long swords.
       Inside Frigea's green Deer Kingdom's not so rich and glamorous "throne room," John Saxon and young Jane Saxon and others in thick clothing were shocked when a few of the Northmen brought in a bizarre creature. It was an Ice Elf, a legendary sprite that caused mischief and mayhem to those who rarely encountered one. The thing was less than 5-foot tall, bald, thin, white and had a creepy face with large, black eyes. He convinced the barbarians to take him to their leader because: He could "control an Ice Giant," which could decimate the other three kingdoms. The Saxons and his unofficial court heard the mythical creature's story with great interest.

       White sands of the west, whose banner was the Ram and the color white, had no Throne. The deserts were pure and harsh and hot and dry, like the armies that marched upon the sands. Sardonauts! White (long dead) Dragon scales were fashioned into impenetrable armor by a secret technique. White Soldiers upon white sands made them nearly invisible and invincible. They were strong, trained, prolific fighters on the battlefield that wore the skin of Dragons. Soldiers numbered ten thousand in their armies and navies with 100 warships at their command. Sardonauts were named after the Empire as if fate guided their 'hand.' The truth was: Whomever controlled the White Soldiers had a big advantage in the War.
       The wicked and ambitious Princess Tammerlake was now called "General" among her massive troops. She received news by raven from Dralaine Castle. Nephew Leonardo's note made her smile when she read the first part. Then she finished it: "Your plan to be Queen of the Realm seems to be working perfectly with your murder of Prince James. You only forgot one thing, Auntie..."

       "Golden Priests" or inner circle of the Auryk Priesthood added one more mystery to others the seers and mystics contemplated: "Who was the true hand that killed sweet, innocent, Prince James?" "Was Tammerlake the guilty party?" "Or another?" "Was it possible that the Dark Lord the priests awaited killed the King, influenced Dralaine and killed James?" "Did the Dark Lord set everything into motion?" "Were mystic rumors of one "daemon" in each kingdom true?" The only important question was: "Who will win the Great War?"

       In the blue Bull Kingdom, there was intense grief felt by villagers over the death of the boy Prince.
       The Council pushed for the War Agenda. The scientists' energies were spent on more and more means of destruction. They invented "Magic Powder" (dynamite) and various ways the result of the new substance could be delivered in warfare.

       In the green kingdom of the Deer, John Saxon and his men listened to the Ice Elf, but could not believe the creature's words. Was the Elf here, at the capital of the (gentle and not brutal) north, to trick them or help the Northmen possess the Keys? Revelations of the creature were the following:
       There was one Ice Giant for every Elf. Giants were beautiful souls, while Elves were pranksters and not to be trusted. When an Elf slept, a Giant existed in the physical world. When the Elf woke, their Giant disappeared. The Elf with no name would win the "Game" for the horde and John Saxon by sleeping...the Giant will ravage their enemies or do anything they commanded, while the Elf slept. But the most explosive and less understood words were: No one inside Sardon's Empire had free will; we moved, always counterclockwise, and were not in control of our actions.

       General Tammerlake of the White Army laid in her bed under the prime tent of the prime encampment. She was not alone. She was naked and moaned in pleasure. Three of her largest and strongest, personal, Sardonaut guards made love to her: one on each breast and one ate her cunt. The "future Queen" was a daemon and in contact with the other three daemons, psychically. The "Red Witch" hatched a plan to eliminate her competition before the Great War started. Why not?

       In the red kingdom of the Lion, the royal Throne Room was the stage for a "play" no one expected. Dozens of court officials, courtesans and guards were ordered to "take no action" and simply allow the drama to unfold. The twins wore no armor, each had sharp knives in their hands. Their lifelong hatred and claim to the Dralaine Throne would end today, here and now, in a fight to the death!
       The vicious, bloody knife-fight concluded with brother that killed brother. Who survived, Ard or Leo? Was the daemon killed, or not killed? Then...the missing Prince, the twins' father, sadly walked in.

       In the east, the highest of the Council and the most respected scientist "of the Grail" was appointed as their appropriate leader in wartime. He wore a black robe while other members wore blue. His name was Malick. He was also a daemon and another "pawn" in the game of the gods.
       Blue banners and images of the Bull were seen everywhere among the forces or technologies of practical scientists [who actually believed in no gods, no fate and no real magic]. The "Order" understood that although their armed forces were few and limited, they possessed KNOWLEDGE. They believed they could defeat thousands of Sardonauts and the horde with "Black Magic" bombs and new techniques.

       John Saxon was alone in his private quarters with young daughter, Jane. They hugged and cried because they knew that the War was here; the Northmen had to make their move and everyone depended on their leader. John decided to use the Elf's suggestion and to "go for the Keys" because he truly was next-in-line. Other Elfs and Giants were promised to join the War effort so the green Deer will win. 
       Father and daughter were 'targets' to three kingdoms and their assassins. John never liked guards around him. He didn't want the Realm or the burden of leadership. His loving ways were revolutionary: a King that ruled with fairness and justice and compassion, not a King that ruled by Fear.
       Jane Saxon held onto her father tighter.
       John Saxon prayed to the gods for a better tomorrow. He didn't notice the knife she plunged into his heart!

       White Soldiers of the Ram with scales of Dragons for armor marched east by the thousands toward the Fields of Fanguard, battleground for the Great War. A hundred ships with white sails launched from coastal encampments and made their way up the river Tule to the climactic battlefield.
       General Tammerlake, only daughter of Lord Blackmere, could almost feel her dominion over the Sardon Empire. Her time was now. She was blessed, a hand of fate and the Dark Lord to come. She screamed war cries upon her fast steed as did thousands of soldiers behind her. "Forward to Fanguard!" And onto War!    
       Gods understood the "theatre," the staged battle or the simple game.

       In the red kingdom, in the Dralaine Throne Room, the Prince and oldest son of Blackmere cried and fell to his knees. He waved off many officials who wanted to comfort him and then they backed away. Dralaine couldn't bare the agony of one son who publically killed the other.
       His joyous, victorious son rushed to him in intense excitement and also got to his knees. Arden gleefully informed his father that the gold reserves of the priests from the Golden Islands have been paid to the Bull Kingdom. The Lion was in firm alliance with the Bull. They were certain to overcome the Ram at Fanguard. Then he knifed the chest of his father with the same blade that he killed his brother!

       Bluebloods and blue forces of the Bull arrived at the battleground with tremendous methods of warfare never seen before. Accurate cannons, far more effective than catapults, were carted up to the shores of the wide river Tule. A hundred Ram ships with white sails were pulverized and sunk via cannonballs propelled by Black Magic! Scientists also developed a type of handheld, Black Magic GUN. At Fanguard Fields, thousands of White Soldiers of the Red Witch were felled by small cannonballs thrust from "guns" at high-speed. Guns beat arrows and crossbows and swords. Round projectiles shattered the white armor of Dragons at close range. The Bull killed the Ram before the Ram killed the Bull. In a short time, Fanguard and possibly the entire Empire, were  seized by the Blue banner, financed by the Red banner.
       The General or Red Witch was taken prisoner. Question was: Where were the Northmen barbarians, the green horde that fought for Peace and Love and in the name of Saxon?

       Over the northern horizon, from the direction of the "Forbidden Zone," came an Ice Giant. He calmly, slowly, meticulously lumbered his 200-foot tall self up to the bloody fields and the bloody rivers of Tule. He smiled a huge, sweet smile. He had big, sensitive, green eyes.
       His Elf slept in a cold, icy tent of the Saxons, miles away.
       Everyone turned and looked high up in utter amazement. Then, suddenly...
       The blue Bull was violently crushed by an Ice Giant that changed into a mad monster! The Giant made sure the primitive army and the modern army were completely FLATTENED. Then, the titan disappeared.
       His Elf woke~

       Everything was different now as a final scene of resolution was played out by the gods above and the players below...
       The great square of the red Throne Room at Castle Dralaine was the stage. Four daemons faced each other. Each had a sheathed blade on a belt. At the west end, Red Witch Tammerlake quickly unsheathed her blade. On the north end, Lady Jane Saxon did the same with the same 'fire' in her eyes. Arden, at the south end of the square, pulled his knife third. Malick, in the east and in black robes, also drew his blade. Then, oddly, the top scientist of the Grail Council dropped the weapon and said...
       "None of this is real," the man of Science realized. "For the first time...huh, maybe there is magic? Maybe philosophers and poets were right? I'm not going to play the game anymore. I choose! And I choose not to play anymore!" Malick demanded. He thought this ploy could Win. Then...
       A razor-sharp, four-pointed "throwing star" was flung at the neck of Malick by Arden of the Lion! It cut vital arteries. The High Councilor dropped to the smooth, hard floor. He convulsed and bled to death.
       Arden walked closer to the other two with pride. "Good shot, yes? Fine time for the scientist to turn philosopher? Ha. One less competitor for the Keys." They all smiled sinister smiles.
       The Red Witch was overjoyed. She was Home; she'll possess the red Lion and Castle Dralaine. Her plan to take the southern, Golden Throne as Queen was perfect. "Come children. We have a lot to prepare. The Beast will soon be here, our Dark Lord, the one we waited for so long and the one we have to thank for the Power." The Red Queen closed her eyes, momentarily. She channeled the magical power of magnetic, negative energy. The Witch was sure she was only a "player" in a much larger Game and...she had won.
       An arrow of fate pierced Princess Tammerlake's heart! She never sat upon the ultimate Throne.
       Jane and Arden watched their Aunt, who fell to the floor: dead. They turned toward the south end of the Hall. Near an enormous red pillar stood a priest with a bow. It was one of the seers, one of the red mystics, who knocked out a competitor for the Keys. Strange that a holy man casted no spells upon the enemy, but employed the ways of Science. Ard hired his priest and, across from him, Jane appeared to fear for her life.
       "Arden, the First, RULER of the Sardon Empire! Say it! Say it, sweet cousin, and take a knee before your King! Pledge loyalty!"
       Jane Saxon was dressed in green. The pretty girl obeyed the commands of her Lord and Master. She knelt right in front of him and said, "You are my Lord, my King. Arden, the First, Ruler of the Realm! Command me, m'Lord."
       Without hesitation the boy undid his red pants and displayed the royal pecker for his cousin.
       She innocently laughed, then lied about how amazing the wanker was. Jane sucked his cock.
       Another arrow of fate (or was it chance?) whizzed through the air and struck its mark, perfectly. The arrow went through Arden's back and into his cold heart!
       He also dropped to the floor of the great square. He would be dead in less than a minute. Before that, the boy heard his cousin one last time...
       Jane Saxon, now Queen of the Empire, told him: "Since when was the King the highest in the deck?" Her Frigea horde confiscated Auryk's gold reserve from the Bulls. She paid another face-changer more than Ard paid him. Jane smiled. She nodded and the archer nodded back. Green won ~

In another dimension of reality called "Nirvana," very, very high over the Celestial Mountains of the Lion...
       The gods, who were relative Giants themselves, sat at a square table and finished their game inside an indescribable Super Temple. On the west side was a fantastic Titan humanoid, with the head of a Ram. He was not pleased. At the east end of the table, sat another dejected titanic god: he had the head of a blue Bull. To the south, an incredible humanoid with a Lion's head rose to his feet like a two-legged man, miles into an ethereal sky with a few clouds. He reluctantly reached over with an arm of red fur and gave the Keys to the victorious Reindeer-man, who sat on the north end.
       Sardon was coming. Reindeer-man was the lucky winner and "greeter" who'd "accommodate" the demon from Hell.


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